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Veteran vessel Hansteen of Trondhjem

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    What a great series of photographs from Trondheim! I enjoy them a lot, thank you Cecilia


      2018-08-02-1133-23 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      SDS Hansteen pulls away from the quay assisted by the port boat, and will turn around ready to proceed west towards Skansen.

      2018-08-02-1134-33-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      2018-08-02-1134-45-e by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      2018-08-02-1134-50-e by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      A favourite view needless to say! - and before you comment that the flag and funnel are not exactly in line, that is on purpose in order to not eclipse Captain!

      2018-08-02-1134-58 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

      You can see the blue and red port boat in this photo.

      2018-08-02-1135-06 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


        2018-08-02-1139-11-w by LadyCgull, on Flickr

        I had decided to walk along Vestre Kanalkai, and try to keep up with Hansteen. Here she is passing Ravnkloa.

        2018-08-02-1143-18 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

        I'd put this one in the "extra photos" on Flickr, but then thought Captain would appreciate a reminder of the passing canoes he'd had to avoid!

        2018-08-02-1145-28 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

        2018-08-02-1148-06-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr


          At this point it had started to rain again and I had the extra challenge of keeping my camera lens dry, as well as quickly heading for gaps between the various vessels moored along the quay that would allow a good view of Hansteen. Here's such a photo, which is also showing the full height of the masts.

          2018-08-02-1148-17 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

          2018-08-02-1148-50 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

          2018-08-02-1151-34-e by LadyCgull, on Flickr

          A little farther along I thought the colours of the buildings would make an interesting background, and waited for the ship to catch up with me.

          2018-08-02-1154-00 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

          And so I finally I near the end of the path and watch the ship as she approaches the bend at the Skansen railway bridge at the end of the channel. Once beyond the railway and the lighthouse at the small boat harbour, Hansteen would be heading back towards the harbour at Brattøra.

          2018-08-02-1154-54-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

          For this day, here was my last glimpse of her through the birch trees.



            Off course, I love these collections of image that you captured of my first ever command of a veteran vessel - and not any kind of vessel - this one is 152 years old, built at Nylkands Mekaniske back in 1866! Pretty impressive... this was the start of a handful of fairytale days sailing in the fjord to destinations afar.

            Thank you so very much for sharing these images!
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

            Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
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            Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


              ...and these are what I think of as "Day 0" Captain! Day 1 now my top priority...


                It's funny seeing myself from ashore because this adds a different level to my own personal experience of things.

                Glad I smiled in those images though - I do not look good when in a serious mood. Got to smile more!
                With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

                Administrator and Owner of CaptainsVoyage.
                Main page:

                Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.


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                  Umm... I'm sure I've seen some very good and wonderful images you've taken of yourself in serious or thoughtful mode!
                  Anyway, surely a Captain needs some gravitas occasionally in appropriate circumstances.

                  I especially like the sequence of photos in #13/2, 3, and 4 in which a conversation appears to shift to less serious matters!

                This is a poster advertising SDS Hansteen’s 3-day “Adventurous sailing” on the Trondheim fjord.

                2018-08-05-0754-33-c by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                As you see, from the guest point of view the trip is organised by the tourist board "Visit Innherred" who dealt with all the bookings, and liaison with the various local organisations at the ports of call.
                As there is of course no guest accommodation on board the ship, the tourist board arranged various 'packages' with overnight accommodation and dining and activities as required, within an array of options of whole trip, individual days, or even a single leg if on the day the ship was not fully booked.

                Day 1, Trondheim - Levanger, was already sold out when I first read about the trip on Jan-Olav’s blog. I can now completely understand why this would be a popular day trip for Trondheim folk, as there is a excellent train service back from Levanger late into the evening. Day 3 was perhaps the least popular for day trippers as, being on a Sunday, there are fewer connecting public transport options.

                Some of you might be wondering if I wish I could have been onboard for the whole trip, but perhaps surprisingly I think not on this occasion. It was a very typical kind of Scandinavian summer arrangement and, even with more time, I'd have found it challenging to translate the detail, book, and even pay for if direct bank transfer was the only option.

                And once knowing about our Captain's command, I wouldn't have wanted to intrude or get in the way - but I wouldn't have wanted to miss such a big deal for him as this either! (...even though staying an extra few days for another one defeated me).

                So instead I became a kind of Hansteen groupie, 'stalking' the ship and popping up unexpectedly here and there!
                There are precedents for this - remembering those heady spontaneous November days dashing around Norway to catch Korsfjord‘s arrival from Poland, and on another occasion to witness Serenissima's first return to the city of her birth. It was only later that I got to sail on either! Actually many of you that have taken a cruise holiday and who like taking photos know the feeling of having missed out on those shots of their ship sailing off into to distance.

                And that is exactly how my Day 1 was to begin...


                  SDS Hansteen’s voyage Day 1 - Friday 3rd August 2018
                  Trondheim - Levanger

                  From the quickest of conversations with Captain the day before, I knew that the departure point of this magical voyage would be from Brattøra, but I had another location in mind for seeing her off. It would also keep me out of the way for a while, in contrast to the previous day hanging out on Fosenkaia! - although it delights me to read, in his post above, of Captain's pleasure in seeing so much of himself at work and from ashore in my 'Day 0' photos.

                  Following the links in the website to details of the trip, there had originally been mention of Ladehammerkaia, Kai 56, more of a restricted port kind of area and certainly not as convenient and attractive as Brattøra, but it had given me the idea of going in that direction to Ormen Langes vei and the start of the Ladestien walking path, from where I couldn't possibly miss seeing the ship head out into the fjord, albeit at some distance away though that could be turned to an advantage. I had even briefly considered the notion of attempting to photograph the ship plus Munkholmen through that Megaphone artwork! But, as Jan-Olav has reported elsewhere, it has sadly become vandalised. Moreover there was a guy out walking his dog, who was attempting to get dog to sit inside the megaphone to be photographed. It seemed they would be there for ages, and I could only imagine with what smelly consequences! So I continued, past that platform training building, to a seat along the path and was more salubriously entertained by Tresfjord heading off and by the about to depart hurtigrute - Finnmarken.

                  And then there was little SDS Hansteen!

                  2018-08-03-0816-53 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  2018-08-03-0817-04a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  2018-08-03-0818-05-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  A favourite and atmospheric image approaching Munkholmen.

                  2018-08-03-0818-46-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  If I could only have shared one single image with you from that morning it would be this next one, Hansteen passing in front of Munkhomen's long breakwater. Not because it is a particularly good photo, but because of something I was not even sure would be recognisably visible in the image.
                  It just doesn't get more emotionally significant than this - our proud Captain in command of a unique veteran vessel ...and in the far distance a vital modern link across the fjord and his other life as a proud Norwegian Captain.

                  2018-08-03-0819-20-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                  Last edited by Seagull; August 17th, 2018, 15:11. Reason: I had missed out a photo


                    2018-08-03-0821-00-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                    Finnmarken had gone the opposite side of Munkholmen than usual and seemed to slow down, perhaps pointing out Hansteen to her guests, and I was able to include her in this photo before the ships continued in their opposite directions.

                    2018-08-03-0823-26-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                    2018-08-03-0830-39-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                    I sat looking out over the fjord for a long time, long after this 'Hansteen with Skyscape' picture, until she would only have been an indiscernible couple of pixels far far away.


                      The ship called at the island of Tautra that afternoon, with its monastery a visit back into the history of the Middle Ages. Meanwhile I bought a sim card for my iPad (seems so cheap nowadays!) so I could follow the ship on MarineTraffic even when away from any free wi-fi. Then I took a train to Levanger, (another unexpectedly 'cheap Norway' experience, me being eligible for a half price senior ticket!).
                      When I arrived in Levanger mid afternoon, Hansteen had departed Tautra and was scheduled at Levanger at around 18:15.
                      After an exploration of this pleasant small town I realised that I hadn't had lunch (well, the hotel breakfast had been substantial!) and I spent the rest of the afternoon at the delightful outdoor terrace of Brygga restaurant.

                      Next to Brygga restaurant is the Dampskipsbrygga. This was the location mentioned on the tourist board's links, but Hansteen would clearly be moored elsewhere as there were numerous small boats packed all the way along there. I got talking to some boating locals and they pointed out a building, beyond the ferry pier, where larger boats often moored.

                      2018-08-03-1657-06 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                      Despite their directions, and MarineTraffic indicating Harsteen had stopped, I was a bit slow getting to this location (it wasn't clear on the map that there was a path, almost a kind of promenade walk, starting behind the ferry where one might have assumed an entirely industrial area). But I could hear music, and the first bit of serendipity was that I got this lovely view just as the sun came out.

                      2018-08-03-1719-24 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                      Harsteen’s guests had started to disperse - I past a group taking the guided walking tour being shown some of the old wooden houses. It was an ideal time to photograph the ship in Lovanger without getting in anyone's way.

                      2018-08-03-1719-55 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                        2018-08-03-1721-56 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                        Then I moved along to take a picture in the opposite direction (the big red building in the distance is the Brygga restaurant). And then I looked down and spotted Jan-Olav!

                        2018-08-03-1725-25 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                        2018-08-03-1725-51 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                          Bless him, he not only invited me onboard but despite his non-stop day gave me a complete conducted tour.
                          Here are a few quick snaps I took, starting with the crew quarters.

                          2018-08-03-1729-58 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          2018-08-03-1731-12 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          2018-08-03-1731-30 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          2018-08-03-1732-50 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                          Isn't this an absolutely beautiful interior? The aim of the Foundation's restoration is to return the ship to her original state. That of course also means no electricity!


                            2018-08-03-1733-29 by LadyCgull, on Flickr
                            The cabin where King Oskar II stayed - 1872 I think it was...

                            ...and here is the showpiece of the ship - the King's toilet!

                            2018-08-03-1733-48-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                            2018-08-03-1734-16 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                            2018-08-03-1734-32 by LadyCgull, on Flickr
                            No explanation needed!

                            2018-08-03-1734-51 by LadyCgull, on Flickr


                              I even got to visit the engine room, and managed to salvage a photo or two despite a misted up camera lens in the extreme heat.

                              2018-08-03-1736-50 by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              2018-08-03-1737-01-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              2018-08-03-1737-13-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr

                              2018-08-03-1738-13-a by LadyCgull, on Flickr