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    The Boat Festival is still on, but the weather is not cooperating.
    Not much boats, but plenty of cars on show, candy and Bacalao for sale though.
    I did not venture into the thick of it, but here is a view of Korsegata at least:


      View from our veranda this noon:

      FYI: the mountain is abt. 1200 m. asl. and this is 11. Aug. only.


        ahhhh..... last night, when I parked my ferry just before midnight, the temperature was just 7 degrees Celsius. Way too low for August if you ask me.

        August can actually be a pretty nice after-summer, but last night, I could smell the autumn in the air!
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          On a happier note, at least for those who have visited Aalesund and Sjobua, the "best" seafood restaurant in town:

          It is about to open again after a lengthy shut-down.


            Some thing is as sure as winter follow summer. It is seagulls nesting on "Sjobuder" in Aalesund:

            They also find other places to take a little rest from looking for leftovers at outdoor restaurants:

            Or maybe these are actually pursuing a more traditional way of feeding?


              Seagulls doesn't limit themselves to the old "sjobuder", they are now even walking the streets in Aalesund.
              Sitting at Hoffmannsgaarden a couple of days ago this one strolled passed without a worry in his life.

              What are you looking at? You never seen a seagull patrolling Kongensgate before?:

              Oh you'r taking pictures. just hang on there until I get into the right position:

              This is my best profile:

              Sorry, no time for posing, somebody left something over here:

              Time to chow down:


                From a walk on Aksla in beautiful weather the other day.
                Look, not a cloud in the sky and the snow that fell in the mountains a few days ago is all gone:

                The old "vanndammane" (Fresh water reservoir) is now nearly dry and used for pick nick areas.
                Here the easternmost of the three:

                With shelters for protection against the strong sun and heat:

                Not much water left:

                "Rundskue" lookout point and the telecom tower at the summit in the background:

                The trek down to town via Vannspringdalen starts at this "dam". (Next to the weather station masts on the right)

                PS> I posted something on the optional route to/from Aksla and Fjellstua via Vannspringdalen earlier.


                  The second "dam" is much the same, but without the shelters:

                  The last "dam" is a bit different and used to contain some fairly large trouts at one time:

                  A small plane appeared and started to show off some acrobatic trikes:


                    We eventually reached Fjellstua for a much needed pit stop and a classical view:

                    And of Sunnmorsalpene:


                      Down the new steps, with the new resting and lookout point:

                      The name clearly marked:

                      Those CVF members who are from Aalesund would know the "true meaning"

                      View from "Byrampen" towards the park below:

                      Quite a bit of traffic on the steps:

                      Although the cruise ship of the day was about to depart:

                      Next resting point is an old one, but with a new makeover:

                      Also with the name clearly marked (The Iron)

                      We are finally down in the park, where this sculpture bid us farewell:

                      It has been a few years since I walked these stairs, up or down. It will probably not happen again anytime soon.
                      Up would be beyond my capabilities these days, while down is too hard on old knees.


                        I like #881/1, where the cruise ship appears to have the same silhouette as the hill behind. If these ships keep on growing so fast, they will have the same size in a couple of years...
                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          I'll have you know that "that hill behind" is my home island of Hessa and those hills were HUGE back in my VERY young days. (They were also treeless)

                          You have a point, the hills are pretty soon the same size as the visiting Cruise ships, or v.v., but they will NEVER be as square as the latest ones of the ships I have seen visiting here:


                            Did I tell you that Aalesund is a fertile place?? (At least at this time of year) Plants appears to pop up everywhere.
                            Here is an example from Brosundet:

                            Even this dumping place for surplus asphalt appears to be attractive to some weeds:

                            These plants are normally found on rocky outcrops near the sea, with not so balmy sea breezes blowing most of the time.
                            Here transplanted in middle of town, although close to the sea, with some breeze but mixed with exhaust from the ships and buses all around:


                              There are also plenty of flowers in more common settings throughout town.
                              Here is but a few examples:

                              Maybe more surprising is this wild Apple tree full of fruit growing "happily" at maybe the most polluted place in town:

                              This is next to the busiest crossing.

                              Across the road a young seagull chick is getting swimming lessons:


                                The Food Festival is in full swing in Aalesund:

                                This is an annual event, but I have never attended as I haven't been here at he right time.
                                Maybe give it a try, if the weather improves. Free Tuna caught just off the coast may be worth a visit.

                                It is combined with a Beer Festival, which makes it even more attractive