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    Sad looking main building of Nordmøre Museum. I like museums of all kinds, but this is just sad...
    I've also been inside, once, to look at their exhibitions. We were in a somewhat sader mood when we came out..., and on top of it all we payed an entrance fee.

    Just two doors for loading/unloading equipment to the inside sports arena (Idrettshallen) across the road from the Dalen farm

    A detail from the swimming arena by the farm

    Drove to take some pictures of the old Allanengen school from 1918. On the way there, I had to take a picture of this house. There will be no prize for guessing they like red.

    On the wall of Allanengen school there is a clock and the city shield

    I thought the school windows mirrored the sky perfectly :-)



      Opposite the road from the old school is 'Trappegata' (The step road). No need to use a very long time to wonder why...

      The school viewed from Trappegata

      There was also an old car in the area, a model 1968 VW Beetle

      As an end to my phototrip this Saturday, I came just in time to watch the Sun making the top of Grip lighthouse glow :-)



        ALBATROS from a couple of pages ago, visited Kristiansund again today.
        On this day she still had her Swedish captain on board, and Capt. Mats Nelson happened to celebrate his birthday. Therefore, ALBATROS is flying blue and yellow baloons over the bow :-)

        Capt. Nelsons flag on the starboard railing

        Birthday song on the starboard bridge wing

        After a while, four singing girls from the entertainment crew came and sang a couple of songs with funny text :-)
        There were laughter and applause

        After a short celebration of the captain, it was back to work and let go of the ropes. Capt. Mats Nelson has full control



          On time, at 20:00 local, ALBATROS left her moorings and Kristiansund for now

          Well, what can I say. Whenever 'The View' shows..., I can't help taking a picture :-)

          Colourful Innlandet with Thon Hotel in the evening sun

          ALBATROS is in my eyes a beautiful ship



            She's heading out Markussundet with Nordlandet to the port side

            Beautiful colours

            Oh, and I almost forgot: Auf wiedersehen!

            Skyscape in the west tonight...

            ...and to the east.



              Well, I was just agreeing with Thijs (in the Veteran Ships thread) about photographing ships in the context of the surroundings, and also how nice to have access to spotterplaces where one can get detail views also. And then I see this photo set which absolutely illustrates these points. Splendid even by Sterkoder standards if I may say so.

              That bow with balloons is an arresting image quite apart from the birthday celebrations revealed as one scrolls down - I like the way the sunlight catches the bow and sparkles in the water. Chance connections like there being one yellow and one blue hard hat matching the Swedish colours of the balloons holds the whole image together, but I don’t think it is at all chance that brings the brighter yellow hat central in the composition

              Then one feels so part of the ensuing celebrations, and with so 'Kristiansund' a building completing those images too. I think Capt. Nelson would be delighted with that portrait in the 6th photo.

              Love the 'deck hands', the 'pakarang view', and just look in #1299/4 how that seagull perfectly balances the departing ship at the edges of that wide format.

              Oh, and thanks for the extra clouds at the end!


                Absolutely awesome new additions, Sir Sterkoder!

                Firstly, you seem to find a lot of hidden historical treasures around your city. The detail shots are also a big draw to me. Did you see the photos on display at the Tourist Information in town?

                Then, the image-series of Albatros is also well done. I know the Swedish Captain will enjoy them (will send him the link).

                I was on board this ship last year and then again this year in Trondheim, and each visit is nothing but superb. I feel home on board. After all, I worked myself on board this ship back when she had a different name (Norwegian Star and Norwegian Capricorn). Those were the days.

                Thank you so very much for sharing!
                With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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                Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                  Thank you so much, Captain! Your comment ment alot to me.

                  Don't know what to say other than I do what I like, and I like it (photography) more and more :-)

                  It's a challenge to find new ways to take pictures in this city, specially of cruiseships, but I figured; have I actually been on that car park roof for ALBATROS before...? Luckily the gate stayed open until 9 PM and the bonus, which made this photo series special, was the captains birthday :-)

                  Well, let me just hope Capt. Nelson like my images, maybe the one of him at the bridge wing in particular. The original image is quite ok, whereas the one published is cropped and at maximum zoom, making the appearance a bit grainy. Oh well..., details....

                  I also see that my pictures change a bit, towards the darker tones, on the screen of my job pc. They are ok on my laptop though...

                  A big thank you also to Cecilia, as I really enjoy your constructive comments both here and in other threads. You're a master in feedback to learn from :-)


                    Look to Kristiansund...., do they call this short YouTube video. The film was made after someone suggested Kristiansund is boring. Yeah, right.
                    The music is performed by the Kristiansundbased band El Cuero by the way :-)
                    "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                      After all these years, I visited Skjærtangen lighthouse at Innlandet for the very first time..., thanks to a friend asking me if I wanted to come over there, take some pictures of hurtigruten and talk photo :-)

                      A rather gray day in Kristiansund. Klubba in the distance there

                      Skjærtangen lighthouse with Kirkelandet and Sørsundet in the background

                      Lighthouse from inside (through the windows of course)

                      My friends son, did he look for TROLLFJORD or did Titanic, the movie, run through his mind :-D

                      There she comes, TROLLFJORD with Stavnes light in the distance

                      "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                        In Sørsundet

                        Time to blow the southbound signal under the Sørsundet bridge upon entering the harbour

                        "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                          Greg Goreman, Knut Koivisto, Magnar Fjørtoft and other superb and world famous photographers just visited Kristiansund to do a workshop marathon. I did not attend due to a trip to Copenhagen the very same days, but I'm easily inspired...., so here are some from a resent walk I did around in my home city :-) All pictures taken 4. October.

                          The clock and west wall of the old Langveien Ungdomsskole (a school, now abandoned, for 7th to 10th grade). If everything goes as suggested, this will be demolished to give place to our planned Cultural Quarters and Opera house

                          The main wall, faceing the city main square, of our local bank. This is a rather unusual angle, and what cought my eyes was the sunlight in the different textures of the wall

                          The wall of our former police station and court. Decoration is supposed to image the justice protector Godess Justicia

                          Every first weekend of October each year, the farmers and artists and others from the island Smøla comes to town to make city life and to sell products, make shows and evening conserts and stuff. VERY popular, and the event is called Smølabonan (Smøla farmers). Streets in the city are closed off and filled with people.....

                          And of course the Hollywood-ish sign told everyone what was going on :-)

                          A whaleing boat from Smøla sold whale meet. Customers emty the boat in hours. Very popular.

                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                            And while we are into Norway and whaleing

                            The sundbåt used this day was FRAMNÆS, and it was very popular. The parking situation in the city on such days like when the Smøla farmers are in town, is such that many choose to park on any other island in Kristiansund, and then use the sundbåt into the city center :-)

                            The sundbåt dock at Kirkelandet

                            People enjoy themselves, and here's a guy enjoying his 'fishan' (fish and chips) walking on the Pier

                            FISKEBANK 1, the whaler

                            "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                              Looking towards the City Hall

                              A smaller fishing boat from Smøla selling crab, lobster, cod and other seafood

                              The green building was former Onkel & Vennene hans (Uncle & his Friends) coffee bar. This place changed their concept slightly and changed the name to Havnekontoret. Has become even more popular than before. You can now also get delicious dishes there :-)

                              Havnekontoret (they picket this name because this building formely housed the real havnekontoret, harbour authorities) is placed right in the middle of the real city center. This is where the Kaibakken street, Storkaia (Arnulf Øverland street), Vågekaia street and the Pier meet. This is like a hub.

                              Near the Pier, two girls got themselves a taste of Thailand. Of course, her sweater got my attention

                              A classic Chevy Corvette drives down Kaibakken

                              "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                                From the Pier towards Bryggekanten Brasserie & Bache Bar with Freikollen in the background

                                The other way, towards Vågekaia. Not entirely straight that quay :-)

                                Detail of the lower steps of the big stair where small fishing boats docked bow in several years ago, to offer their catch to citizens

                                From the area below Hotel Fosna, the Pier area and city square looks like this

                                Locally made meat products, bakery, bread and other products are very popular

                                Havnekontoret in the center and City Hall to the right

                                "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"