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Walking Bjerkestrand (Kristiansund/Frei)

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  • Ralf__
    Really a big task. But you should tie all of these three together. Because when you're taking pictures, it is impossible to smoke (looks bad in your lense) and when you're walking, you will loose some pounds earlier (and define your musculous body).

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  • Sterkoder
    Just sayin'........
    Yepp..., hear ya'....

    I quit smoking almost 200 days ago, and as of yesterday, I put myself on a diet to try to loose some gross tonnage.
    Can't promise you updates too often on the Viken farm images, because I can't quit smoking, stop eating and be a walking adict all at once.
    Small steps....., easy does it.....

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Well, Captain and Lady C have said it already...but I echo what they did--this was a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL journey! Every shot was splendid!!!

    And...*ahem*....... there certainly is enough material for at LEAST at project of one shot a week--a Project52.........

    What if you took us down your walk every week? It would be wonderful to see the changing seasons throughout the year....and the walk would be good exercise........great for your knee.....take the family along sometime......

    Just sayin'........

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  • Seagull
    Well Sterkoder, what can I say to this … absolutely wonderful and a delight, what a photographic talent … actually Jan-Olav has felt as I feel, and expressed it all for me already and in words much better than anything I can say.

    It is an exciting prospect that you will return on this walk in different weather and light and seasons, and share the changes with us.

    On a personal note, I must say how gratified I am to see many people including more rocks and stone motifs in their own photos and photo essays, as well as in the assignment Rocks and Stones. All my subsequent studies and science have not at all lessened my childhood delight in rocks and special places, such as I described in that thread.
    Which brings me to:-
    Originally posted by pakarang View Post
    ....The white pattern on the rock is a scoop... reminds me of a white bird taking off, with it's wings lifted up....
    You found a quartz seagull especially for me, Svein! It’s a special place . That settles it. Next year I have to get to Kristiansund and (as well as a ship spotter place or two!) take a photo walk and find that rock.
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  • Sterkoder
    Thank you so much, Jan-Olav...., your comments mean alot to me!!!

    I was completely taken by that white pattern on the black rock looking like a bird taking off.
    I ment to take a picture positioned more to the left, but then I would've had the sun in my 6 o'clock position and I would've shadowed down the motive.
    And as for that milk container between the tree-trunks: I took this picture as I discovered it on my return walk. That means I also passed just a meter or so from it when walking the other way, without seeing it, and it makes me think about how important it is to use our two eyes. There are motives ALL OVER!

    I've been down by this farm several times, to take pictures of ships sailing inward the Freifjorden, but I have never managed to move my fat a** out of the car and move around on that farm area.
    What I have on my mind now is that this farm area is here for me to picture in every way I want through 4 seasons and 52 weeks of different light settings.

    To "discover" this farm today, 16 years after we moved to Bjerkestrand, makes me think that I will never run emty on motives in this world

    Thanks again, Jan-Olav!!!
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  • pakarang
    Oh, Sterkoder.... what shall I say, where shall I start... when you go out with your camera like this, you truly show that you have a talent inside of you. I enjoyed every single one of these images, and I was actually hoping, that IF I came to your corner of the country some day, this is a place you should let me see.

    There are so many great images here, but the one that really sticks to my mind is the one of the grass, when you turned around, in addition to the one with the forgotten old, rusty milk container between the trees.

    The white pattern on the rock is a scoop... reminds me of a white bird taking off, with it's wings lifted up...

    Well done, this is something you should do much more often. You do have a very big talent within you: I promise you!

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  • Sterkoder
    Nice colours

    Read somewhere ages ago that you shouldn't turn and look back, it might turn you into a salt obelisk....., but with scenery like this, I couldn't help it....

    Half way back home, this small shed for some equipment of some sort stands by the road

    Closing in on my home, we are now about 200 meters from my gate. Nothing beats walking on a narrow path through a silent forest.

    Special light, impossible to show you on in a picture

    And finally....., back home. This light brown part of a house is the home of my neighbours. I live closer to the yellow birches

    Hope you enjoyed my short walk this afternoon. What's scary, is that all this you've seen now...., has been in my immediate vicinity for 16 years without me going bananas with a camera....

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  • Sterkoder
    Seaweed in the sand

    Shell in the sand. (Don't know if it's two, or simply a fully open one)

    And when I returned and walked the path the other way, "a million" new motives appeared..., as these straws lighted from behind by the sun.

    Viken Gård as seen from the seaside

    An old tree downed. Only the lower part of the trunk and roots left.

    Tucked inbetween som tree-trunks, I found a rusty old milk container

    Not sure of the english word, but Rognebær is beautiful in the autumn sunshine

    Walking back home, these fields are on the south side of the road down to the Viken Gård

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  • Sterkoder
    The farm boathouse seen from the other side of the small bay

    Like the colours of this rock

    Details from the same rock

    Colourful layers of rock on the 'svaberg' (don't know what 'svaberg' is in english)

    View from a spot I sat down to listen to the silence and the sound of small waves. Refreshing!! The view is out Freifjorden towards Tustna.

    View the other way, with the Reinsfjellet in the background

    A nice pattern in another 'svaberg'

    Nicely placed rocks along the bathing place

    A hip-bush against the darker forest
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  • Sterkoder
    A rock in the sea by the boathouse, visible due to low tide

    A mooringpoint

    Kind of fell in love with this old boat. Makes a good photo object, and I could most certainly done more to it..., photowise.

    The old carpentery building. (Notice the birdbox from an earlier picture up on the wall there)

    The colourful autumn forest down by the boathouse

    On another path, down toward the public bathing place, I spotted this leaf

    Fungus on a birch

    Path down to the bathing area

    Many beautiful rocks around the seaside
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