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    Attended the Food Festival yesterday but concentrated on the Beer tasting bit, which was a competition among local brewers. Theme of the day was German type beer with quite a variety. Some good, some not so.

    I also tried the "Whale Wok":

    Somebody must have misunderstood how "woking" is done. This was more like a stew of overcooked vegies and whale meat,slowly simmering for a day or so, not quickly stir fried over high heat.


      Passing the old "Posthuset" I noticed two Chinese Lions watching the main entrance door in good Chinese tradition:

      No idea how long they have been there, but this was the first time I have noticed this unusual (for Aalesund) feature.

      No idea why they are there either. The sign by the door is for a shipping company operating a fleet of live fish carriers in Norway, Scotland, Canada, Chile and Australia:
      As far as I know they have no connection with China.

      Neither are there any Chinese Consulate in Aalesund.
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        Chinese Restaurant? .... that being said, there is something similar on the stairs of a building here in Trondheim as well....
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          No, no Chinese Restaurant in the building.

        This darn mountain top keeps on changing colour:

        But most of the time it plays "Hide & Seek":


          Originally posted by ombugge View Post
          Then it is over. Slinningsbaalet is dead, long live Slinningsbaalet v.2017

          I was there this year. Lots of pictures to follow.
          I keep my word, although maybe no immediately:


            A couple of veterans heading home to Sunnmore Museum after an outing:

            No, not speeded up.


              Autumn has come to Aalesund:


                AidaSol affected by the weather:


                  This Mooncake Festival we are not in Singapore, but the moon is the same:


                    Aalesund panorama from the opposite side of normal:


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                      An unusual angle. Took a while before I managed to place the photographer.

                    Next time you visit Aalesund go to Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium. What can you see there, besides fish, birds and marine mammals?
                    This is what:


                      The first signs of winter is here:


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                        But it seems to be sunny.I wish you a nice automn.

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                        Yes sunny, but cold. Looking forward to my first full winter in Norway for several decades with some sort of anticipation, but also dread. Not so much the cold but the darkness.

                      Come for a walk along "Borgernesvei" (Citzen's Road) which goes along the north of Aksla the full length from the City Park to Fagerlia
                      Unfortunately it is in the shadow of Aksla at this time of the year, thus no heat from the sun to be found here now.

                      Here is the map showing our route:

                      It is not and Autostrada, but a reasonably good walking trek through dense primary forest most of the way:

                      This is not a park, but a natural forest, where fallen trees are left to rot and being reclaimed by nature:

                      A natural rain shelter:


                        We are actually in an Industrial zone. After a while we passed Flatholmen Container port:

                        Along here is a steep trek up to Aksla Stadium and Fjelltun:

                        We pass above the entrance to the tunnel through Aksla to the south side. The round-about at the entrance was obviously optional:

                        But hat is that building ahead?:

                        Curiosity made a short detour necessary. A short dirt road lead up to the building:

                        The building is called "Breidablikk" and appears to be occupied and well maintained:

                        I don't know the history of this building, but I'm still curious.

                        At this point is another steep access to the ridge, called Ravneskaret (Raven's Cut). Not for the faint hearted


                          Next we came to the old North Graveyard and a small stone Chapel:

                          The graveyard is no longer in use for burials, but the ground appeared well maintained, with some of the graves still tended:

                          Here is a rather unusual grave stone, at least by today's standard:

                          The Chapel looked to be simple but sturdy ad in good condition, although not in use: