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Ex. Island Venture 1972, Ex. Island Princess 1974, Discovery 2003

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    Ex. Island Venture 1972, Ex. Island Princess 1974, Discovery 2003

    This thread originally started by Robert AuClair.

    Re-assigned to Jan Olav to 'unlock' thread, 5th May 2014.

    Original post:

    I've come across a few slides I've scanned from my days aboard. Glacier Bay 1987.
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      Wow! Very impressing. Thank you for posting this!
      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


        Well here’s a thread that just might be getting a few more posts in the future!
        Right, confession time …

        I usually go on one holiday a year with D. It was Singapore last year as you most likely realised, and those group holidays to F1 races have been rather successful. I really enjoyed the Singapore trip. So now as the teams start to unveil their cars and the driver line-up falls into place, some of you might be wondering which race I’m off to this season.

        Well, apparently I’m not. “Trouble” happened to see a holiday advert in a music magazine he reads –someone who writes for it is going to lecture on a cruise and there is a discount for the magazine’s subscribers. Surprisingly, D really seemed to fancy this and has gone on and on about it, and eventually I was worn down and succumbed. Ummmmm, help!!!!!! – two weeks with D on a ship is already starting to seem a rather long duration…

        I’ve got my own November Hurtigrute trip that I’m really looking forward to of course, and probably conferences as well as other summer trips that will materialise the way they usually do…but a cruise!!!!!!! Somehow I imagined that would be something I might do just once in my life and on Crystal Symphony. I think I’m going to need special dispensation or more likely a demotion or a stern telling-off from our Captain for being so weak as to have been talked into anything else


        I had been going to ask you all to help me get me a bit more enthusiastic about this trip. However, looking around CVF, I discovered that you guys seem to have anticipated this!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

        Originally posted by Sterkoder View Post
        Great images, Bengt...., sharp and good looking!!!!
        I specially enjoyed the one with the "Discovery" in the classic J-O View....
        Originally posted by pilotdane View Post
        Thank you once again for the beautiful shots of Discovery. Having grown up watching Love Boat her profile always brings a smile to my face.
        and even from Captain himself:

        Originally posted by pakarang View Post
        ....But when it comes to Discovery: that is my kind of ship! I love her profile and very classical love boat look....

        AND then there was someone called Seagull who responded to one of Asimut’s photos with the following
        Originally posted by Seagull View Post
        ....I had been intending to say how especially I liked the photo of Discovery against the mountains....


          OK, OK, so it will be a cruise on the Discovery, but WHERE and WHEN????
          Discovery is a regular on the Norwegian coast during the summer months, but that combined with lectures about music doesn't sound right somehow, unless combined with Festspillene in Bergen, or the Molde Jazz Festival or some such event.
          Just curious!!!


            …and I was just keeping you in suspense a bit longer! (and giving E time to get over the shock; perhaps finish off her old PC keyboard with spilt coffee…owners of shiny Apple goodies just don’t do that do they!)

            Right then, it’s a Baltic cruise, last two weeks in May. But it starts and ends in Portsmouth, and the first port and the only Norwegian one is Kristiansand! (Nice memories for me from last year). After that comes Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersberg, Helsinki and Warnemunde. So you can see that it is possible to have a few musical connections ashore, visit Drottningholm or do a backstage tour at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, some ballet or a musical event in the Hermitage in St. Petersberg, visit Sibelius house near Helsinki etc. However many of these things are regular excursions for cruise ships and it is really the at sea days lectures that tie it all together, but there are lectures on other cultural topics too (apparently Voyages of Discovery have a good reputation for the quality of the onboard lectures).

            It would appear that the ship goes through the Kiel canal, and I must say that it was this that finally persuaded me (especially as Fram’s Baltic itinerary this year isn’t doing).
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              ...i was reading this shortly before my departure on a business trip. Because i had no working WiFi in the hotel, i could not react earlier. But my first reaction would have been the same as Ombugge wrote, so this question is answered.

              Now, what can i throw in here as extra-motivation? Here is my ten-point-list.
              1. Fascinating preview to spend two weeks on a ship and that will be only 14 weeks away from now. It starts exactly in 100 days from now!
              2. It is a fantastic time of the year! Beautiful springtime in the Baltic area. Marvellous pictures!
              3. I would like to see Stockholm again, it is a beautiful town. I don't know, how many times you have been there, i was only one time in Stockholm and i would like to return.
              4. What do you intend to do in Warnemünde? They are offering various tours there. Any idea which one might be most interesting?
              5. This will be a trip on a classical liner of the 70ies, built 1972 at Rheinstahl Emden. A lot of possibilities to stand outside at each corner of the ship. A big plus for the voyage is that it is on this ship. You will love it!
              6. Is my impression correct? Very British?? Well, that would be fun for me, but i don't know your sentiments, do you like that or would you enjoy more another influence? American?? They received the British Cruise Ship Award in 2010. Not bad at all.
              7. Right: the Kiel Canal. Fantastic opportunity to stalk a seagull at 26th of may!!! We all look forward to that day!
              8. The music sounds to me to be more the classic type ("Baltic Symphony"). Not my kind of taste. I think i would try to make some preparation to get some jazzy alternatives in Copenhagen, Stockholm and so on...and would have a lot of fun to report, how nice that was, drinking beer while listening to the Blues while all the smokings and evening gowns were sitting very disciplined in the opera.
              9. "Two weeks with D". What kind of problem do you expect? Which strategy can be developed to make this thrilling, interesting and funny?
              10. Which information do you have about the internet connection on the ship? Would it be possible to plan some kind of online cruise report? I think you would have a couple of interested CaptainVoyagers, which would be very happy to attend you on your trip in our friendy forum, comment everything and shorten boring moments.
              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                Ralf, you are absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I just KNEW you would rise to the challenge, but TEN-point motivation!!!!!!!!!!

                I more or less got there myself actually, pre-empting your point 5.
                It was thinking the following that did it for me….I could just imagine in the future seeing those sad kind of posts on CVF… the A word… the “they don’t build them like that any more” sobs… the “wish I’d sailed on her back then when I had the chance, sob sob” ….

                Then there’s your point 7, the Kiel Canal, of course. They don’t get to do that on E’s cruise (nor the Kristiansand call), but everything else on the itinerary is very much the same, so it will be an absolutely fascinating comparison to see what we Ladies do and see, won't it.

                In fact, I hereby declare this to be the CVF Year of the Baltic.
                Now that really does sound exciting, doesn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                (More comments on your 10-point-plan later Ralf… still catching up from internet connection having been down…)


                  Still chuckling over your 10-point plan Ralf!

                  Now about your point #6 – yes it is rather British apparently, and I will miss the Scandinavian passengers that I am used to, but at least part of the itinerary should compensate for that! And I expect these “British” are mostly actually “English”, which, living where I do for as long as I have, almost seems exotic to me!

                  Ah, Stockholm, love it - been there lots (from long before it became a destination British tourists might consider). Discovery will be at Frihamnen, which is not as dramatically city centre as where Fram usually docks on Skeppsbrokajen in the old town, but I am familiar with the local transport and getting around.

                  #8: Don’t think I’ll go to many of the music things, although I do like classical music – I could probably give the lectures if I had to …at one time as well as “Fossils are Fun”, I actually taught an evening class course “Swedish Serenade”!!!
                  (And going even more OT here, a friend of mine from way back in my astronomy days was lecturing on a cruise on QM2 again last year …makes you wonder where I went wrong!!!! – but I preferred doing the science rather than becoming a media person talking about what everyone else was doing, despite the difference in earning potential! )

                  #9: One problem with D is that he can’t wait to have a holiday organised for him, but when it comes to actually going, especially for as long as two weeks, he can hardly drag himself away from home. Your #10 "internet access" might help his computer withdrawal symptoms and potential holiday irritability, so I will let him get on with that while I do your #5 “stand outside at each corner of the ship” thing. I believe there’s a place with good view of activity on the bridge wings especially coming in and out of ports…
                  But I do intend to keep in touch with you all, rather like I did in Haugesund and Molde last year, so you will have stalking opportunities, but I will probably make you wait for the photos.

                  Yes, it is important to keep D motivated and interested in the trip, and a strategy of going on excursions of his choice is essential. Then anything that goes wrong or that he doesn’t enjoy isn’t my fault! I’ll tell you what has been booked in my next post, as much of it may be interesting to compare with what Elizabeth plans for her summer cruise.


                    Here’s the excursions.

                    Kristiansand: half day - Setesdalen vintage railway (yes, it really was D that chose that and not me! I would also have considered the Setesdal Mineral Park visit.)
                    This leaves the afternoon for walking around the town, as mentioned recently on the This is Kristiansand thread.

                    Copenhagen: Another surprise choice – an evening jazz cruise! Rather like you describe under #8 !
                    Not that D is particularly into jazz, but he thought it would be “something different” . Free time during day.

                    Stockholm: Another city I know well, and so are not doing organised excursions. I am really hoping for nice weather in Copenhagen and Stockholm, though I will have a plan B in mind to keep D happy in inclement weather.

                    Tallinn: Guided walking tour of the Old Town, including visits of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Dome Cathedral.

                    St.Petersberg: The ship stays here giving two full days, and we take excursions throughout, which doesn’t require individual visas. Group lunches are included, saving time going back and forth to the ship.
                    Day 1: Catherine’s Palace and gardens, St.Peter and St.Paul Cathedral, St Isaac’s Cathedral.
                    Day 2: Peterhof Palace. The Hermitage.

                    Helsinki: Sibelius house Ainola. Includes glass of wine and short classical concert.
                    (Although I’ve been before, I am pleased to return there).

                    Warnemünde: Rostock excursion, including boat on the Warnow River, walking tour of Rostock, visit St Mary’s Church and end with a brewery visit.


                      So i see we proceed a little bit with your motivation for the cruise. Let's have a look at the ten points again and try to increase this one step further:

                      1. Still 95 days to departure.

                      2. Average May climate in Stockholm: 6-14°C, 9h sunshine per day, only 8 rainy days per month. Appetizer picture from May 2008:

                      3. Yes, Frihamnen is no problem. Have you ever visited the former Hurtigrutenship D/S Konprinsesse Märthe? Have a look:

                      4. I think i would prefer the Molli Steam Train in Warnemünde. But Rostock is a beautiful town! I will ask a fiend of mine. He has lived there for several years and may be he has an insider tip for something very special to see. I guess this is the brewery you are going to visit:
                      If you need a place to stay or to eat something, try this:

                      5. I agree, the Bridge Deck would be also my favourite place of the ship. By the way not to far from the internet cafe on the Promenade Deck (to watch D's activities).

                      6. For us not-from-the-islands-people these differences between British, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people are hard to understand. Maybe the oppertunity to make a little photo essay aboard to figure out these special characteres and habits for us from the Continent(s)?

                      7. Did you know, that the Kiel Canal has the most traffic on it worldwide? More than Panama and Suez. Maybe we can find out some other interesting ships crossing that day and announce them for you!

                      8. That Copenhagen Jazz Cruise is cool! Here are some appetizers:

                      9. As you have seen, he was kind of creative. Now you should keep all these ideas in mind to remember him!! Please tell me the places, where you need some more of "his" ideas, so we can find some for him!!

                      10. I absolutely agree with you with the photos. I am more that type, who needs no connection during holidays at all, so i probably would let you wait for the whole trip, but i know, you like a it bit different. But this stalking or reporting should not minimize your cruise time.

                      Was this a successful step and shall we prepare for the next one??

                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        Also a youtube find for Setedalsbanen:

                        Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                          Did i write anything wrong? It is quite unusual, that you don't comment such a post. I was about to give you some more information about places in Rostock and Warnemuende on Monday. Shall i do that?
                          Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                            Oh Ralf, it is just me getting more and more behind instead of catching up!!!!!!
                            When I had some CV time I was concentrating on finishing off the Ilsvikøra photos for my Trondheim thread first. But then there was all the more topical excitement of E’s departure (I probably got virtual jet lag trying to keep up with her!) …and then HurtigruteMartin was also on the move…and then I was away in Glasgow most of Thursday…(not to mention further interruptions I’m expecting during the next three to four days.)
                            But I do have some progress to report :-

                            I showed D the jazz cruise videos and that went down very well indeed.

                            The time spent in Rostock on the excursion D has chosen will all be with the tour group, so that is really all taken care of, but there will be free time back in Warnemünde –so it is info about Warnemünde which is now of greater interest.

                            My greatest creative breakthrough in the last few days has been about how I shall keep D happy during the entirely free time in Stockholm. It suddenly occurred to me that he has enjoyed reading the detective novels of Stieg Larsson recently, so I had the idea of planning a route that included some places mentioned in the books. Well, it now seems that my idea is far from original – in fact there is quite a thriving tourist industry that is taking advantage of the popularity of these novels including guided walking tours, special maps, and of course lots of related web sites.
                            As many of the places are in Sødermalm which is an area I like and know my way around, I have planned my own version of a walk route there, which will also be rather convenient for other things I’d like to see such as D/S Konprinsesse Märthe!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Now what is most amazing of all is that on the Baltic cruise of Crystal Serenity later in the summer, they actually have a Stieg Larsson tour! I have no idea if E has booked this, but if not I will be able to provide her with a map and info for the special alternative Seagull version!


                              It was not my intention to set you under pressure, i just was not sure if i was knocking you down with such a lot of information and you would think "hey that's my voyage and i want to keep up something that can surprise me" or something like that. That would be absolutely O.K. and please stop me in such case!

                              But now i am relaxed, you are working on your plans and i am happy you (and D) enjoyed the teasers. I will concentrate on Warnemünde-infos, which is exactly what my friend told: "tell her to stay in Warnemünde, there are more beautiful buildings and a nicer atmosphere." So for the first step i would like to recommend a visit of the lighthouse and the "Teepott", where you can find a restaurant and changing exhibitions, actually about the voyages of a globetrotter and a lot of crazy souvenirs.



                              But as promised, more information will follow.

                              Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11