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    Everybody have been warned that the sea level is rising because of global warming.
    Here is proof:


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      The RS building (Redningsselskapet - the Norwegian rescue vessel company) can soon have their rescue boats tie up at the front door!

    The "Super Tide" peaked in Aalesund without any drama.
    Here is a picture series to prove it:

    But somebody decided that it was a god time for a swim in Brosundet:

    PS> I served as Navigator on an American Supply boat by the name "Super Tide" back in 1970.


      Aalesund is widely known as the the most beautiful and architectonically interesting town in Norway, but is it in danger of loosing this status:

      Any opinions among the CVF members with knowledge of, or connection with, Aalesund??


        Familiar view but still special:

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          The X-Mas snow came late this year. Here is what it looked like on Boxing Day:

          But weather is changeable in Aalesund. This is what it looks like right now:

          Sumer temperature? No at 1400 hrs. today, 30.12.2015:
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            Here is a few pictures from X-Mas Day in Aalesund:

            And at Alnes:


              Situation report from Aalesund today.
              Sunrise without a cloud in the sky:

              And then the sun dived behind Sula Mountain:

              The temperature does not compete with Karasjok, but still:

              The lower display shows the temperature inside the veranda, which doubles as "stabbur":
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                Last picture: is that your office place Ombugge?

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                Stabbur = Larder, or store room for food stuff.
                My office is 10,000 km. away and in warmer climes.

              This weekend (Friday 23) it is 102 years since the big fire in Aalesund destroyed the central parts of the town.
              As usual this will be "celebrated" with a mach around to the various places in town with a special historical significance from that night. The forecast is for nice but very cold weather, but that does not stop the enthusiasts and patriots in Aalesund from attending.

              Sunnmorsposten mark the occasion by updating material issued for the 100th anniversary and have created an Apps (of cause):


                Aalesund yesterday:


                  Aalesund, winter wonder land? Nearly a meter of snow in a few days this week, then back to +8-10C later today. If that is followed by frost it could get interesting.

                  DANGER ABOVE and under foot:


                    It is end of March and the traditional Borgundfjord Cod fishery is in full swing, although nets are no longer allowed. Now the fjord are filled with boats using lines to catch big fat cods full of roe and milt.

                    Here is pictures taken from Meierikaia a few days ago:

                    A video of the activity by somebody else:

                    In daylight:


                      Aksla in bright spring sunlight:

                      The "new" steps to Fjellstua is standing out, awaiting your ascent (or decent?) on your next visit.

                      PS> That dark spot half way up is the new viewing platform called "Byrampen":
                      ​ The name also has a double meaning, at least in the local dialect. If you don't know, try look it up. (Google Translate is blank)


                        In glorious sunshine we visited Aksla to. No, not walking up the new steps but by car.

                        For those not familiar with all Aksla has to offer, other than a beautiful view from Fjellstua, here is an introduction to it's many other attractions for those who use it, some daily, come sun or shine:

                        Arriving from town by car or by foot via Fjelltun, you first get to Aksla Stadium, where the narrow road to Fjellstua starts.
                        There are also several walking tracks along the ridge, bout to the west to Fjellstua, to the east to Fagerlia and to the north to Borgerne'vei, which goes along the north side of the mountain, all the way from Byparken to Gangstovika:

                        About half way to Fjellstua you get to the first of the small water reservoirs on Aksla:

                        At Ravneskaret close by you have three options; take the track down Vannspringdalen (staring from the reservoir) to return to town, take a detour to Rundskue, situated at the highest point of Aksla, or continue on to Fjellstua:

                        If you wonder about that name, here is your answer:

                        This gully is at the steepest part of Aksla and apparently popular with ravens, as you will notice, especially at this time of the year.


                          The 0.5 Km. walk up to Rundskue is quite steep in places, but of good gravel track, with benches to rest on for those who needs it.
                          The tower at the highest point is not much visited these days, as most people just goes on to Fjellstua for the obligatory picture of Aalesund from there:

                          Maybe with a panorama thrown in:

                          Those who ventures of the tarmac is reworded by a spectacular view from this tower:

                          A gift from Norwegian Emigrants to Seattle and Vancouver for the 100th anniversary for Aalesund as a City, in 1948:

                          At the upper platform is a "bearing ring" which give the name of islands and mountains seen from here:


                            What do you get to seen when you get there? This is what: