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Drug problems in Norway

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    Drug problems in Norway

    I posted about a drug related killing in aalesund a few days ago:

    Even in little Aalesund, with under 50000 inhabitants there is a relatively large drug problem:

    Of the 5 killings that has occured in all of Sunmore since 2013, all have been related to drugs and drug addicts.
    This is small compared to many parts of the world, but something that should be able to handle in a small and transparent society like our.

    Wishful thinking?? Maybe, but if we don't do anything about it it will only grow. Kid gloves have been tried and don't work.
    Rehabilitation without looking at the underlying psychiatric problem and close follow up don't work.

    The Singapore system with punishing the pushers by hard jail terms, but treatment for the abusers has proven to have a much better rate of success.
    "Cold turkey" abstinence, followed by up to 18 months of strong disiplin and physiatric evaluation every three months to see if not only the bodily craving has been cured, but the mental will to stay clean is there.

    Followed up in a"Half-way house" and with a job when released from rehab, with counseling from other ex-addicts who have made it has proven much more successful than the ever so "humane" methods used in Norway. What is so humane with condemning someone to a life of misery, or to be knifed down on the street by another drug addict?

    Here is a description of the Singapore way:

    ​​​​​​​PS> The death sentencing law for drug pushers and smugglers has been modified since this article was written.