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    The boats in the water were all wrapped up for the winter:

    Including the MK Helland:

    The exhaust pipe is covered by an old fashion sink bucket:


      This vessel has quite a history behind her:

      As has her former Owner and Skipper, Severin Roald, who sailed back and forward to Shetland with Norwegian refugees, while still living at Vigra, under the noses of the German occupiers.
      Eventually the Germans got suspicious, so they joined the Norwegian Navy at Shetland, but did more trips across with saboteurs and weapons for the resistance forces.

      Details of the Craw's nest:

      This was added on for her Whaling days:


        Long dinner break, but here we go again.

        More boats in winter lay-up:

        Some new construction could be seen since my last visit, like this large boat house:

        And this Lighthouse:

        Boats under restoration:
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          Earlier in this thread I have mentioned the merger of Aalesund and Borgund back in 1968. The museum has one of the border stones at the entrance:

          The parking lot was obviously used as a launch pad for rockets on New Years Eve:

          Why they cannot clean up their mess is beyond me.

          The main building was not open, but there are no fences or gates surrounding this Museum:

          The outdoor seating for the Cafe' is ready for the influx of visitors when the Cruise season rolls around:

          Quite a lot of local visitors walking around:

          The birds are also taken care of.


            The view of mountains to the south and Kattevaagen from the entrance to Sunnmore Museum:

            Norway's early attempt at Aquaculture was conducted in the semi-enclosed Kattevaagen in 1902.

            This "fiskevaer" (Fishing village) has been recreated on a point into "Kattavaagen":


              We took the lower road along the bay, with boat houses:

              The ducks is used to "people = food" and comes swimming to great you:

              No swans seen this time.


                A collection of "Stabbur" of various sizes is a fairly new addition:

                We start the "climb" towards Borgung Church. The road is flanked by several old buildings, brought here from all over Sunnmore:

                A view back down to Kattevaagen:


                  A small mill house:

                  Maintenance is important to preserve these old buildings:

                  A double water wheel in a very primitive "building":


                    Back via the high road, with more old houses:

                    Including some still being prepared:

                    An old single classroom schoolhouse:

                    The forest is quite dense, even in the winter:

                    A farm house:

                    The barren:


                      View of Borgundbroa from up high:

                      The main building from the back:

                      The inevitable x-mas decorations:

                      The boat houses:

                      Somebody started to build something here:


                        It will probably rather shock you to hear that I haven't been to the Sunnmore Museum!
                        YET, I hurriedly add! How anyone, on a touring holiday or cruise ship call for example, can ever believe they have "done" Ålesund in a day or even two is totally beyond my comprehension. Indeed at this time of year when media and advertising is so full of lists of "best places" in some supposed category or other and the "100 places to go before you die" kind of thing, I probably seem un-trendily not with it in my longing for and enjoyment of return visits. Well, this delightful photo-walk should surely illustrate my point of view. Moreover, I think I would especially enjoy the walk at this time of year – just look at the mood of that lower route captured in the photo sequence of #669 for example or the route to the church which follows.

                        And then of course I'd want to return at another season ...or two or three!


                          Well it's never too late, Aalesund isn't going anywhere, nor is Sunnmore Museum. Most visitors to Aalesund stay in the downtown area, or on organized tours to Atlanterhavsparken or Alnes etc.
                          I don't know if Hurtigruten offer bus trips to Sunnmore Museum, but it is not difficult to get there by regular bus service. Maybe you should take a few days to explore the lesser known places in town and the surroundings on your next visit.

                          Speaking of the Church, here is some info on Borgund Church, built around 1300, but rebuilt after a fire in 1904:
                          The church was not open for visits, but here is an external shots:

                          This can be called the Pakarang view of the west side.

                          The tower:

                          Details of the roof end carvings:

                          And a plaque on the wall:

                          I have no idea what this is, or whether it is from the original structure.


                            Another interesting building seen on our wandering yesterday was Jervellhuset:

                            Here is the view from Borgundbroa:

                            And from the opposite side:

                            A closer look:


                              Here is another building in the area that has a long and changing history.
                              It used to house More Folkehoyskole for many years, but is now occupied by Aalesund Musikkskole:

                              The tin roof kind of kill an otherwise nice old building.


                                This is the former Borgund Sparebank building:

                                Very nice architecture, which is basically unchanged since new. No longer housing any bank though.