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Bergen to Oslo train via Voss. Dec 2014

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    Bergen to Oslo train via Voss. Dec 2014

    This was a trip I had done before and vowed never again to "do" the Nutshell because of the crush of the tourists trying to get to all the windows at once.

    So I just spent a day at Voss and enjoyed the food and extreme hospitality of the staff at Fleischers that night. On the 0900 train to Oslo, I sat next to a fascinating
    Norwegian whose English was good but he had some difficulty understanding what I said. His occupation was that of a composer and lyricist for church music, and he clearly wanted exposure to his skills as he gave me several of his cards. He is very attached to his country and particularly the winter. He said: I cannot understand people who want to go to Spain for the winter; it is the best season of all for Norway..
    Once again, I was stunned by the scenery and wished the train would go a bit slower. The Hardangervidda was spectacular, and it has to be one of the best rail trips in Europe.
    The composer's name is Eilert Tosse, so I listened to some of his music online. He has written a very long piece digitally mastered about a train. It is spooky.

    Nice to discover some new music, here a newly written Scandinvaian style christmas carol


      What a surprise! I live in the midst of this glorious landscape! In Ål, to be exact.

      (View towards Geilo and Hallingskarvet, cold winter light)

      And here I can mount my skis and go skiing in the high plains for hours.
      Had I known which time your train passed, I could have waved to you from my porch. Or better, I could have met you at the station (the train makes a 3 minute halt) and read a haiku for you, so fresh that the ink was not yet dry. Next time, perhaps?

      (December train approaching Ål station)

      Regards; Sigve.


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        Well, I do remember Al and have a large sunny photo of the station taken in 1997.
        I also remembered to pronounce it Awl.
        What a good idea, a three minute haiku recital!! Eilert would have been impressed as well. I like your photos. As before,
        I am impressed with the punctuality, tidiness and efficiency of the Bergen_Oslo train.