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Veteran vessel Hansteen of Trondhjem

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    Now the local folk onshore start to go onboard the ship. As you know, I had unforgettably been welcomed aboard the previous evening. So for now I enjoy my vantage point on the pier for taking photos.

    2018-08-04-1012-21 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    2018-08-04-1009-38 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    It was the shawls and the sunshade that I focussed on... but they so deserved such an appreciative and "welcome onboard" smile as this.

    2018-08-04-1012-32 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    Wonderful conversations…

    2018-08-04-1015-45 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    Learning about the history and the ship...

    2018-08-04-1017-45 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    ...and I was glad to see that Captain had a moment or two to meet up with his relatives (the selfie seems to be approved!)


      2018-08-04-1019-12 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      2018-08-04-1022-23 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      Chief Engineer who was just one of this wonderful amazing crew who I briefly met during these days.

      2018-08-04-1022-30-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      2018-08-04-1025-00 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      2018-08-04-1025-46-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      2018-08-04-1026-19 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      Another great 'period' photo.
      He would have noticed me taking photos from the pier by now, and wanted to help me onboard.


        2018-08-04-1029-59 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

        Here's a detail I hadn't photographed earlier!

        2018-08-04-1033-31 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

        Conversations and photos from a different angle.

        2018-08-04-1034-37 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

        2018-08-04-1036-10 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


          2018-08-04-1035-14 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

          I love Ytterøy

          2018-08-04-1045-39 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

          It's time for a late lunch as I post these memories, just as it was on the island. I wish that right now I had such delicious fish soup and refreshing drink as was available for all the visitors at Jøstadsjøen Dampskibskai!

          I had made it here to see DSD Hansteen arrive, and I would stay to see her depart! More to follow!...


            A view from my lunchtime table shows a snapshot of the happy comings and goings and activity. I watched a group setting out on a local nature trail, and I think there may have been a small bus tour elsewhere on the island, possibly in conjunction with returning anyone from Levanger who had come on a single leg on the boat and were returning on the 14:35 ferry. (I had, needless to say, absolutely no intention of catching that ferry from Hokstad when SDS Hansteen's departure from Jørstadsjøen Dampskibskai was at 14:30! There were later ferries from 16:10. onwards and with several train connections back to Trondheim too.)

            2018-08-04-1104-34 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

            2018-08-04-1107-26 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


              2018-08-04-1107-44 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

              I do believe that the crouching figure to the right of the yellow buildings might be Captain, possibly inspecting his drone! I might have investigated, but in popping back inside the cafe to get another cup of that yummy refreshing drink I got talking again to the wonderful welcoming local ladies. They had been so delighted to hear that I had come to Norway specifically to follow SDS Harsteen's adventures, and had found my way to Ytterøy, that they were very keen I sign their visitors' book, especially putting I was from Scotland!

              2018-08-04-1127-08 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

              So there is a bit of a gap before my next photos, by which time Captain was on the pier, drone in hand, and I think talking to someone about photography! I had been trying to be unobtrusive all day, and for sure by this time my taking turn for a few words - a triumphantly cheerful "Plan B worked!" - was clearly superfluous! Actually it was Plan C: "proceed directly to the ferry in Levanger". (B was if I'd gone to the ship, found it was full, but hung around to wave them off!)

              2018-08-04-1132-01 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

              Captain seemed to have been amazed that I'd got to the steamship quay before him! - "Walked from Hokstad" I replied, ..."lovely day! ONLY 4km or so!" He still seemed incredulous ...and thinking about all his recent posts on YouTube I replied with a "so what's the big deal ... YOU walk!" and a giggle.

              But the reason I'd really had to catch a moment with him was because I wanted to see the drone. After all it has become his C-gull (or Seagullwings, so it's kind of personal! He was aiming at getting a shot from each place the ship called, but as the ship has no electricity, charging took a bit of planning. It does make you think about how quickly we have become dependent on our own technology ...and how we are kind of vulnerable as a result. So much change within a generation or so. I think such thoughts underlie the admiration I have for the enthusiastic volunteers in endeavours like restoring SDS Harseen, passing on their skills and knowledge. The volunteers at places like Jørstadsjøen Dampskibskai also, ensuring the maritime and local history is not forgotten.

              2018-08-04-1156-10 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

              2018-08-04-1156-44 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                2018-08-04-1218-47 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                It was nearing time for departure, and the ship's bell was sounded.

                2018-08-04-1223-48 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                2018-08-04-1224-51 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                Everyone started boarding the ship or gathering on the pier.

                2018-08-04-1226-15 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                  2018-08-04-1227-50-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  Happy Captain!

                  2018-08-04-1226-40 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                    2018-08-04-1228-03-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                    Two captains, two generations expression in every situation.
                    2018-08-04-1228-43-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                    2018-08-04-1230-40 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                    ...and a great captain leads and inspires a great crew ...attention to every detail


                      And so SDS Hansteen was once again ready to depart

                      2018-08-04-1231-08-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                      2018-08-04-1231-36-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                      2018-08-04-1232-13 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                      2018-08-04-1232-19 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                        It had been a perfect day, which I'll finish with a photo which I already know our Captain is delighted with!

                        2018-08-04-1231-17-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                          What a fantastic report from the life of Hansteen, and our captain. Don't know if I have more to say about that, as I just enjoy your pictures and kind of indulge (is that the correct word?) in JOs happiness
                          "IF GOD COULD MAKE ANGELS...., WHY IN HELL MAKE MAN?"


                            Thank you very much to both of you, Sterkoder and Lady C, but especially for taking so many truly wonderful memories from those days.

                            Thattrip was truly magical in every sense of the word - despite extremely long days on my feet and changing weather. Tried my best to keep up appearance and keep on smiling - thankfully, it's easy to smile. LOL.

                            Seeing your images is like seeing it from a VERY DIFFERENT perspective and makes these days more complete - seeing it from shore, from the dock. It adds a lot of value to my own experience.

                            Thank you so much for all of these. Thank you.
                            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                            Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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                            Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                              Here is an article (in Norwegian) about Hansteen finally puffing steam through her funnel again:


                              Google translate actually translated this article quote nicely, with the exception of some minor parts.

                              Etter fire år med restaurering, ny driftsmodell og nøye planlegging, kunne endelig det historiske og unike seildampskipet DS "Hansteen" idag legge ut på en ny eventyrlig seilas med publikum ombord.
                              With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                              Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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                              Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                                There is also a video in that article in previous post, uploaded to

                                With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                                Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                                Main page:

                                Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.