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Tharaburi Resort, Sukhothai, Thailand

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    Tharaburi Resort, Sukhothai, Thailand

    November 2011. I had a few days to myself before the start of a conference, and there were two things I wanted to do…places in Thailand where I wanted to go more than anywhere else in the world.
    But Thailand had endured catastrophic floods, and nothing could be certain. Any kind of advance travel plans needed to be adaptable. That was why I booked on a Bangkok Airways flight to Sukhothai …this service operates out of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi rather than the flood prone Don Muang airport that most domestic flights use.
    I had visited Sukhothai once before on an organised tour which, although travelling by road, paused overnight at a rather classy new boutique hotel close to the airport and, I think, associated with Bangkok Airways. Its only disadvantage for an independent traveller is the considerable distance from the World Heritage Site at Sukhothai Historical Park.

    So I needed to find somewhere to stay as close as possible to the historical park, which is in Old Sukhothai, a small town…well village really…12km away from the modern city of new Sukhothai where most accommodation is to be found. I had a desire to stay at some simple place with a countryside feel and local people, maybe a small guesthouse. But in a situation where travel plans could rapidly change, and where language could add to communication difficulties, it did not seem a practical proposition.

    Whether it was instinct or good luck that brought me to Tharaburi Resort I do not know, but far from being a compromise it was absolutely perfect for my needs and a peaceful retreat for what were to be such special days.

    It is actually not easy to convey what I so liked about Tharaburi. The professionally produced website rather suggests luxury, even using words like chic, trendy, boutique, Facilities and Services, even a Tour Desk…but whatever the aspirations of this 20 room hotel it delighted me for its charm, its simplicity, its ordinary everyday home-like aspects, its family-run feel and its friendliness. I could not have been happier.


    A quiet road, just off the main road between new and old Sukhothai…
    …and Thanaburi is not far along, behind the trees on the right.



      The entrance to the hotel… those bicycles can be rented. (Bikes are a popular way to go sightseeing around the temple ruins in the historical park, though I didn’t give this a go….perhaps my concept of “walking distance” is different from many people!)

      The view from inside….


        The little desk behind the central table is “reception”.
        I’m not sure if that’s the guy from the hotel on the computer …but visitors can use it, and there’s also wifi (though I can’t comment on how well that worked as I’d got a Thai sim card to keep me connected on my iPad throughout the trip).

        Looking up…



          One of the corners of the hall …well there’s is no way I’m going to use words like “lobby”

          …or sit outside.



            An arch leads to one of the two adjacent blocks of rooms. This is where my room was, behind the well tended hedge and seen here from the driveway that sets the buildings back from the road.


              I had pre-booked to be met and driven from the airport, a pleasant journey in the setting sun, and it was dark by the time I arrived at Thanaburi on the 22nd of November…St Cecilia’s Day!
              Here is photograph I took then of the “corridor” outside my room…

              Let me take you inside…

              …six real flowers placed along the bed to welcome me. The room is lovely, yet simple, and I wish you could experience the smell of the old wood as you step inside as I can when I look at these images.



                The umbrella style ceiling light.





                    It’s next morning, and I open the curtains just a little and peep out at the garden side of the room.



                      I can step out onto my little veranda to take my “hotel room view” for CaptainsVoyage!


                        Re: Tharaburi Resort, Sukhothai, Thailand

                        Wonderful pictures so far Cecilia.
                        You keep on posting there while I'll have a walk here!


                          Daylight views from outside my door at the “road” side of the building:

                          As well as the individual verandas on the “garden side”, there are seats and tables all along opposite the doors to the rooms on the “road side”.



                            This is for me a specially favourite image outside my room 302, with the soft shadows of the foliage on the wall.



                              Looking across towards my room from outside the door ways of the second block of rooms.