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    Originally posted by Seagull View Post
    Ok Ombugge . . . challenge accepted . . . well some of the views anyway!
    I can see I’ll have to be running around and snapping away with almost pakarang-like determination . . .

    I’ve got out a map of Ålesund already , and will mark on the old-photo identifiable locations so that I can optimise my photo-taking route!
    Thank you for your determination and help in bringing this project forward.
    I realise that some photoes may not be easily duplicated and some of the sites may not be accessible, or even existing. But the majority is within short walking distance from most hotels in Aalesund.
    Just hoping that you have good weather and conditions for your mission.

    But I get a huge buffet breakfast at the hotel, so I should make up time with not requiring further re-fuelling stops!
    Just remember that changing tires are no longer allowed during a race.


      Originally posted by Sigve View Post
      And one picture from today, June 3; nice view from one of the harbours webcams:

      ...or maybe July 3?
      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        To Seagull:

        Not that I want to jump the que. (As a good Singaporean we don't do that), but did you manage to get some "now" pictures to my "before" in Aalesund???
        Just asking, don't rush.


          YES!!!!! I managed a few in between the excitement of the two cruise ships in port . . . just want to get a bit further sorting my Tall Ships in Kristiansand – and of course Trondheim – before giving your city the attention it deserves


            “Then and Now” Ålesund photos starting to appear in the Norway before and now - photo comparisons thread.


              Since we're in this thread....;
              Anyone know anything about the whereabouts of our friend 'TNAalesund'....?


                Not to let Aalesund fall down to page 2, here is a fresh picture of what should be a familiar motif for those who have followed this thread for a while:

                The snow limit has krept down from abt. 6-700 m. yesterday to abt. 200 m. on this picture.
                In the short time since the picture was taken, it has now reached 0.


                  A bit more of Aalesund in November weather and light. Not normally seen on post cards, or tourist brouchures.

                  From Skansekaia, looking North West:

                  Same time, same place, looking South South West:

                  Light changes all the time:

                  And the familiar motif. Snow is now on the ground all the way down to sea level:

                  A bit of a "cultural shock". It was 36C when I left Singapore on Wednesday.

                  But preparations for X-mas is under way here as well:


                    Yesterday was All Saint's Day so we visited the family graves as is tradition. (Like Ching Ming in Singapore)
                    Some tree still have their leaves and it was snowing, which made for a very speicial scenery and atmosphere:

                    My wife and one of our sons tending a family grave:


                      AAlesund like you don't normally see it

                      Everybody have seen the famous view from Fjellstua, but here is Aalesund as seen from different viewpoints:

                      The view of Aalesund I grew up with:


                        Very, very beautiful photographs, Ombugge. Thank you. More?

                        "To thine own self be true.......
                        Thou canst not then be false to any man."


                          Somebody must have been feeding this the Seagull at their veranda and they now have a regularvisitor:


                            Here is a scene that is familiar to many:

                            Taken from Hellebroa.

                            Here is a view of the bridge that is not so frequently seen:


                              Aalesund Panorama from Hessa

                              I tried to take some panorama shots of Aalesund's "skyline" as seen from where I grew up, at Hessa:

                              Viewed from North West to North East.
                              Shot in Panorama mode, but I don't have the Ops Manual with me so I'm not able to stitch it together.


                                And from a slightly different position as the sun got lower: