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    The Oak trees that was cut back for the winter is spouting new branches and leaves:

    These trees in Keiser Wilhems gate will be no more soon:

    They have received too many knocks and developed some sort of sickness. They will be cut down:

    They will be replace with new trees once the street has been dug up to install hot water piping later this year:

    It is not only on land that things are growing. Here a look into the clear water of our "clean" harbour:

    Actually clear water doesn't mean clean. Aspevaagen is among the most polluted harbours in Norway:

    There are still talk about "somebody should be doing something about it".
    It has been talked about at least since 2008:


      When it looks like this it is SUMMER in Aalesund:

      A bit closer look at the mountains, still with some snow left. (The old ferry wharf at Blixvalen in the foreground)

      Unfortunately it is far too few such days in a row. This is a more "normal" summer view:

      Back to that one nice but not so warm day earlier this week:

      When Fjellstua exploded:

      And when tourists and locals alike could enjoy a "Utepils" at the new Microbrewery on Stornespiren:

      As long as they were dressed for it.


        This little pond at Gaaseid (known as "Gaasedammen") has been a little nature perl for as long as I can remember, but a few weeks ago it sprung a leak and almost drained totally:

        The leak has been fixed but the water level is still low and the ducks still missing:

        Next to it is a Thai Buddhist Temple, which opened a few months ago:

        We haven't visited yet, so no report on the interior decorations and activities.


          Up the road a bit (towards Lerstad) is these nice old houses:

          And Ratvikvatnet, which is a popular "skating rink" when frozen in the winter.
          Now inaccessible without waders:

          It is full of water lilies:

          A bit further up towards Lerstadbakken was this bus shelter tagged with some remnants of former days:

          And new development in progress:

          I like the slogan; "A Nice Place to grow up, even for grownups"

          Nice view of Hessafjorden, Breisundet and Sukkertoppen from the top of Lerstadbakken: (Runde in the far background)


            Our destination for the day was a little used Nature Reservation around another small lake/pound; Lerstadvatnet:

            A well defined and maintained track leads around the entire pond, with starting point beside a Shell station at Lerstad.
            We took the route leading to the south of the pond, where there were a large area of wetland intially:

            Before we reach a lookout point with a bench a bit above the pond. Here a panorama view from there:

            Not so much bird life to see in the tall grass this late in the season:

            But a few ducks were swimming around, (and the inevitable Seagulls):


              Thank you for the new Ålesund-update, ombugge.

              The weather here in Trondheim is really sad as well... the wetest July in 38 years I think the local paper stated today... and today, the temperature was a mere 9 degrees Celsius. Not nice to sit on the balcony looking at the rain flooding the BBQ.

              I've heard about the Thai temple and wanted to visit last time I was there, but time was not on my side. Do you know if the entire building (both floors) belong to the temple? Looks like the whole building, not only second floor.
              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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              • ombugge
                ombugge commented
                Editing a comment
                Yes the entire building belong to the Temple. Not sure if there are anybody living there though. (The resident monk maybe??)

              You will be pleased to know that when you visit Aalesund YOU ARE SAFE.

              According to an article in today (sorry, pay page) a system of alerting everybody by SMS in case of anything untoward happening is now in place.
              This does not apply only to residents, but even visitors such as cruise passengers. Not only that at but the system is able to "Varsle på alle språk"
              Not bad. I just wonder how they have done that? Google Translate maybe??
              I'll try to set my phone to "Singlish", or "Melanesian Pidgin" if they announce a test.. Not sure if those come under "ALL languages".

              ​PS> Not only that, they have also identified any place withing Aalesund where there may be a danger of stone falls in the nearest 100 or 1000 years.
              Maybe it would be more useful to have an app to warns of where there may be a danger of "avalanches" of falling show, or dropping icicles from the roofs around town?


                It can get warm in Aalesund in the summer:

                OK, helped a bit by the sensor being close to metal cladding, but still. (Just make you feel at home)

                This what it looked like today:

                While this is a more normal summers day:


                  From the Police log for Aalesund and Sunnmore last night:
                  We like it like this!!! No murders, robberies or terrorist attacks.


                    There must be some Rednecks in town:

                    Maybe visiting for the Jugendfest, which is on this weekend??:


                      Panorama of Aspoyvaagen and Aalesund in near black & white:

                      Taken from Slinningsodden last night.


                        I don't know if the colour scheme for this building in Kirkegata is very becoming?:

                        This on in Roysegata is more to my liking:

                        These wooden house that survived the big fire is situated along Ystenesgata:

                        One of these small houses have been well maintained, while the other is looking for a loving buyer:

                        But this one has been modified to loose all resemblance to it's original look:

                        But the roses and other flowers somewhat makes up for it in the summer.

                        This small public space, also along Ystenesgata, is a pleasant spot to rest your eyes on:


                          Another well kept old house in the traditional style. This one on Slinnigen:

                          As a contrast, Raadhuset, which has become a vertical "reflecting pool" with it's new glass facade:

                          It is not the only building in town with reflecting glass facades though. This one at Keiseren Pub in Keiser Wilhelm's gate is doing a good job too:

                          Nothing spectacular with this facade, except the creepers that appears to originate from somewhere under the roof cover:

                          I believe the roots must be somewhere in the ground, but the creeper "arms" had spread to three sides of the building.


                            There are a lot of activity on the water around town, incl. by very small boats:

                            And with very young kids operating them:

                            I notice one thing though; they all wear lifejackets, something we never even thought of when I was young and played around with home made rafts or whatever could float.

                            But not only human activity. Lots of birds are getting their first swimming lessons these days:


                              Not much snow left on the mountains around town these days. This is from almost a month ago: