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    The panorama ones come out well, even if they are not stitched together.

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      Norway's 2nd ugliest building

      From Skansekaia I noticed a very tall crane sticking up above everything:

      Are they going to build a Sky Scraper in Aalesund???

      No, it showed up that the "Raadhus" (City Hall) is getting a much needed face lift:

      Having won the "honour" of being voted the second most ugly building in Norway, it was probably time to do something. But how do you make a "brick" like this into something else?? Well, we shall see in 12 months time or so.

      PS> The "Raadhus" is the nearest to a Sky Scraper there is in Aalesund and it kind of breaks with everything else in the "Down Town" area.
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        I have spent the last couple of days exploring a bit around the town of my youth and noticed some changes and some thing that is more or less the same as 50 years ago.

        Let me start with something that NEVER change, the view of the mountains to the South, known as the "Sunnmore Alps":

        Nor to the North:

        But Valderoya start to look more and more like a suburb of Aalesund:

        Now that the underseas tunnels are free it has become a popular place to live.

        Giske is as flat as ever:

        This was the ancestral home of Rollon, the founder of Normandy and the ancestor of Wilhelm the Conqueror.

        Godoya is well know from the webcam of Aalesund Havn and Hurtigruten, when alongside in Aalesund:

        Also within easy commuting distance from Aalesund, through underseas tunnels and a bridge. Here it has got a dusting of snow.

        And the view from Skansekaia towards Steinvaags sundet:


          But there are also some new construction going on. Here is a combination of restoration and new construction:

          It looks like they will be taking care of some of the old details, including this stained glass window:

          The new part of this Condominium development are built on "stilts" over the water:

          The Cruise Terminal is also being extended to the west and outside the above development:

          Nedre Strandgate. For those who know their Aalesund history, this where the big fire of 1904 started:

          The fire spread rapidly to the east from here, but the houses across the road survived.

          This is the western limit of the fire:

          From here and to the eastern limit at Grensegata there are no wooden houses allowed to this day.

          The wooden houses on the left survived, the stone houses to the right are post 1904. My Grandfather's house was in what is now the backyard of the nearest house on the right and one of the first to go up in flames, but nobody got hurt.


            This is Prestegata, which used to have shops and cafees but not looks almost "dead":

            Only 5-10 min. walk from Hellebroa at the centre of town.

            One thing that struck me is the way the old buildings are being integrated into new development without loosing their character:

            The original C0-Op shop was in this building.

            At the other end of the same new development this building is also incorporated:

            This is known as "Skipper Foreninga" (The Skipper's Guild) I had an office in this building for a while in 1988-89.

            This building is fairly new (1980s) but the original facade was kept:

            Here is all in the old style, but modernized for use as offices, restaurants, a museum and art centre and exhibition hall:

            The old fish processing and packing houses are now hotels and restaurants and some residential :

            This is a building from somewhat later than the 1905-07 period, but is well worth a picture:

            The narrowest house in Aalesund:

            The Grand Canyon of Aalesund:


              Ålesund is indeed one of the country's most interesting and beautiful cities, as we can see from all these new images by ombugge.
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                Originally posted by pakarang View Post
                Ålesund is indeed one of the country's most interesting and beautiful cities, as we can see from all these new images by ombugge.
                Yes, Aalesund was voted the most beautiful town in Norway a few years ago.

                For us it was farewell to Aalesund for this time a few days ago.
                As a final cold venture (-5C and blowing, but clear skies all around) we made a detour up to Aksla to take some pictures before heading to the airport.

                Not shot from the traditional look-out point Fjellstua. This is the scenery as seen from "Kniven" (The Knife):

                And a final view of the "Sunnmore Alps" bathed in winter sunlight:

                North bound Hurtigruten had to be part of it:


                  From Aksla we went through the sub-sea tunnel, which is now no longer a toll road, and to Vigra Airport, where the security is among the most annoying you can find.

                  The passengers boarding the Oslo flight looks a bit chilled:

                  Our flight arrived on time:

                  And took off on time as well:

                  Last view of snowy mountains and clear skies as we banked onto the course for CPH:

                  This is how it actually looked, no straight horizon and a window full of scratches.

                  An attempt to catch a view along Hjorundfjorden, the most beautiful fjord in Norway:

                  The low sun made it a feeble attempt, but you may get an idea what it looks like in winter.

                  The clouds set in as we got to the south and east of the mountains:

                  And the sun set:

                  Next stop Copenhagen, which was supposed to be a bit acclimatizing before Singapore, but it was NOT.

                  I have some more pics from Aalesund to be posted in due time.
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                    When I was there summer before this past one, Aalesund seemed to be such a lovely city...even in the drizzle. We walked around a bit after our tour (we went to Giske and the lighthouse) and it was CHARMING. Would like to go back!!!!!


                      Originally posted by ehp View Post
                      When I was there summer before this past one, Aalesund seemed to be such a lovely city...even in the drizzle. We walked around a bit after our tour (we went to Giske and the lighthouse) and it was CHARMING. Would like to go back!!!!!
                      Drizzle??? I was not there but keeping a watching brief from afar. As far as I can remember it was positively pissing down that day!! Probably the worst summer day you could possible get, even in Aalesund.

                      To make sure Aalesund stays at page one on this forum, I'll continue with pictures from the visit last Nov. 2010.

                      In post # 276 I mentioned the western boundary of the great fire in 1904. Here is the eastern boarder:

                      Aptly called "Grensegata", since it was once the eastern limit on Aalesund "City" in the earliest days.

                      These houses were among the westernmost wooden structures to survive on Norvoya:

                      One had a milk shop. It was said that the owner used milk to douse the house to save it from the flames.

                      Another proof of the eastern limit of the fire. Wooden houses on one side of the street and stone or concrete on the other side:

                      This house in Grensegata is said to have been saved by the Owner's prayers:

                      Here is a link to the a You Tube video about this event (in Norwegian):

                      And a link to a site with the early history of Aalesund, incl. the great fire: (Also in Norwegian only)


                        Originally posted by ombugge View Post

                        Helping Ombugge to keep this thread on page 1, I would like to post a very fresh image of the maintainance/face-lift of the City Hall.

                        All the verandas on the narrow side (as seen on ombygges quoted image) was removed. And as you can see, the lovely park/outdoor-area between the City Hall and the Kremmergården shoppingcenter was totally closed.


                          I indeed love to HEAR people in the Ålesund-area speak. The dialect is music in my ear.

                          But on one of the lovely buildings in Ålesund, i realised that the local linguistic written language can be hard to understand.

                          What is written on this house (located across the street to the Kremmergården, near the post-office)


                            What is written is the name of the organisation that is the owner of the building.

                            It says: AVHOLDSHJEMMET, in english "Temperance home"

                            What the font is called, I don't know, but I think it's some kind of Gothic.

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                              Originally posted by Oistein View Post

                              It says: AVHOLDSHJEMMET.
                              Thank you very much, Øistein


                                It says: AVHOLDSHJEMMET,
                                In the 50's, 60's and into the 70's, Avholdshjemmet did service as the city's concert hall. Ålesund Symphony Orchestra (an amateur orchestra) climbed on to the cramped scene. Touring artists played and sang here, here were big meetings and all other kinds of arrangements.
                                Regards; Sigve.
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