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    Northam Hotel in Penang claim to be All Suites:
    I got a good deal for one of their smaller Studio Suites at only SGD 105/night, so we took a short break (Tuesday / Friday) from the hustle and bustle of Singapore, but avoided the weekend crowd. Penang is a popular weekend retreat for Singaporean and people from KL. (Especially now, during School Holidays)

    The room was at 36th floor. The standard and facilities were OK, as was the service.
    Here is the sitting area:

    The sleeping area was not separated from the sitting area:

    It was separated from the bathroom only by a blind, which could not be raised, or adjusted.

    The bathroom was spacious, with a large Jacuzzi bathtub, two washbasins, separate shower and toilet cubicles:

    The surprising thing was that the wardrobe was actually inside the bathroom.

    There was another toilet near the entrance door:


      The view from the window was quite spectacular:

      But the Condo across the road blocked a bit of the view:

      External view of Northam Hotel from Northam Beach Club across the road:

      Directly across the road was this beautiful old Villa, but in a sorry state of repairs:

      Further along the beach was this old Villa, which had been preserved and used as a front for a large new block, housing Wawasan Open University:

      More about Penang, the old Villas and buildings still in existence all around the Colonial time Georgetown to be posted in the "This is Malaysia" thread later.


        The villa in image 392/4 - the one in a slightly neglected state (according to the photo) - is very beautiful in design! Lots of really cute detail, and I especially like the glass(?) covered patio on the back.
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          Yesterday we checked into our river boat, Avalon Vista in Nuremberg. There was only one boat, a Viking a ways down the dock. This morning there were 13. A couple were even rafted-up as there was no more dock space on either side of the canal. I knew summer river cruising had exploded but I had no idea there would be so many boats active in winter.'

          Oh, my room view... It's a bus. Our cabin is on the shore side.


            Finally, we dock and get a water view. This morning I pulled back the curtains Wertheim and this was my view... a brewery. I think it's a sign.

            Later we are going to Miltenberg and I hope to get to the Faust brewery.


              180 degr. panorama view from the veranda outside my room at he Billion Waterfront Hotel in Labuan FT, East Malaysia:

              Blow it up a bit to see better the boats at anchor in Victoria Harbour.


                The hotel has only recently added "Billion" to the name.
                Here is a picture of the main building, with "The Waterfront" on the tower:

                This wing contains only rooms and does not have the same clear view of harbour as the rooms in the main building:

                The Waterfront seen from the anchorage:

                I did not take any pictures of the room, which was fairly standard.
                I have stayed here many times before, so there may be some earlier pictures from the rooms of this hotel somewhere on this thread.
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                  As some may have noticed we have spent X-mas and New Year in Malaysia again this year.
                  We did not stay in actual hotels, but not to create a separate thread I choose to show our abodes in this thread.

                  We spent X-mas in a short-term rented condo in Penang. No pictures from the flat, but is was a 3-bedroom unit with fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, TV, WiFi etc. A little worn, but OK for a short stay. In fact we ended up spending a bit longer than planned. We were supposed to spend some days on the East coast, but due to the flooding we had to cancel that part.

                  Here is the view from our apartment on the 7th floor of Desa Pelangi Condo, Penang:

                  More in the "This is Malaysia" thread.

                  We spent New Year in a newly renovated Town House in Malacca, which was a lot more interesting. (Not the view, but the house)
                  It was a typical Chinese style Town House from 1916:

                  Fairly narrow front, but compensating for that with a deep interior:


                    Let me give you a guided tour of the premises. The facade towards the street:

                    The front entrance:

                    With stained glass windows in the door and on either side:

                    The front door from the inside:


                      The stairs to the upstairs bedrooms was rather steep:

                      View back to the large Sitting Room:

                      An old Sawing Machine served no purpose, other than as decoration:

                      Some decorative items in a shelf and a flat screen TV on a chest of drawers in the sitting room:


                        Pictures from old Malacca in recesses and with spotlights:

                        The ceiling lights were old converted kerosene lamps. (Fakes?):

                        The Kitchenette:

                        Coffee shop next door and restaurants all around. No hardship.

                        The Dining room:

                        An interesting stay in a comfortable old house, which I can recommend to any CVF member who visit Malacca in the future.


                          Finally we spent a couple of nights in a dingy little hotel in Ulu Tiram, Johor to visit long term friends and eat at our favourit restaurant near there. (More on that in the Food thread)
                          A step or two down from what we had become accustomed to:

                          View from our window:

                          That ends the "hotel review" from this trip.


                            Not exactly a Hotel Room View, but the view from the porthole of my cabin on board the VLCC Antarctica at Eastern Anchorage, Singapore:


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                              I'm searching the web for passenger travel on commercial ships.

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                              From where to where, or in general??

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                              This should be a useful site for your search:

                              PS> There are max. 12 Pax allowed on board most freighters. (But you may be alone)
                              Not cheap, but different.

                            This hotel view has been shown before (Post #325), but from a different angle:

                            A small wading pool for kids:

                            With a very good advise: