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Veteran vessel Hansteen of Trondhjem

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    2018-08-03-1738-56-e by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    2018-08-03-1745-24 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    Thank you so much, so very very much Captain. (That sounds so inadequate, but I'll say it anyway.)

    2018-08-03-1746-46 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    2018-08-03-1803-13 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    2018-08-03-1806-33 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    I had just taken those evening photos when I saw the Ytterøy ferry leaving…

    2018-08-03-1808-04-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr

    ...and then a final look back to the ship before I made my way to the railway station and returned to Trondheim.

    Note: these are the complete set of photos for Day 1 - no extras on Flickr for this day.


      I like all these pictures of Hansteen and our captain, but I must say I like #19/3 just a bit more than the others. Why? Just look at our captain up on the bridge there, arms crossed, gold buttons on that dark blue pea jacket (losjakke). I have a vision of capt. Richard With like that, when taking DS Vesteraalen to sea for the first time


        Ohhh... thank you so very much for sharing these wonderful photos... they will remain an integral part of my memories of those wonderful 3 (4) days. It's kind of strange seeing these images, the memories are so clear but from that point of view, they are also so different.... kind of thinking "so that's what it looked like from shoreside"....

        The experience was wonderful, in every possible respect of the word.

        Thank you Sterkoder for dropping by and for sharing your comments. That makes me so happy too. And yes, I did very often think of Captain With and all his colleagues. Navigating Hansteen is just what they would have done: outdoor navigation throughout the whole journey. Tiring indeed, and you really need warm clothes too! I'm so pleased, honoured and happy to have experienced this... hopefully, there will be many more such trips in the future on Hansteen too.
        With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        • Sterkoder
          Sterkoder commented
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          My pleasure indeed :-)
          You know, on the finest vessels they are all out-door navigating; as for example on board the Royal Yacht NORGE, D/S SKIBLADNER, and of course the HANSTEEN ;-)

        That seems to be a very special vessel indeed. Especially the interiour seems to be a genuine experience. Thank you for sharing Seagull!


          HAHAHAHA.... Hansteen in the same group as the Royal Yacht Norge!

          The common factor for those two is off course, they have both carried royalties and have been /are royal yachts at some point.

          Indeed a genuine experience to sail on her, and even more so being in charge of her safe passage. So glad and honoured I got the chance to experience that in my life too.

          Thanks for dropping by, guys!
          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

          Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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          Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


            Even though I'm impossibly occupied with other issues at the moment, just flinging all the photos on Flickr isn't so straightforward as I supposed, and, although wanting Captain to have access to all the photos as soon as possible as promised, I realise that I have drifted ever so slightly into 'trip report mode' here on the forum!

            Anyway the perfect example of the benefit of taking a little more time and care is the photo (#19/3) that Sterkoder picked out as favourite. Astonishingly, the photo as taken nearly didn't even make it to the 'extras on Flickr' category to begin with! Then I realised I needed something taken between the earlier view locations and the more 'in the country' views at the end of the channel. I'd liked the colours of the buildings in the background, but it isn't always possible to quickly compose a photo as one would wish, even with a zoom lens, when there's a moving ship that one is trying to keep up with without stumbling over obstacles or splashing through puddles on an increasingly narrow quay, and struggling to keep the increasing rain off the camera lens! But I found the image I wanted when I experimented with an enlargement and it is that chosen enlargement that is what I finally posted to Flickr and here on the forum. The contrast of the modern building in the background and the Richard With -like archetypal pose of our Captain brings a sudden rush of realisation of the 152 years of maritime history. Absolutely a favourite!

            I have so many images of Day 2 that I'd better post bit by bit...


              SDS Hansteen’s voyage Day 2 - Saturday 4th August 2018

              Next day I took the earliest train on a Saturday for Levanger, which I had already booked as it was the busy regional train that continues all the way to Bodø.
              As I walked from the now familiar surroundings of the station in Levanger and along towards the ferry quay I still had no definite plan for the day! Just the info for enabling a number of possibilities - a wonderful feeling of spontaneity and freedom. On reaching the ferry I followed my instincts and boarded it.

              There was an underlying logic to the choice! Had I continued to where Hansteen was moored (somewhat farther than it looks in the telephoto pictures) and found the tourist board lady, only to discover the ship was fully booked, I would hardly have had time to scamper back to the ferry for its 10 o’clock departure ...and on a Saturday there isn't another ferry to Ytterøy for another two hours.

              2018-08-04-0730-43 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

              I enjoyed taking some photos of the ferry and watching cars and cyclists boarding (the only disappointment being that the coffee machine had a notice apologising that it wasn't working!). Then at exactly 10 o'clock, I was strategically outside and ready to take some photos. SDS Hansteen was also scheduled to depart at 10, but I was sure the ferry would go first.

              2018-08-04-0804-21 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

              2018-08-04-0804-45 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                2018-08-04-0804-55 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                This is the moment when everyone aboard Hansteen was looking up at the ferry, which is named Ytterøy, the same as its destination. You can see a photo (#31/5) of it close to Hansteen that I posted for the evening of Day1.

                2018-08-04-0805-05 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                  2018-08-04-0805-21 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  2018-08-04-0805-29 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  2018-08-04-0805-34 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  Once past, the ferry speeded up as it turned the corner, and I could just see that Hansteen was now also leaving, before I went inside and followed her progress by AIS.

                  (Coming next …with a LOT of photos …my happy adventures on the island of Ytterøy).


                    hahahaha... so wonderful to see it documented like this. To be truly honest, we were a bit at a loss when it comes to our departure. There was an outbound current we had to turn the Hansteen up against, and knowing her truly poor manoeuvring characteristics, this was a great challenge. The floating dock we are using is also not of the very best quality either.

                    After som reasoning, I decided that we should turn the stern out by running into the forward spring line (bow towards the dock), and have a local boat help us turn the stern into the current. This way, we would protect the rudder and the propeller from coming in contact with the floating dock or it's anchoring to the bottom. The boat we got to do the towing was exactly strong enough, and absolutely no more than that, so it was a few minutes where we thought this wouldn't work - luckily, we made it around and set sail for Ytterøy.
                    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                    Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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                    Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


                      Thank you for that pakarang {nod). It was clear (binoculars from my vantage point on the ferry!) to see options were being discussed. I got some feeling for the challenges, admired your seamanship, leadership and the teamwork of all involved - and was able to get a glimpse of your manoeuvres after the ferry had passed, as well as indirectly on AIS right afterwards

                      I so appreciate your feedback, and how we are exchanging our 'viewpoints' of this voyage back and forth as I post here on the forum.

                      But now Captain, we are reaching some more memorable moments of my trip, with a LOT of sightings of you!!!! …are you ready for this?


                        The ferry from Lovanger to the island goes to Hokstad, which is some 4km or so from the historic Jøstadsjøen Dampskibskai where SDS Hansteen had been advertised to arrive at 11:30.
                        In the rushed day or two before leaving for Norway, I had managed after some effort to find the exact location. Then the easy bit was taking a look at the road route on Google StreetView Although there isn't a pedestrian/cycle lane, there isn't much car traffic on the island, which is why it is actually a popular place for summer cycling trips (as indeed was apparent from several families and groups on the ferry).

                        The weather was perfect for walking - increasingly sunny periods, pleasantly warm but not too hot - and I hugely enjoyed myself. Reaching a turning to a small boat harbour I went down to enjoy the view and to take a photo of the old pier. I couldn't see Hansteen anywhere, but there was activity on the pier, and notices about refreshments and indicating a path through the trees to reach it directly without returning to the road and turning off farther along.

                        2018-08-04-0936-57 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                        2018-08-04-0938-24 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                        The time was twenty to twelve. I got out my iPad to check MarineTraffic and saw that the approaching Hansteen would shortly be coming into view! Talk about excited! My Plan B had not only worked but exceeded all expectations! I had reached Jøstadsjøen Dampskibskai before the ship and was about to see her arrive!


                          My first (telephoto) picture:

                          2018-08-04-0946-28 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          As SDS Hansteen approached, the band started to play

                          2018-08-04-0949-53 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          2018-08-04-0947-56 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          2018-08-04-0948-21 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          Many of the local people were dressed to evoke the period of around 1930 and the life on the quay. It was a delight and a great atmosphere.

                          2018-08-04-0950-37 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                            2018-08-04-0951-12-e by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                            My favourite photo of the happy guests enjoying their trip.

                            2018-08-04-0952-07 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                            2018-08-04-0952-48 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                              2018-08-04-0955-00 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              A great one of the children, evoking memories of times past.

                              2018-08-04-0953-18 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              Attending to the mooring of the boat.

                              2018-08-04-1001-13 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              So now the boat is secured, the gangway is in place, and the guests are starting to go ashore - the Captain ever-attentive to their every need, whether it be a photo-opportunity...

                              2018-08-04-1001-26 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              ...or a helping hand on the steps.

                              2018-08-04-1002-12 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              2018-08-04-1002-42 by LadyCgull, on Flickr