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    Originally posted by Sterkoder View Post
    My back is back..., to put it that way. It's kind of ok, so I guess a walk in uneven terrain helps. It has helped me once before..., then also Kvernberget.
    I also have received that tip from my chiropractor, so it seems to be a good cure!


      So glad to hear your back is feeling better, and the cure also produced such enjoyable out walking in the nature photos!

      Well, there are some threads that I just have to look at - ones that even take precedence over downloading my photos from my time away - and Kristiansund is one of them!
      I must mention some that you actually posted just as I was departing ...the b&w ones such as #1381/1 and /5 for example, as well as those of the wartime remains that follow and the 'art photography' #1406/3. You mention in one post that taking pictures in b&w is difficult, but you have for sure taken many superb ones. Where I have just been, in Reykjavik, there was a lot of b&w photography around - in hotels and restaurants and exhibitions and little arty shops selling prints, photobooks and postcards. Street and city details as well as landscapes of Iceland's dramatic landscapes. Made me think of you and your photography a lot.

      I suppose a large part of the skill of shooting b&w these days is in recognising an appropriate scene or subject, and similarly with HDR and with those Creative Cloud effects pakarang had. I like your views in Varden.

      I keep looking back at Costa Neoromantica moored next to AMFI. And what a great souvenir that would be for the folk who had those balconied cabins!

      Next I was attracted by your eye for blocks of colour and confident compositions in such as #1406/8, #1407/5 and #1409/6.
      And also in that #1409 post, the wonderful "Party #9, please!" in which colour and composition perfectly captures the feel of a big cruise ship arrival.

      I kept a special comment to end with:- So lovely to see your local 17 May celebrations, and Vilde there so happy and proudly wearing her bunnad.

      I got so carried away with enjoyment that I haven't even started cooking lunch yet! Will have to look at Ralf's tour and Kristiansund visit later today!


        Thank you for every nice word! I only do my best, and my philosophy is to go out and try do better today than yesterday :-)

        From the port of Kristiansund Sunday 31. May 2015



          How about making Kristiansund into a miniature? Funny stuff to play with in the green winter we have here...

          Costa NeoRomantica sailing in Markussundet inlet

          The area over by Thon Hotel at Innlandet

          HSC Terminal and Port Authority Office

          Vestbase Offshore Service Base

          Nordholmen under Nordsundet bridge

          City senter in 1987


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            Yep - cute. Funny how the brain and eye works isn't it. Bringing the saturation up a teeny bit seems to really enhance the effect.

          • janihudi
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            thetre is a program for that issn't?
            the vestbase image,taken from your office window?

          • Sterkoder
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            Thijs..., sorry for answering so embarrassing late..., but yes, there's a program (free) for this dioramalooking pictures. Search the web for Tilt-Shift.
            The picture over Vestbase was taken from the top of a huge lift I was offered a ride in. Hanging in a basket..., oh...., some 18-20 meters above ground.

          FS (French ship) ETOILE visiting Kristiansund these days. Guess I will see her again at Tall Ships Race in Ålesund in three weeks :-)



            Not the best weather...., again...., but that don't seem to bother cruise passengers at all. COSTA NeoROMANTICA arrived Kristiansund for her third time yesterday, at 1300 hours :-)

            As seen from Gomalandet towards Innlandet

            She's not the largest of cruiseships, but stretches out anyway. 220 meters head to tail :-)

            Oh, and I almost forgot. The mandatory sundbåt ferry picture from this spot. I would rather have the FRAMNÆS ferry inside the frame, but we will have to take what the sundbåt company gives, and yesterday it was ANGVIK, the ugly duckling...

            I'm not in a position to say, but I don't care: Here's the most beautiful harbour on the coast ;-)

            The blue and white SUNNMØRINGEN returns from one of its two daily roundtrips to Grip, with hopefully satisfied passengers who spent 1 1/2 hours out on the picturesque island

            The Pier area, with ANGVIK and the italian cruise ship in the bacground

            Walking along Vågekaia


              Luckily, Vågekaia is not regulated as ISPS-area :-)

              Fishfarm food carrier EIDSVAAG PIONEER has a rather odd looking bow, but I'm sure the ship designers know more than the most of us, so....

              The Pier with the popular photo object Klippfiskkjerringa

              Flowers divide the Pier from the road and all the traffic

              The souvenir shop on street level and popular coffeeshop and 'restaurant' Havnekontoret on 2nd floor

              From the Pier we see two sundbåt vessels, now mostly used in charter; the all white RAPP and the replica of the old FRAMNÆS

              And there was a beautiful old wooden boat with the most beautiful and relaxing sound :-)



                The city saw many people yesterday, and it was more crowded than since years ago. Something tell me air temperature is more important than sunshine from blue sky when people deside to go out.

                Floating docks for guesting private pleasure crafts as seen from restaurant and pub Bryggekanten Brasserie & Bache Bar towards the Pier

                The Tricolore flies in the light breeze

                If I hadn't used a cap, the bus passengers on the bus I leaned on could've spotted the moon (haha)

                Brass is being cleaned while in harbour, and on the built in bridge wing, the ship bell got polished

                As seen from the corner of former Rica Hotel, now Scandic Hotel

                I sat course Storgata and the parking house at AMFI Storkaia Brygge shopping mall. This is the house at the corner of Langveien and Storgata

                As I walked down Storgata to AMFI, I started to spot the cruise ship between different buildings


                  To continue the spotting of ships between buildings...

                  Looked like we got ourselves a new hotel, and in a way we had..., for a few hour...

                  The wall of the parking house at AMFI makes some pretty ok leading lines

                  There are coloures inside Storgata too, not as bright as when entering the street though

                  From the top floor of the parking house

                  It seems like maintenance is being performed in every harbour :-)

                  Well, enough Costa for now, and I started on my walk through the city towards my car, which I had parked down at the Mellemværftet yard in Vågen..., just to get the walk and exersice
                  On my way back, I found someone had forgotten their BMW grill in the park (mohahaha)


                    The park as seen from Henrik Greves gate (if you follow me on a city map)

                    A well known sculpture and fountain in the park

                    On my way back I walked Kranaveien, and lifted my eyes to the top of one of the oldest wooden houses in this part of the city, Håndtverkeren, as it is popularly called. Today it houses a cafe and ball rooms for celebration of in example wedings and such

                    The area for mooring of private boats in Vågen

                    Sailing boats on a row. The millions rest close here ;-)

                    There are sailing boats for every wallet here though..., starting with the cheepest close to shore :-D

                    From the highest point in Kranaveien, we can see over to the other side of Vågen and the ship maintenance yard Kristiansund Mek.

                    And down on the veteran firefighting vessel SLUKK II and three veteran wooden boats belonging to the Mellemværftet veteran boat society
                    "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                      From the top of Kranaveien toward the inner part of Vågen

                      Also from this spot, we can see the door to the loft of the blacksmith and engine workhouse at Mellemværftet. Kranaveien #22, can not be seen from sitting in a car ;-)

                      Partially hidden under a tarpaulin down at the old yard, I found this beautiful side piece of an old bench made by Bolinder in Stockholm. Might be from an old bench of the Swedish Railway? Anyone?

                      There are quite a few preserved old SAR vessels down here

                      I belive I like low tide more than high tide, on a photography basis...

                      In Vågen we have an organization called 'Levende Vågen'. This translate to something like 'Life in Vågen', and is a place where pupils in their teens who might be somewhat tired of theory at school can spend three days a week to work with their hands and learn old traditional craft.

                      Thanks for taking time walking with me again, and I hope I have inspired someone to bring their cameras along on their walks ;-)
                      "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                        That was a nice evening walk, while spending my only free evening this week in CZ. Here are dark clouds and it is mostly raining, so it was wonderful to follow you through a now very well known area!
                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          Thank you Ralf. I enjoyed spending time with you. It was unfortunate I had to go to work, as I would be more than happy to spend a hole day with you and your two girls :-)
                          Glad you guys liked my home town anyway :-) Say hello to your family from us here.
                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


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                            I will, as soon as i am home again for the weekend. It was a wise decision to spend some days at one place. During all my time in Norway before i never stayed more than one night at one place. So now Kristiansund became a sort of hometown in Norway.

                          An old - really old - tourist film from Nordmøre (Kristiansund / Grip / Sundalsøra / Tingvoll) which had a re-run on NRK TV a few days ago.... Nordmøre - som det stiger frem 20.07.2015

                          Have you seen this one, Sterkoder?


                          Fun to also see from aboard the METEOR of Bergen.
                          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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                            Kristiansund (Vestbase) Tuesday morning at 07:45

                            Marker on quay #2 at Vestbase

                            What does that crazy guy with a camera want now?

                            Marker on quay #9 at Vestbase

                            The seagull did not move a feather as I approached

                            Another seagull at quay #9 watching the photo guy

                            Omsundet bridge

                            Two out of work Transocean rigs moored at Averøy

                            "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"