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ex-USS PCE833, ex-HMS Kilham, ex-Sognefjord, ex-Orion, ex-Orion II, ex-Corona, Orient Explorer /+ sisters

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  • Apparently, she is now for sale for the approximate sum of 3million NOK, or 299.000 Euro...

    Basically, what this Norwegian article says is that local enthusiasts in Norway are trying to find funding to purchase the well-kept veteran and bring her home to Norway again. The group has also contacted the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage to possibly help funding the return of the ship. The journey from Malaysia to Norway is a long journey, and they are currently sourcing how to do that for the old ship.
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    • Paul Cobb
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      Thank you so much for the update, Jan-Olav. The amount you quote in Euros doesn't seem that prohibitive to an organisation, especially if they are able to obtain help with funding.

      I wonder why the current owners are selling after doing so much work on the ship. The diving business struggling? After a more modern or larger vessel?

      After reading your previous opinion re the transport of the ship back to Norway, how do you feel any buyers might choose to do this? And, if she does end up back there, do you think she might work ferry routes again or some different form of tourist role?

  • One of the ships are on the way back to Norway, PCE 830 - HMS Kilcheranan - MS Sunnhordland - Kristina Brahe:


    • Hi all: Does anybody have any form of update on the situation with HMS Kilham, as was? Is she still moored as a diving ship? No buyers for her?