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    Apropos the Bryggekanten Brasserie picture (#1310/1), the silver roof was the old limit of the restaurant, while now, they have built a new extended restaurant, elevated from the street level and deliberately designed to look like a ship bridge (from outside). The inside is designed so that the customers have direct view into the kitchen and the work there.
    Needless to say, this part of the Brasserie is the gourmet part, with seasonal menu, and somewhat exclusive in its appearance.

    And from across the harbour, it looks like this...., a moored cargo vessel (if you look really quick)

    From outside the older part of Brasserie, towards the Pier

    From this spot, geometry on the wall of AMFI Storkaia shopping mall cought my eyes....

    Comment did some geometry on the high wall of the Havnekontoret

      When talking of geometry, I also took a picture of the main entrance at AMFI shopping mall with the glass wall covered elevator house

      From the main gate to the car park house at AMFI, and a left-over from the night before; do one beer make you blow red or green ;-)

      Across the road is the newest part of Quality Grand Hotell

      The city cinema and conference hall is in need of some maintenence..., I belive

      Characteristic architecture



        A strong arguement for maintenance comes closer when we look up towards the door into what was the old restroom for the cinema engineer, the man who run the film

        A stunt from a group of people working to develop Kristiansund towards new ages just painted symbolic steps from the old library to the new library planned inside the future Cultural Quarters and Opera House

        This has opened the eyes of people in the city, and opened up for a fruitful discussion about the new plans, and also even (and this is fantastic) if one should paint on the streets or not (haha)

        Private homes are very well kept though. Here's a very blue house on top of Hauggata, near the fire station

        Looking down Hauggata towards Kaibakken

        Also in the area of that blue house is the small square from where you can see the harbour towards east



          Talking about fire station. Here it is...

          This is the old watchtower from when the fire station was new. Not used for anything today. It's a pitty I belive, and see before me a few things they could do up there :-)

          From the harbour, we see BRIS (breeze) sail slowly out Sørsundet

          She's behind the great looking FRIMANN. Not too strong a wind that day though...

          And for a short stop on her way north, the TRONDHEIMSFJORD 1 (in new livery?)



            Walked to the park, and in doing so, I passed the street in which my mom had a second-hand store for many years. Good memories...

            The view from my bench (NOPE! Not old enough to feed pigeons yet!)

            In our city, some years back, we had a flowerist calling their shop ROSA (pink, in english).
            This shop of flowers went out of business many, many years ago, but up on the wall in certain light conditions, we can still read the remains of the shop name.
            Then I could not resist when a girl dressed in pink looked into the windows of the former shop called Rosa (pink) :-)

            Lower part of the park, with the big stone erected to commemorate the visit of King Harald V, Queen Sonja, Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Prince Fredrik in 1992. Their shields and signatures on the other side of the stone

            Up on the "roof of the city" in the Vanndamman (former city water reservoir) we see the old pump house. This is the city recreation area today.

            The eastern dam

            Well folks, this concludes my walk in the city this time. Hope you all enjoyed :-)


              Such an enjoyable report! Thank you for posting. I must admit that it shudders me a bit, when i see the whaler pictures and read about the food. It still is hard for me to learn that there are different aspects connected with whale hunting. So thank you for showing it. It is important to get a better understanding.
              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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                If the deer population in an area become too big, what do you do??
                You cull the flock by hunting a certain percentage of the breeding stock.
                What do you do with the meat??
                You eat it!!!
                The same applies to Minke whales. They are not endangered and compete for food with the fishermen.

              Such a great "being there" feeling is this addition of pictures and text. And I love all those small details that you've found in your city. It's not easy to find good photo subjects in your own town.


                Thanks guys, I enjoy walking around in my own city......, and as for the whaleing, well...., I don't discuss that on forums ;-)

                Went down to a place in Kristiansund I've never visited before, but have thought about photographing for years.
                The place is in the middle of Nordsundet and is a small islet with an abandoned concrete building destroyed by vandals over years.
                It's a NO TRESPASSING sign at the bridge, but I did not see that today ;-) And my consentrated work of photography was disturbed by 10 younger guys coming in cars to do...., whatever....

                Anyway, here's my pictures

                Jepp...., the funny drawers have been here too

                The south wall with the city center in the background. You recognize the fire station tower

                This guy pops up everywhere in this city...



                  Gomalandet with the white club house of the diving club

                  I have yet to go inside of the abandoned building, but could capture some of the special light in one ground floor room

                  Then the first group of five guys came down to the islet, and what vehicle they had, and what a good timing :-)

                  I played around a bit with this picture, as it reminded me of some scenes from WW2 down in Europe. But it is Kristiansund 2014 ;-)

                  From the islet we can spot one of the struts of the Nordsundet bridge

                  And the ferry BOLSØY over by the old Sterkoder yard
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                    Such a nice walk around town seeing it bustling with people enjoying the special events, and I very much enjoyed different views and details of places I remember, others of those new to me, and the chance to catch up with some changes as well as mentions of plans and future projects - the new library and cultural centre and so on.

                    But what I simply can't just enjoy but not comment on is the fascination of the abandoned building at Nordsundet, and, outstandingly, your amazing photographic creativity in transforming the already fine #1319/3 into #1319/4.


                      It's many reasons why I'm facinated by abandoned places. This is ONE of them:

                      Here's another reason:

                      And third, but maybe the most important reason:

                      I can't recall if I have ever seen more beautiful pictures than those of Mr. Widlunds different albums.
                      (Also check out the masterpieces of Sebastien Ernest:
                      "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                        Originally posted by Sterkoder View Post
                        From the islet we can spot one of the struts of the Nordsundet bridge
                        Big S, this would generally be called an "abutment" (more specifically, the "footing" of an abutment).

                        This page tells me that an abutment can also be referred to as an "end-bent".

                        And for me, this is the best photo in the set.
                        Harald Jarl, Honningsvag to Svolvaer, Summer 1985.
                        Deck plan geek.
                        The first 5 days after the weekend are the toughest.


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                          And I like to expand my Norwegian vocabulary but I'm a very poor student.

                          So far I have learned "Lundefugl" from Jan Martin

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                          In that case, the decorated concrete there you call abutment..., is called a 'brukar' in Norwegian.
                          I have no easy explanation or translation, but 'bru' is of course bridge, and 'kar' in this setting, means some sort of onshore (or in some cases when we talk of bridges) waterbased stronghold, anchor or main foot :-)
                          I think 'abutment' are the bridge attatchement point on each side, not under bridge supportings...., but I don't know ;-)

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                          Big S, yes, abutments support the extreme ends of the bridge. Any support between the abutments is called a "pier".

                          Now you have made me doubt my original statement. The structure in your photo may actually be a pier and not an abutment. It's not possible to say for certain without seeing a much wider angle photo.

                          And thank you for 'brukar'.

                        A car ferry, TUSTNA, at rest alongside the former ferry quay Kvalvåg not far from my home here at Frei in Kristiansund

                        This is how Kvalvåg ferry quay looks today. On the other side of the fjord is Kvisvik, where the connection from Kvalvåg was before the Kristiansund mainland connection, KRIFAST, came in 1992.

                        Driveing towards the city, I had to stop by the Rensvikvannet. Calm at the time of photography yesterday, before todays storm

                        An old MRF rescue float used as a base for bathing guests during the summer. In the old days, several of these was mounted on the roof of every ferry

                        Coming into the city center, GANN was already moored at Storkaia. There will be many stands on board there tomorrow, telling visitors about education towards a maritime job. The visitors will be all the 10th graders in Kristiansund, who are now on the steps to choose where they want to go after school

                        "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                          From the top floor at the AMFI shopping mall parking house, I took a picture towards Innlandet and Nordlandet. In the frame is also the new offshore vessel OCEAN RESPONSE

                          Towards Innlandet with Freikollen in the background, we spot SKANDI VEGA..., a giant compared to the large offshore vessels we had in the late 70s and early 80s

                          Southbound hurtigrute yesterday was RW. And like FINNMARKEN a couple of weeks ago, when I stood there for half an hour waiting to get her and GANN in the same pictureframe...., she sailed out the Markussundet!! (Do they see when I'm waiting???)

                          Well, anyway...., bye-bye
                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


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                            But hey, those Richard With pictures came out well anyway.
                            Skandi Vega seems to be missing a FRB.

                          In Kristiansund, the coming week-end, we have a 5-year old to celebrate. We're not talking about a person, but rather a hotel...., so, Thon Hotel Innlandet, congratulations!!! :-)

                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"