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    One bridge that don't get much mentioning is the lifting bridge between Stornespiren and Prestebrygga (also known as the Cruise Centre this time of the year)
    At least not for water born traffic:

    But good for the strays that keep ships waiting:

    Open to traffic on rear occasions during the summer:

    It saves a lot of time for those crossing South to North when open:


      If you visit Atlanterhavsparken at the right time you may gt to see this in real life:!/video/128641/m...e-paa-steinbit


        This was named as one of the best preserved "Jugendstil" villas n Aalesund:

        With this figure among the most photographed:

        But it appears to have fallen into some disrepair lately:

        The garden was always well kept before:

        At least when I delivered newspapers here some time ago. (OK, a looong time ago)


          More Jugendstil building in that same general part of town:

          This one has been featured here many times before:

          The butcher has gone, as has most traditional occupiers in the downtown area.


            But Aalesund is not only Jugendstil buildings. Across Aspegata from the the villa in #845 is this one, which is among those that survived the big fire in 1904:

            Don't ask me, I don't know why this decoration:

            At the other side of town are also some old wooden buildings that survived the fire. This is in Moloveien:

            And this is in Ystenesgata:

            Although somebody decided to put up an ultra-modern structure in the middle of the old:


              Further away from the tourist area there are several stately villas. These are found in Noerve, along Borgundveien:

              The original home of a famous actress?:

              I'm afraid not. Just an old bakery

              The red building here is purportedly the oldest building in Aalesund, from 1530s:

              The main house is an old farmhouse from somewhere in Sunnmore, moved here in the 1860s:


                Mixed in with the old Jugendstil buildings in the downtown area there are quite a few newer buildings, trying to blend in.
                Here is an example. The Heat Pump building at Blixhvalen:

                With offices and flats on top:

                And here, where the old front is kept, but everything behind is new:

                Here is NO attempt to pretend to be anything else then what it is:

                Or these new buildings at Skansekaia:


                  When you look at these buildings, you could be anywhere in the world:

                  If is wasn't for Fjellstua in the background, that is.

                  But when you see this:

                  Or this:

                  There is no mistaking the location.

                  But the end result is not too bad:


                    Noticed how the trees are leaning to the East??:

                    That should tell you something about where the prevailing wind is blowing from.

                    There are quite a lot of new flats along the waterfront on the south side of town:


                      Like I said earlier, Aalesund has more than just Jugendstil buildings. Here is some of the wild life:


                        The new "Byrampen" lookout and resting place on the steps to Fjellstua is getting a bit of use:

                        The tulips are finally fading:

                        But "Ute pilsen" at Hoffmann is still cold:


                          Ålesund 20. June 2016

                          This tower of pallets will light up to celebrate mid-summer. The fire will take place at the 25. June. The "Slinningsbålet" is a tradition in Ålesund

                          One of the heros from the heavy water sabotage at Vemork/Rjukan and Operation Gunnerside, Joachim H. Rønneberg from Ålesund.
                          He got his statue on the Rådhusplassen (City Hall Plaza)

                          The culvert under Keiser Wilhelms gate near the bus station

                          It once said Southampton where Hamilton is displayed today

                          Fjellstua framed by buildings near the bus station

                          Oh yes, we were watched...

                          A seagull streched its wings on one of the Silver Whisper ropes
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                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                            A beautifully maintained house in Kirkegata 12

                            Wonder how many millions of this motif are in albums around the world? Ålesundet as seen from Hellebrua bridge

                            Between the City Hall and First Hotel. Aeroflots A330 from Moscow to Washington DC passing at 36.000 feet

                            Tourists fill up the steps up to Aksla and Fjellstua by the numbers as the morning hours pass

                            A marble wall

                            "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                              Thank you Ombugge and Svein for these pictures of the beautiful Aalesund.


                                Slinninsbaalet is growing, but will they reach world record height of 45 m.?
                                Don't ask, watch for yourself on slow TV:

                                Is it becoming world famous??:

                                This year there are 14 extra helpers to build it:
                                One of them has been 6 years in Norway, but still waiting to hear if he will be allowed to stay here.I'm already going stir crazy doing very little for 3 months.

                                Imagine if you are forced to spend 6 years or more of your life in total limbo, not able to work, or study, just waiting for some bureaucrats to do their job?
                                No wonder they are happy to help with anything, which they are allowed to do as long as they are asked, it is organized by somebody else and they are not paid to do it.