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    Oh WOW Bengt! Truly an astounding image.

    It is also almost certain to get the Seagull News Reporter Photo of the Year Award ....ok ok I didn't know there was such a thing either - but seeing this there certainly should be, and you're getting it as our photographer on the spot with camera.


      Wow Bengt, that is a super-special photo. Fantastic.



        pakarang,Seagull and PoloUK, thank you so much for the comments.
        Best wishes from Bengt Domben


          The company Brim Explorer got its new explorer boat to Tromsø on friday.
          Maritime Partner AS in Ålesund has been responsible for the construction and delivery of this boat.
          The boat has an electrically driven engine, but also has a diesel engine for longer trips.
          They will carry tourists around the fjords to see whales, northern lights, etc.

          During the summer season it will be stationed in Svolvær.
          And the winter season in Tromsø.
          The boat cost 38 million norwegian kroner.

          The boat sailed out from Tromsø this morning and made a trip up to Skjervøy and back again.

          Brim by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

          Brim south Tromsø strait this evening by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

          Brim south Tromsø strait by DS Lyngen, on Flickr
          Best wishes from Bengt Domben


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            Hummmh! Do i like this design??? ---- no, i don't.

          • ombugge
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            But is it practical and suitable for the tasks it is supposed to do?
            I don't know, but it looks like the passengers will have a free view in almost all directions from anywhere. (That without being exposed to the cold)

          American salvage giant Ardent gets the job of removing the wreckage of Russian trawler "Bukhta Naezdnik" in Tromsø harbor.
          The trawler sank september 26, 2019 after a major fire onboard.

          Bukhta Naezdnik synker 03 by DS Lyngen, on Flickr
          Best wishes from Bengt Domben


            My goodness... even though the images of BRIM are excellent, that is not a beautiful vessel design. But for it's intended purpose, I'm sure it's perfectly designed. That thing is perhaps one of the strangest designs I have seen in Norway.

            Thanks for sharing the tragic image of the capsizing Russian trawler - I was watching the LIVE feed as it happened through a local Old-based media outlet.
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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              The crane ship "Gulliver" arrived in Tromsø yesterday afternoon
              to hoist the sunken Russian trawler "Bukhta Naezdnik" at Breivika harbor.
              The trawler sank after a heavy fire on board in late september.

              Work is currently underway to attach chains around the wrecked ship.
              If everything goes as planned, the hoisting of the trawler will start on saturday.

              Craneship Gulliver by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

              Craneship Gulliver at anchor in Tromsø strait by DS Lyngen, on Flickr
              Best wishes from Bengt Domben


                The Russian trawler "Bukhta Naezdnik" was lifted from the seabed early monday morning december 2.
                After a few hours, the trawler was straightened up and they started pumping out seawater.

                The original plan was to tow the ship to Hanøytangen north of Bergen, but during the hoisting of the ship there was damage to the port side aft with holes in the engine room.
                When this occurred, it became clear that the ship could not be towed on its own keel south to Hanøytangen.

                The ship is now drained of oil and they will remove some equipment from the deck to lighten the ship for weight.

                The tug "Boa Odin" is traveling north with the submersible barge "Boa Barge 21".
                This barge will transport "Bukhta Naezdnik" to Hanøytangen for scrapping.

                The first six pictures of the salvage are print screen from N.R.K's camera that sent directly from the salvage.

                Bukhta Naezdnik by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

                Bukhta Naezdnik_2 by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

                Bukhta Naezdnik_3 by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

                Bukhta Naezdnik_4 by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

                Bukhta Naezdnik_7 by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

                Bukhta Naezdnik_8 by DS Lyngen, on Flickr

                Picture of "Bukhta Naezdnik" yesterday morning at Breivika harbor, Tromsø where the ship hangs in the chain from the crane ship "Gulliver"

                Bukhta Naezdnik 08419 by DS Lyngen, on Flickr
                Best wishes from Bengt Domben


                  Fascinating Bengt. The last photo - yours - is particularly startling, eerie, intriguing.




                    Thank you for the comment,PoloUK

                    This was a good but old boat. The trawler was built in Kristiansund, Norway in 1991, and it looks like it will end its life path in Norway as well, says spokesman for Norebo shipping company Sergey Sennikov
                    Best wishes from Bengt Domben