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ex-USS PCE833, ex-HMS Kilham, ex-Sognefjord, ex-Orion, ex-Orion II, ex-Corona, Orient Explorer /+ sisters

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    Originally posted by pakarang View Post

    PS: Looks like some of the images in one of the above posts has been moved (referring to post number 249)?
    Restored. Just tried to tidy up my files, but that doesn't work too well in Photobucket.


      Time to continue our walk around on the Orient Explorer. Here is a few more external shots, before we get to the interior and machinery.

      The funnel marking is not very innovative:

      The Sun Deck is of wood and polished:

      Now with a canvas Sun Awning above:

      The Dutch flag flying proudly at the stern:

      The Cargo Hatch is still there:

      Even the derricks are still in place and in use:

      The derrick needles are stainless steel, and polished. (Don't know if that is original)

      On this ship wooden decks are just that, not some planks put on top of steel decks for decoration.
      This is the underside of the Sun Deck as seen from the Car Deck below:


        What used to be the Car Deck:

        Hatch down to the Cargo Hold is open for ventilation purposes

        Spare propellers fixed to the bulkhead at Car Deck level:

        There are two, both polished.

        Here is the other one:

        Spot Light at Stbd. quarter:

        This one hasn't been polished yet.

        An Air Compressor on the Car Deck: (Now Diving Deck)

        Lister Diesel, said to be original and still starting at first lick.

        That is it for external views. Next installment will be the interior, starting from the Bridge and down.


          I love the fact that she is kept so well, and look at those stern navigation lights! Brass... I love real brass navigation lights!

          This would be a great ship to see do more exclusive cruises... I'd love to see her in Norway again... (oh, I already said that.... )
          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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            Originally posted by pakarang View Post
            ombugge: you are a great STAR for bringing these to all of us! Thank you so much for all the detail shots so far! The ship looks absolutely beautiful, a true classical liner of the best sort.
            Thank you. The last time I received a STAR was at Sunday School, which is more years back then I care to think about.

            But it is time to continue the "inspection" of the Orient Explorer while I still have some time on my hand. Starting from the Bridge.

            She was ahead of her time, with direct Bridge Control of the Main Engines:

            But an Engine Telegraph was also required (Still is, even to this day):

            Steering Wheel and a Magnetic Steering Compass. Electric steering has probably been added:

            You will be amazed at the steering arrangement below deck, when we get that far.

            Bearings were taken relative since there are no Compass on the bridge wing:

            This would fit on the Bridge Wing railings on either side.

            Somewhat newer communication system. A late addition:

            (Even the language has change to "Bokmaal")

            Navigation Light Panel was still the original:


              OK, let's get to Passenger facilities.
              Here is the Bar at Boat /Bridge Deck Level:

              Presently dry as she is not ready to receive guests yet.

              The Restaurant/Dining Saloon is totally refurbished to meet modern rules and requirements. Large and airy with good view around:

              Some details have been retailed:

              The day saloon or whatever is aft of - but directly connected to - the Dining area:

              Work still in progress and furniture still to come in the Pax area:

              Staircase to deck:


                To quote Del Boy Trotter from 'Only Fools and Horses': "Luvvly jubbly."

                Keep 'em coming.

                I'm sure my father would not believe how things have been transformed from his days on board.


                  Hallway in Pax accommodations:

                  Not exactly wide and spacious, but original:

                  Doors appeared to be all original:

                  A single bunk Pax Cabin:

                  Not the height of luxury, but the pax intended to be divers, who just need somewhere to crash between dives.

                  Two bunk cabin:

                  This has a different lay-out. (Orionboy would appreciate the Life Jacket)

                  Originally the Electrician's cabin, but now for Pax.


                    The Sick Bay, where my Aunt Margit used to reside when she escorted patients to Bergen (and sometimes bodies back):

                    I followed her on one such trip, when I was 9-10 years old. My only involvement with this vessel until now.

                    The Ticket Office:

                    I think they also had a Post Office, but I didn't see any signs for that.

                    Linen Lockers:

                    Another detail that should interest Orionboy:

                    The Town Seal of Hemnia, Finland.

                    As should the Chart showing her normal route while cruising out of Hemnia:

                    Even the Safety Plan from that time is still there:

                    Well, that is what I have from the Pax accommodations.
                    Next installment will be a few pix from the Crew Accommodations and some technical detail.

                    Finally a lot of pics from the Engine Room.
                    (I'm a Captain after all, not an Engineer, hence Engine Room comes last)


                      Such a paradise this appears to be!! Thank you so much for these detailed looks. I have great respect for all the people, who maintained and refurbished her so perfectly!
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


                        Sombre thoughts re the Hospital quarters.

                        I'd be interested to hear Orion Boy's opinion! Bet these bring back a few memories.


                          Originally posted by Paul Cobb View Post
                          Sombre thoughts re the Hospital quarters.
                          Oh, I'm sure she slept soundly, if not on the trip to Bergen, then at least on the trip back, regardless of companionship.
                          She was that type of a person and didn't get her feathers ruffle easily.

                          She single handily covered a community of a maybe two thousand inhabitants, spread over an area equal to many large cities of the time.
                          Her means of transportation was usually bicycle, unless she had to get on a boat to get to places like Veitastrondi.

                          Nearest Doctor was in Hafslo, the administrative centre of the municipality, while she resided in Solvaaren. The nearest hospital was in Sogndal, but with the only full service hospital in Bergen. No ambulance helicopters then, M/S Sognefjord was the lifeline to Bergen. (You just G.E. that for actual distances involved, never mind the terrain)

                          Are there anybody from Sogn looking in on CVF who remember those times, or maybe even remember, or have heard of, "Soester Margit"?? (She was there from abt. 1935 to 1956, I believe)


                            "Soester Margit"

                            Sounds like if ever there was a need for a Flying Doctor service, that was it!


                              Orient Explorer at KK Anchorage, 20. April, 2010

                              Another installment of pictures from my visit on board.

                              First from the galley, which will be used both for Crew and Pax meal preparations:

                              Crew Mess Room:

                              Some old pictures still hanging on the walls.
                              The Crew cabins were all occupied, so I did not get any pictures from there.

                              Crew's common Toilet and Shower Room:

                              The Freezer Room:

                              Bosun Store:

                              Hatch boards covering the hatch down to Store Room:

                              The Store Rooms could do with some tidying up:

                              A bit of Technical details. Here is the Steering Gear:

                              From this point on it is all Wire Pull and Rods connecting the two Rudders.
                              (Difficult to get any good and descriptive pictures in this confined space)

                              One of the Rudder Pintles:

                              The Steering Gear and Hydraulic system is still the original. (I'm not sure if the Electric steering control was original (see earlier pics from the bridge) but, from pictures posted by Orionboy, it appears to have been there when the ship was in Finland. Maybe Orionboy could confirm???
                              Edit: There is detailed drawing of the original steering arrangement from the HMS Kilham, which appears to be the same.

                              The Sprinkler System is also probably something installed along the line:

                              There doesn't appear to be a clear knowledge of when the Sprinkler system was installed, but is bound to have been fairly recently. (I.e. after 1990)
                              Maybe Orionboy could enlighten us???
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                                Orient Explorer at KK Anchorage, 20. April, 2010

                                And now for what some have been waiting for, the Machinery and equipment in the Engine Rooms.
                                This ship has two separate Engine Rooms, with one Main Engine in each, which was probably a good idea when she was serving as an Escort Vessel during WWII.

                                Nearly all machinery and equipment is original from her builders, or added while being converted in 1950.

                                First, one more picture of the Steering Gear, which is actually in the Engine Room on this vessel:

                                A bit unusual arrangement in our day and age.

                                Let us now start with the Main Engines (2 x GM Mod. 12V-567 ATL)
                                This is from the Fwrd. Engine Room and Stbd. Engine:

                                The Maine Engines are original. Detail of the engines are found in post # 191 and some earlier posts.

                                Gear Box:

                                Front end PTO with attached pumps and direct manoeuvre handle:

                                Instrumentation on Engine Control Panel appears to be all original:

                                Piping and Valves are largely original. Some made of Copper:

                                The Engine Telegraph and some other Communication equipment:

                                Trim control. Ballast system is all local and manual:

                                Motor Control Panels and Switches are mostly of the original Navy standard:
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