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    As we wandered towards the park we came across several stone wall with no particular or obvious purpose:

    And a modern communication building:

    We are now at the top of Einarvika and Skaregata. Here a view towards downtown:

    There is also steps down to Skaregata and the shortest route to Skansen and Hurtigruten.

    But along Borgernesvei there is no traffic and little noise:

    We have finally reach the City Park and the stair to Fjellstua, after a walk of abt. 4.5 Km. from Fagerlia School:

    I had noticed several plaques marking old city boundaries along the way. This must be the original one though.
    It is situated next to the entrance of the steps to Fjellstua:

    Not many tourist find their way to Borgernesvei, and frankly, there isn't much to see except fallen rocks, fallen trees and a glimpse of industrial activity, but it is a good workout. If you start from town you can either do the whole loop, following the ridge back to Fjellstua and the steps down, or take the bus back from Hauaplassen, which is next to NTNU and NMK and close to Sunnmore Museum.

    ​For those who travel by Hurtigruten it is too long trip since they only stop a short time before and after the side trip to Geiranger, but if you have been in Geiranger several times you may spend the day in Aalesund to enjoy the architecture, the hospitality and a good long walk around Aksla.


      No this is not a photographic accident:

      It is the sun shining through the clouds.


        Some nostalgia for thos many (relatively speaking) ex Aalesunders on CVF
        Where is this?:

        OK, some more then:

        Only the crowd (and Borken) is missing, or it could have been St.Hans in your youth??
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          Not any nostalgia for me since I'm not a "old Aalesunder". But a great pleasure to see the superb colours of automn in your city,Ombugge.

        More autumn pictures from Aalesund for your enjoyment:


          Missing the autumn colours up close? OK, here we go:


            Aksla has changed colour as well:

            Especially with a setting sun:

            We have head 3 weeks of glorious autumn weather with sun from a clear blue sky, but frost at night.
            Some bushes, plant and trees have got confused by this unusual phenomena though:

            Like this Rhododendron that think it is spring:

            Or this one, which I do not know the name of, in English or Norwegian:

            There is also a lot of hedge plants and bushes with bright red berries all over the place:

            Since nobody is picking them I assume that they are either bitter or poisonous??


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              Wow. It is a painting palette.

            Came across this manhole cover along Borgundveien the other day:

            Nice, with the Aalesund City Shield prominently on display:

            This is the only one of the type I have noticed, but then I'm still exploring and getting to know my home town.


              Wonderful photos Ombugge. I particularly loved yesterday's ones looking towards Slinningsodden. That view changes every minute of every day, absolutely glorious (that's why we like the Quality Hotel Waterfront!).




              • ombugge
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                Thanks Mark.Any view with Slinnigsodden and especially Slinningsbua is my favourit motif, which I try to incorporate in as many pictures as possible. Let me know next time you are in town.

              Autumn is over, now for the winter.
              Snow limit has been lowered to about 500 m. near the coast:

              Even lower further inland:


              Well known motif from Brosundet:

              The fog stays out at sea:

              The sun is about to dip under horizon at 1600 hrs. CET:

              Colouring Aksla orange:

              Another beautiful early winter day comes to an end:


                Wonderful report. Nice memories to our trip last year.
                Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                  The narrow building in Kongensgate has been featured several times here on CVF:

                  Now it will get a new role again, this time as an Art Gallery:

                  Something for you art lovers on the forum to see on your next visit to Aalesund.


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                    Thank you Ombugge.A new place to taste during a call at Aalesund.

                  Come Hell or High Water:


                    It's official, Slinningsbaalet 2016 was the tallest in the world:

                    Isn't that something???? We are best at collecting pallets and burning them up. Here is the happy winners:

                    The word has spread far and wide:

                    See it all here:

                    PS> I still remember the days when Hessabaalet was the biggest and we beat Slinningsbaalet hands down with over 300 honestly stolen wooden barrels and a couple of hundred wooden boxes going up in smoke. (No pallets) Those were the days!!!

                    PPS> A book about "my days" of "Baal" in Aalesund will be on the market soon:
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                      Bankskoyta Storeggen MAY have to change name: