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Kristiansund Airport - Kvernberget

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    Am I totally geeky, but I notice two things in those images:

    1) Is there a long rectangular window in the second shot?

    2) The propeller blades looks quite long, I guess the blades would be close to 2 meters?

    ... and naturally, I notice the (much) young(er) Sterkoder!
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      Many had been converted for executive transport before purpose built executive aircraft came into existance.

      At airshows I always look at the propellers. How long, how wide and their pitch. It gives you a good idea how much power the engine produces. When you think about it 2'000 horsepower has to go somewhere. Half goes into beating the air into submission and the other half makes a wonderfull sound.
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        I don't know the exact diameter of the propeller, but here's the story behind the rectangular windows, which is on both sides. In addition, on starboard side there's also the passenger door to the cabin.

        Quote from SHFs web-pages:

        The Scandinavian Historic Flight A-26B, N-167B "Sugarland Express", was built in 1944 as a trainer version with dual controls. It served with the U.S. Air Force as a trainer and never saw combat. After its military career it was converted to a "monarch 26" fast executive transport. This involved fitting a new rear wing spar to accommodate a cabin. It still has this interior, but on the outside it is restored to the looks of the U.S. 9th Air Force in WWII in Europe. The aircraft was acquired by SHF in 1986, and after a major restoration involving, among other things, extensive work to give the aircraft its military looks back, it was flown across the Atlantic to Norway in 1988. Since then, the lnvader has flown in many airshows all over Europe and serves as a fast crew transport for SHF.


          Would Kevenberg be close to Klevberg???? I know, not even close!

          Great shots, Sven.


            Kvernberg: Airport in Kristiansund
            Klevberg (Or as it also say on maps Kleberg): Farm in Geiranger (as you know)

            Google Kristiansund and Geiranger, pour yourself a good cup of coffee, enjoy and look forward to your vacation...
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              This Antonov An-26B visited Kvernberget today. It came from Paris with two brand new engines to one of the Aerospatiale SuperPumas of CHC Helicopter and brought two old ones with it back when it took off

              And after I landed and taxied to my hangar, 330 sqn. with callsign "Savior 40" came in and made a hot refuel before flying on...

              A hot refuel means the airport firedept. has to be ready in one of their trucks in front of the helicopter


                Sterkoder I am glad to hear you are still flying. I have not really flow since I sold my plane. I am getting tired of riding in the back of commercial planes.


                  Flying is so expencive here in Norway that my flying goes one year at a time..., or rather two, as that is how long a PPL is valid when you're between 40 and 50 years old.
                  Before each renewal, I'm going "shall - shall not". If I knew then (when I started flying) what I know now...., I would've educated myself to fly around in microplanes or a not too expencive homebuilt.

                  Then again, flying is in my blood, I'm newly elected leader in our local aeroclub and above all I've used so much money over the years that I belive I will have my PPL as long as I possibly can.

                  16th May I went flying on my own for the first time since August 2008. I'm more sure than ever: flying is like cycling; you never forget!


                    Today we've had more or less of a fighter meet here at Kvernberget, with numerous F-16 Fighting Falcon's and a handful of F-15 Strike Eagle's.
                    I heared that a foreign squadron (possibly USAF) visited RNoAF 338 sqn. at Ørland and that the RNoAF pilots flew around with the USAF ones to make them familiarize with the norwegian airspace.
                    Did not get pictures though, because I was at work....

                    But, this afternoon, we also had a Bombardier BD-100 business jet reg. N448AS here at Kvernberget. They continued to Ålesund at 5:00 PM as flight UNI123.
                    Don't know who used the plane or what it/they did here...., but the plane is owned by Wells Fargo Bank Northwest in Salt Lake City, Utah.

                    Here's a picture I took a few hours back of the model 2004 aircraft

                    BAe Jetstream 31 from the swedish Direktflyg. They are charted on a regular basis to fly StatoilHydro employees between Kristiansund and Trondheim

                    Photos: ©S. Ludvigsen
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                      A civilian Orion, the Lockheed Electra, is not something we see every day here in Kristiansund.
                      This one came as a surprice to me when sitting in my office working on som papers. I just took a quick look out the window and saw black smoke far out on the final to runway 07.
                      I rushed to my locker and grabed my bag to get my camera, rushed back to open a window and turn the camera on.
                      Just got these pictures in the nick of time
                      The Electra belongs to the new company growing from the remains of the Air Atlantique. They were often here at Kvernberget before, flying parts to the oil industry with their DC-3s and DC-6s This is the most interesting aircraft Atlantic Airlines can present today....

                      "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                        Very cool. I do not think I have ever seen a Electra in person. I will have to keep my eye out when I head to Central America later this summer. I bet there might be one sitting on the tarmac down there.


                          Kvernberget airport had a visit today of a BAe 146 AVRO RJ-100 from Atlantic Airways. It flew in from Faeroe Islands before noon and returned around 2:00PM. Don't know what it did here though...

                          Then a couple of Sikorsky S-92 flew out to different oilrigs

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                            You get a lot of activity in Kristiansund. Much more than I would expect for a town that size.


                              Yeah, I guess you could say that
                              You know, there are much more activity than I'm able to inform about. I'm out hunting down boats and ships....
                              But seriously, there are lot's of flights in and out of Kvernberget, and in terms of movement we are the largest airport in the county with about 8.000 a month.
                              The key words of course are OIL and GAS.
                              "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                                I was so inspired by Jan-Olavs close-up picture of a passing Boeing 737 at Trondheim Airport, that I felt I wanted to look into my albums and see if I got something similar.
                                I had two close-ups of a Boeing 737, so old that it's in fact of a Braathens SAFE one, at Kvernberget Airport in Kristiansund. No pilots here though, as it's parked at Stand #1 for a later take-off.

                                Picture taken from the ground level

                                Next one taken a little higher

                                Then a different 737 from Braathens at Stand #1 (Wonder what goes through the mind of that captain sitting in the stairs reading a bricklike manual: "Holy...., what was THAT button again!!???!!?" )

                                Finally, as a memory of much better weather and summertime, a Tarom Boeing 737 on a charter to Romania....

                                ....spotted here by its own captain

                                (Taking the picture from there, he will get the sign with the airport- and city name in the background of his airplane, so I guess that's why he did it).
                                "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"