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    Originally posted by ehp View Post
    Well then...I'd like..........................
    (to be continued later!
    Those really long Santa Wish Lists were last week, E!!!!!!!


      Originally posted by ehp View Post
      ....People make the most fascinating photos, don't they. Total strangers, but always so interesting. I love to wonder about their lives......
      Oh yes E – I love this kind of “people watching”. Yet this wasn’t usually the sort of subject I've taken photos of, but the experience of that country fair was so very special.
      Of course it was long before I found CV, but it was seeing the photos you took recently at your Kaolin Festival and the Barbeque Blast as well as some EP365’s that has encouraged me to look out these photos. And I am actually appreciating them a lot myself having not looked at them for ages.
      (And at around the same time, I also decided to have a separate Greenlanders thread for people pictures from that trip.)

      Great that this has inspired some spin-off threads like the Bunad, and I bet Ralf is going to like those Telemark cows!

      Talking of cows, I do still have extra photos of cows of the fibreglass variety plus people looking at them which I’ll maybe add to the Cow Parade thread, but here in Telemark are my very last two photos as folk start to leave the fair and head home.


        Confirmed. I am enjoying this thread!! And not just because of the cows. Thank you for your report!
        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


          And there are no doubt that it is a Telemark cow, or what the type is called in Norwegian; Telemarksfe.
          The trademark for that type is brown sides, mandatory white field on top from head to hip, totally white under and a mix of white and brown in face/on head. Most of the Telemarksfe have bugle (horn).

          The most common type of cow in Norway are Norsk Rødt Fe (Norwegian Red Cow), but there are also other types, destinct for their region.


            Is there a Norwegian Cow Police as well as Vafler, Svele, Bunad and Kranskaker Police?


              Nope...., but there are so many people with their own meaning.
              That's nothing negative, but when they at the same time go out in different medias like a rocketing space shuttle and tell every other person on this planet that their meanings are the correct one...., then they tend to be called police-this-and-that.

              Or in short: they are the 'besserwissers'

              And no, I have never heared about any cow-police
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                Well, E...., and everyone else; I just have to eat that police car smily!

                Just got a reminder from someone that we in fact have something here called KUKONTROLLEN (Cow Control)
                And there are a leaflet of 9 pages with the official rules, regs and paragrafs called REGLER FOR KUKONTROLLEN (Rules for the Cow Control).

                So, I belive there must be a police for everything here in this country


                  Kukontrollen...I LOVE that word.

                  are there also sheep and goat controls???


                  is there a "barn red and mustard yellow" paint control????

                  KUKONTROLLEN....LOVE IT!!!!!


                    I will take no chanse, and tell you once (about the sheep and goat control) : I don't know.
                    But, did you know there is a EU (European Union) directive on how bent a cucumber can be...?
                    Yes, a certified cucumber can not be bent, it has to be straight as a line and of a certain length.
                    The reason for that is to get 14 cucumbers in a certified box, at a certified weight of 2,5 kilos.....
                    (Someone down at the European Parlament just MAKES their own work...., I'm convinced).

                    Sorry for going so OT, but I also find it interesting.
                    "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                      I would like to continue Seaguls wonderful thread. Because Telemark is perhaps my favourite county of Norway.

                      Telemark has almost everything. Big and "ugly" industry at Norsk Hydro Herøya. Urban population at Grenland. Where cities are groing into each other. Great coastline with interesting changes of geology, and small-boat recreation.

                      But the most I love in Telemark, is the inland part. Beautiful and calm inland lakes and majestic mountain-areas. And small villages hosting old history, great art, and old and new culture.

                      I would now like to "guide" you through Telemark, the way I have explored the county.

                      I start my journey actually in Aust-Agder, at the top of Setesdal.

                      I like very much mountain-walking and go skiing in the mountains. Here I am standing on the closest mountain-top to the Telemark-border. I am standing in Aust-Agder. But all the rest on this image belongs to Telemark.

                      I started this rapport go skiing. Because the birthplace of all modern ski-sport are not very far from this place.

                      The father of modern ski-sport, Sondre Norheim...........

                      ...........was born and raised in Morgedal.

                      At the top of this hillside is the little house, Øvrebø, Sondre Norheims home..........

                      This is now a part of the ski-museum in Morgedal. And in this fireplace inside, the olympic fire to the 1952 Olympic Winter Games was lighted

                      And the protocol before the 1994-olympics at Lillehammer was signed by Her Royal Highness princess Märtha Louise

                      My grandfather participated in several ski-jump events in this area in the early 1920`s.
                      And in 1919 he travelled to Morgedal to built his own pair of skies. Due to my interest of ski-sport I have inherited his very modern and unique Norheim Telemark skies. And they are now placed on the wall in my parents cottage....

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                        Further north in Telemark nearby Rjukan is the well known mountain Gaustadtoppen

                        Close to Rjukan is also this Vemork factory-building located. During the World War 2, the nazists tried to create a hydrogene-bomb and "heavy water" here. But very brave men from the norwegian resistence was able to go inside, and blown the factory apart. Known as "Tungtvanns-aksjonen på Vemork"


                          In my first post, I mentioned art and culture.

                          Vinje is indeed a place who have hosted great norwegian artists. The music-artists and composers Åsmund and Odd Nordstoga comes from Vinje. Also the music and culture artists Eyvind and Sigmund Groven.

                          This is the homeplace of the great poet Åsmund Olavson Vinje

                          "No ser eg atter slike fjell og dalar. Som deim eg i min fyrste ungdom såg"

                          His home

                          A famous married writer couple was the novellist Tarjei Vesaas and his poet-wife Halldis Moren Vesaas from Vesåsen in Vinje.

                          After some searching, I found their grave at the cementery outside Vinje Church


                            Up several serpentiner-curves in the hillside above Dalen, is Skafså. And Skafså is the birthplace of another great artist from Telemark. The great sculptor Anne Grimdalen.

                            Her most famous artwork may be the big sculpture hanging outside on the wall of the City Hall of Oslo.

                            Grimdalstunet is today a museum hosting several of her artworks. And her and her familys old houses are taking care of in this museum

                            This museum also hosts a permanent exhibition of the big epos DRAUMKVEDET, the way the northern-norwegian painter Karl Erik Harr interpret it..........

                            But my indeed favourite artwork of Anne Grimdalen, is her "Philosophy-bear"


                              The most wellknown and famous tourist-attraction in Telemark, is the boat-trip at the Telemark Canal.

                              It starts in the city of Skien. And ends up on the Bandak Lake in Dalen.

                              The most spectacular lock-system (sluse-annlegg) is Vrangfoss Sluser at Ulefoss in Nome

                              Ulefoss is known for the iron-work (Jernverket). Ulefoss Hovedgård belonged to the landowner Aall. And is indeed a beautiful building just above the lock-system............
                              From 1960 this building is a museum.

                              The Canal-boat Victoria in the lock-system


                              The Telemark Canal and sluser, is also available by private small-boats. I mights try that out some day with my small Nidelv Boat.


                                The boat-trip at the Telemark Canal is not ONLY spectacular locks (sluser). But also a beautiful cruise on calm inland lakes

                                Before the trips ends at Bandak/Dalen

                                These images of Bandak and Dalen is taken from the cerpentiner-curves close to Anne Grimdalens homeplace and museum

                                As I have mentioned in the Hotel View Thread, Dalen har one of Norways most spectacular hotels.

                                ........with beautiful ceiling artwork in the lobby