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Sterkoder's 480 km tour Kristiansund-Åndalsnes-Dombås-Oppdal-Kristiansund

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    yes they menioned that there (what is ''he'') was (''had'') a Scania dealership.
    the article goes about bus nr ,3 build in 1967 and was one of the earliest bussen of Vest Karroseri.

    no need for that Mark.with some fantasy i got the gist of it.
    and with the article the times match with the link,so got it for a big part.

    i have watch the mountain for a while at the link,it's stil there,so no news about The Man.

    and ofcourse i went to GE to look at it,it's a great place to drive there between the mountains.
    best regards Thijs


      Below is a preview of what it may look like when the smaller "Veslemannen" (Little Man) comes down in the near future, although it has stabilized somewhat due to dryer weather the last couple of days:

      This is a bit further up Romsdalen and "only" 10,000 Cbm. in volume:

      The avalanche from Veslemannen is expected to be up to 20,000 Cbm.
      The main avalanche from "Mannen" is estimated at 100,000 Cbm. while the total volume of rocks in Mannen is as much as 15.000.000 Cbm.

      Here is answers to a lot of questions about Mannnen and what is likely to happen when (not if) it come down:


      An attempt to get "Veslemannen" to go has been terminated without succeeding:

      Here is a drone video of the area taken in Sept. 2017:


        Then it looks like a large part of "Veslemannen" has finally come down and without any damage to property, or loss of life:
        Whether this is enough to stabilise the rest of Mannen for while is left to be seen.


          Geologists will investigate and assess the size of the avalanche today and determine the risk of further development today:

          Pictures from the avalanche area today:


            Latest: The danger have been declared over and the danger level set at GREEN. The families and their animals can move back and the trains can resume service on Raumabanen:
            Everybody can now relax and don't worry that they will be called out to attend to another RED alert watching and waiting in cold driving rain.
            The head geologist can go home to Trondheim and run in the marathon without bad conscience. He has been watching this piece of rock for 5 years, with 16 evacuation.


              And "the little man" (Veslemannen) has eventually done what we have been waiting for, for such a long time.

              It must be wonderful for the residents that have been evacuated so many times - was it 16 times over the past years?
              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                I belive it was 16 times just this year, they are exhausted.
                Yesterday, Rauma Municipality and the Mayor threw a big dinner and party to celebrate the fall of the Veslemannen.
                The Mayor was so relieved on behalf of the evacuees that he started to cry during the tv interview.
                I can understand.