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    By 1236 hrs. the wind had eased and the sun could almost be seen:

    The temperature was more suitable for September than December:

    As can be seen the snow limit was abt. 5-600 meters near the coast


      Remember the old Soap Factory from 1950??:

      And from 2011:

      Here is what has come in place of it in 2013:


        With it's own park and landing place in front:

        And a view to the fjord and beyond:


          This house still have not got any close neighbours:

          But the old Slinningsbua is getting a new roof to protect it from the elements:

          This one does not look like it is getting much attention:


            A treat of a "then and now" and old and new buildings ombugge. Well, I can say "then and now" with the 1950'\s soap factory picture in mind, but then doing a scroll-back to the captions of the following two photos, the changes between merely 2011 and 2013 seem so great and rapid. That's not me disliking the new architecture - indeed I can so easily envisage living in those apartments, though not the price tag! That said, the concept of that landscaped landing stage is more strikingly “wow” than the actual buildings themselves. I am perhaps rather too easily seduced by a balcony and a sea view!

            I very much like that last photo of yours of the neglected building. The word "perched" is so often used to describe a building on a hillside or cliff location, but seems very appropriate here.


              Maybe the old Manager's resident is included in the protection now granted to Slinningsbua. Anybody know??

              The latest news from Slinningsodden is that the developer wants to place a new row of "Boathouses" in front of those already in place:

              That is kind of going against the traditional purpose of a boathouse, which was to pull a boat directly to/from the sea.

              The purpose of these new boathouses are to circumvent the rule against building within 100 m. from the HW line.
              Some of them is fully equipped two story holiday homes, incl. veranda at the upper story and a glass door inside the large doors typical of a boathouse.

              The protest is thus more about loss of sea view then loss of sea access. There is no space for a boat anyway.


                From a short walk in Aalesund a couple of days ago.

                The "new Raadhus" is now ready to have pictures taken of the reflection in the new facade:

                The Guest Piers in winter lay-up:

                Pedestrian bridge across Brosundet:



                  The small "parks" on either side of the bridge to the south:

                  Monuments on either side to the north:


                    This is the statue of Harald Grytten, the Aalesund oracle:

                    As I was busy taking pictures of his statue I notice the man himself walking past, casting a glance at the statue.
                    (Presumably checking out how much bird sh*t had collected on it)
                    It must be a special feeling having a statue of yourself while you are still around.

                    The water quality looked good:

                    With a lot of small fish swimming around:

                    A Seagull had found a nice resting place:

                    But there are competition for the best places:


                      The new Bar and Bistro, aptly named MILK, was not open, but here is an external shot:

                      I'll try to visit and report on it later.

                      This view never changes:

                      Except for the boats and ships in the view.

                      I was a little too late to get a picture of a Redningsskoyte leaving, but I'm quite pleased with this one anyhow:


                        Winter wonderland, Aalesund style:

                        +10C windy and wet.

                        Even the mountains has only a light dusting of snow down to abt. 600 m.:


                          Settling in on that decking resting place ...with my breakfast coffee enjoying this look around familiar parts of Ålesund and catching up on new bistro, new statue and suchlike.

                          Got distracted ...second cup of coffee later here's a photo I took in 2004, just in case anyone else is trying to remember what used to be where that statue of Harald Grytten now stands


                            In Aalesund New Years Eve opened gray and miserable:

                            But it improved as the day progressed towards evening:

                            By midnight it was quite good condition, but if you expected a lot of pictures of fireworks you'll have to wait a while, since I did not take any.
                            Maybe I can get some form my son, if he has any that is good enough for a perfectionist to show


                              New Year Day opened fine, dry and with very light wind, although cloudy:

                              Even the mountain tops could be seen:

                              Time to get out for a walk before the rain and wind get back, as it is wont to do in Aalesund.


                                We went only for a local walk, as the weather may change very rapidly here at any time of the year.

                                What better place for a walk than the nearby Sunnmore Museum:

                                It was not open, but we did not intend to go in to any of the exhibits or the Cafe' anyhow.