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Walking Bjerkestrand (Kristiansund/Frei)

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  • Sterkoder
    started a topic Walking Bjerkestrand (Kristiansund/Frei)

    Walking Bjerkestrand (Kristiansund/Frei)

    On this sunny Sunday afternoon here in Kristiansund, I decided to do something I have never done before, despite we've lived in our house at Bjerkestrand for 16 years.
    I took my camera and walked down to the fjord a kilometer from my house.
    What follow now are 47 images from my walk at Bjerkestrand, down to Viken Gård. (Gård = Farm).
    Viken was a farm built in 1880, so there were also some old bildings to picture.
    In 1987 our municipality bought the farm and area around and made it into a public area.

    Here's the farm as it will appear from the road into the area

    The main building

    The building containing a carpentery

    On the south wall there was an old birdbox. Thought it looked great, specially with that shadow

    The path down to the farm boathouse (rebuilt in the 1990s)

    The main building looks like this from that path

    An old boat earthbound for eternity, with the boathouse in the back.

    The seaside of the boathouse. Today the municipality stores canoes and kayaks for the public or school classes to lend.
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  • Ralf__
    commented on 's reply
    Haha! I was expecting a nice Sunday walk in this thread. Now it is a walk with the eyes around your garden... i can understand that. This is frustrating...

  • Sterkoder
    10th May 2020, and we all prepared for summer. Nope, someone had other plans...
    Two pictures taken from my kitchen window today.
    ​​​​​​IMGP5181 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    ​​​​​​IMGP5182 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

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  • pakarang
    Wonderful collection of autumn images Sterkoder - they have all got that special autumn feel to them. My favourite is the one of the rose wanting to peak inside the old window... for some reason.

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  • Tommi
    I like your personal touch in this autumn installment, a bit different from the autumn here in Strängnäs.

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  • Sterkoder
    I like backlit leafs and stuff
    IMGP4647 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    By the farmhouse basement wall
    IMGP4649 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    A rose kind of want to go inside too
    IMGP4650 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Don't know the name, but looks like its colored by color pencils
    IMGP4652 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

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  • Sterkoder
    Nice colors at this time of the year. A short walk from my house down to Viken farm on a Saturday afternoon
    IMGP4628 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Freifjorden, Reinsfjell mountain (994 meters) and Bergsøy to the far right in the distance
    IMGP4630 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Taken at the public "beach" through 30 cm of sea water
    IMGP4632 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Sunlight is "playing" on the submerged rock
    IMGP4633 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Earth toned colors on leafs in a pond
    IMGP4638 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Hands up!
    IMGP4641 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Thought the shadow from a stone in the beach sand looked like Winston Churchill, but there was nothing there to shadow a cigar
    IMGP4642 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    A crab ended its time on Earth here...
    IMGP4643 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr
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  • ombugge
    The two ships seen in 330/2 are rather interesting. The big red one belongs to Norilsk Nickle's Arctic Express fleet and is specially built for the Arctic. Here is a video about the ship that explains it all:

    The other one that is deep in the water but carries no cargo belongs to NYK's Project Cargo and Heavy Lift fleet:
    Not sure which one of the two this is, but here is a video of Yamatai entering or leaving port somewhere:
    I'm pretty sure I have posted a picture of one of them from Singapore earlier.

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  • Seagull
    Originally posted by Sterkoder View Post
    Remember the coffee and ice cream on the terrace there, Cecilia? :-) ....
    Oh yes and of course! Our great CVF meet-up on "Stone Seagull Day"
    I’m so delighted you managed to take these beautiful scenes in the very different winter snow, despite the battery challenges.

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  • Sterkoder
    Mostly cargo ships, and the last three larger ones are regular cargo ships for dry cargo to and from the aluminium plant at Sunndalsøra.

    The Freifjorden 1 Anchorage is also a place use for cargo ships on hold to get to and from in example Orkanger, or other places.
    It is also used for anchoring tankers to wait out bad weather at the oil fields, before they can take loads of oil on board.
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  • Sterkoder
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks, DS Lyngen :-)
    Well, it might be more pictures from altitude, but I find it rather time consuming, specially in cold weather, to put the drone in action.
    So I guess it will be a spring and summer activity. The battery in my iPhone is hopeless in low temperatures, then there are two more batteries, one in the drone control (where the iPhone is the flight screen) and one battery in the drone itself. Too much charging of batteries to my liking.

  • DS Lyngen
    commented on 's reply
    Great to see your photos from your drone, Svein
    Expect that there will be many more photos from the bird's perspective forward from your part of the country.

  • Sterkoder
    commented on 's reply
    Well, you should. There are many more pictures you know, not only from me :-D ;-) Have a great Sunday still :-)
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  • janihudi
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    I don't travel much in this corner of the forum that you mentioned, except the spotters thread.

  • wherrygirl
    What are these ships, Svein, particularly the last three (I can't see the others too clearly) ?.

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