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    Aalesund looking it's best today:


    • pakarang
      pakarang commented
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      Not too difficult to see why this is called one of Norway's most beautiful cities!

    Don't plan on climbing the steps tp/from Fjellstua for the time being: (Unless you are into extreme sport that is)


      If I haven't said it before I'll repeat it now; the weather in Aalesund is changing, not only by the season but by the day and sometime by the hour.

      The bus depot on a nice morning with fresh snow and -1C:

      That was yesterday.

      This morning; wet, 5-6C with bone breaking conditions:


      • nari
        nari commented
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        After a very hot (37c) few days here in Australia these photos look sooo inviting. Hope the snow is still around in a few weeks when I go back to Bergen for another round voyage on the inimitable Lofoten.

      This morning the ice was still there and what had become water yesterday had frozen during the night, just adding to the bone breaker conditions:


        It is that time of the year again and time to remember the big fire in Aalesund in 1904:

        Here is an interactive description of what and how it happened:
        (Sorry, not translatable by G.T.)


          Snow blowing off the high ridge of Sula on a clear but windy day:

          These huts on Sula are occupied most day and nights:

          Not sure what's the attraction being up there in all seasons, aside from the nice view of neighbouring Aalesund:

          (Picture by HOL1)

          I must admit i have never been up there.


            Those cabins have a spectacular view... how do they get up to them, is there a road or do they have to make a strenuous hike?
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            • Oistein
              Oistein commented
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              It is approximately 3.5 km and 350 meters elevation from the nearest parking space. You must use your legs or have a dispensation for the use of off-road vehicles.

            • ombugge
              ombugge commented
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              Thanks Oistein. I was waiting to ask my son who I knew had carried his bike up there, just to ride it down again.
              PS> I was of the impression that you would need a tractor to get anything heavy up there.

            A killing in Aalesund is something that doesn't happen often, but this afternoon one person was killed in broad daylight and on a public place:
            Not much is known and the Police is keeping things to themselves, but it was first reported as a knifing.


            • Clipper
              Clipper commented
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              Genuine Nordic noir!

            Weather in Aalesund has been steady clear, cool and dry the last few days.
            Here a view of the Sunnmore Alps from town 23. Febr.:

            Sula as seen from our veranda, 27. Febr.:

            The Sunnmore Alps seen from Norve, 28.Febr.:

            Sula as seen from our veranda today, 01. March:

            Not a cloud in the sky, but cold (-2C)

            The garden is bare, but not yet green:

            Snow limit is abt. 250-300 m. asl.


              We got snow overnight. At least 1-2 mm. of the white stuff:

              But it all melted when the sun got hold.


              • Ralf__
                Ralf__ commented
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                We changed from -10 to +16°C during the weekend. Seems to be that the winter is over now in our area.

              Aalesund is becoming an international metropolis. Here is proof:


                A classical view of Aalesund from Aksla, but this in bright moonshine and from the late 1940's:

                Photo from by Magne Flem

                Spot the difference:


                • yvneac
                  yvneac commented
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                  Very interresting. As for me, I would prefer the last version without the City Hall!

                21/2/2018. MS Finnmarken docked at Aalesund.
                A bit misty when we arrived but the the sun went soon. Nice walk in this city I love.

                DSC04880 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                IMGP9990 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                IMGP0002 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                Fish and shrimps sellers on the quay.

                IMGP9992 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                IMGP9995 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr


                  On some store Windows you can see those pictures showing Aalesund in the old days.

                  DSC04885 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                  DSC04883 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                  DSC04889 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr


                    Old fashion ski.

                    DSC04888 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                    The young newspaper seller.

                    DSC04887 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr

                    This jacket is not mine! A sculpture near Hurtigruten Terminal.

                    DSC04891 by yneac yneac, sur Flickr


                    • ombugge
                      ombugge commented
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                      PS> That young newspaper seller was me 60-something years ago.

                    • yvneac
                      yvneac commented
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                      Yes Ombugge, I remember you told that in a post. It's the reason why I made the picture ...and introduced you to my wife.