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    Very nice! And such great photos! Can't wait for your continuation of the trip itself.
    Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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      Patience Ralf, patience!!!!!!!

    Clarion Hotel and Congress, Trondheim

    19-21 June 2013
    Room 820

    Another month, another country …and another ‘designer hotel’ – and all this in a year in which I’ve considered my globetrotting to be considerably curtailed! It was primarily a shipspotting trip. Whilst it would have been wonderful to have been on the cruise, I had made a sudden decision to head for Trondheim to at least witness Serenissima’s first visit “home” to the Trondheimsfjord. Thus in deciding between hotels, it was clearly the perfect circumstance to be close to the cruise terminal, and thus the perfect opportunity to see inside the new Clarion Hotel and Congress at Brattøra.

    Needless to say, this had been in my mind since being inspired by pakarang’s stunning photos of the exterior. Well, I took a LOT of photos! …and the place for them will surely be the individual thread for this hotel created by pakarang. So that’s to follow, and for now, here, I’m just going to post a photo of my room and the actual view from my window.

    But that simple sounding aim is actually a bit more challenging than it sounds!


      For as you’ve seen in pakarang’s thread, the windows from outside look a little bit as if the builders had forgotten to remove a protective plastic wrapping.
      And from inside you might find your camera isn’t focusing on the view at all.

      That’s a nice enough photo of the flower arrangement but not the view, but try again and the next view attempt might turn out like this:-


        In the end I found the best solution was to stick to shipspotting and zoom in at an appropriate time – so here is my hotel room ferry Tresfjord view!


          Thon Hotel, Tromsø

          24-25 June 2013
          Room 531

          There are two Thon hotels in the centre of Tromsø, more or less opposite each other in the same street. Thon Hotel Polar, at Grønnegata 45, is a Thon ‘Budget’ hotel – “Smart, simple and modern hotels offering you affordable accommodation” – while across the road at Grønnegata 50, the Thon Hotel Tromsø is classed in the ‘City’ category, slightly more geared to the business traveller, though not to the same extent as Thon’s ‘Conference’ hotel category.

          Having splurged on my Trondheim accommodation, I was geared to go budget in Tromsø, but given the availability at the time I booked, it was actually cheaper to go for the City category.

          My room was at the rear of the building and so looked out onto the street parallel to Grønnegata, which is called Vestregata.

          I am not a person who considers a large room essential in a hotel, as seems to be American taste –though it is far from unusual to find myself staying in a hotel room that is actually larger than my one room apartment in Edinburgh! Not here however, and while perfectly adequate for single person occupancy it would have been cramped for two staying several nights.


            Here I am standing with my back to the door, the bathroom is to my right, and you can see the open wardrobe space, and the fridge minbar. Had there been a two-person sized suitcase placed on the folding rack, one person would have to scramble over the other bed to get to the bed at the window side.
            An extra shelf or two would have been handy in that space above the mini-bar, for the top high shelves already contained spare pillows and blankets.

            Looking in the opposite direction there is a narrow desk next to the bed.


              The room proved adequate for my stay of two nights. Downstairs at reception there is a small lounge with complimentary tea and coffee making facilities – if one can work out how the machine functions! In this view you might be able to make out two open drawers containing an array of different tea and coffee blends.

              The view looking back towards reception.

              Across at the other hotel, I think breakfast may be obtained at the adjoining branch of an Egon restaurant, but here at the City category hotel there is a large breakfast room offering a sumptuous buffet which is quite the equal of many of the larger and grander hotels in town. Moreover breakfast was included in the room rate. I felt set up for the day without need of lunch, free to explore, discover and photograph.


                Cecilia - you're the master of hotels!


                  I thought about how funny it could be to have a hotel chain with Cecilia appartements all over the world. I would like that, especially the complete kitchen in it!!
                  Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                    I certainly agree with Tommi: you are a master at capturing hotels!

                    These are the best hotel photographs I've seen in a very long time.
                    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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                      I have a convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The convention center and hotel are located inland about three blocks from the beach which did not seem like much fun so I checked elsewhere. For less than half the convention hotel price (it's the off season) I got a one bedroom suite on the ocean. This is my view from the 17th floor:


                        That was the right decision! And i bet it is good to stay off the convention folks after the official part. I am no friend of all these small talk coktail parties with lots of people telling stories of their wonderful life. Much better to watch the sea!
                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          When browsing this thread, it seems that some of you great CV-friends have seen and visited ALL hotels in the world. I am absolutely NOT one of those. But sometimes I have to stay in a hotel due to my work. Last weekend of october I shared a hotelroom with 3 handicapped boys. And this time I was very lucky with the choise of hotel. It was not actually the hotelstandard that was so great. But the view from my hotelroom-window.

                          This image is taken by a mobile-phone inside my room nr 314 Thon Hotel Brygga in Tønsberg (Norway)., What a perfect view. Right down to a vetaran steamship (D/S KYSTEN)

                          The mirror-reflection in this image was not ment to be like that. But it came up with a fun effect. So I post it here. This is litterally a hotel-room view........


                            Oh Martin that is an absolutely perfect view! Now all I need is an excuse to go to to Tønsberg!


                              This is the view from my room at Resort World Awana in Kijal, Terengganu darul Iman, Malaysia:

                              A closer look at the pool area:

                              And the Beach Bar, called Oasis Hut:

                              A view of the beach through the trees:

                              The first hole on the back nine at the golf course, which is the main attraction here: