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ex-USS PCE833, ex-HMS Kilham, ex-Sognefjord, ex-Orion, ex-Orion II, ex-Corona, Orient Explorer /+ sisters

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    Originally posted by Eliham View Post
    I`we looked around the web for info about her, great to see she is taking so good care of.! This is a ship that everyone loved, both the crew and the tourists. She served faithfully in Norway for over 30 years, it was a sad time when she had her last tour here. THEN it was arrangement on every stop she had, and one orchestera played a march called "Triumphant Voyager".. She is stiil an elegant lady, a ship with soul. There is also possible to order trips with her also from Norway, I hear she is having daily tours. She started her service in Norway in 1950, so she has a anniversary next year..
    Our dear elegant lady seems to be in good hands, so I`ll wish the owner all the best in the future..!!
    Welcome to CV Forum Eliham.

    I trust you will find many things of interest and hope for more posts from you going forward.

    From your first post I get the impression you know this vessel from her days on the Bergen - Sogn route, which is were we lack pictures and stories.

    I have been trying to find someone who can fill this gap, so far without luck. Could you be the one???
    Or do you know somebody with pictures, stories and anecdotes from those many years???

    By the way, I MAY have another assignment that will take me to Labuan in the not too far future. If so, I will try to make time at KK to actually get on board the Orient Explorer for a first hand look. Reverting.


      Originally posted by ombugge View Post
      By the way, I MAY have another assignment that will take me to Labuan in the not too far future. If so, I will try to make time at KK to actually get on board the Orient Explorer for a first hand look. Reverting.
      That would be absolutely fantastic!
      With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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        Orient explorer

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          "Sunnfjord"`s farewell

          Theese pictures is form O Ersland`s book "Fra krigskip til flaggskip", where it`s a careful description of the drama that day..

          MS "Sunnfjord" sank in 1983, on a tow. Build in steel, I guess it must have been in a bad condition after many years without any upkeep. I don`t think it was too late to save her by then, and they should have done some repairs on the hull before towing her around the coast.!

          Originally posted by orionboy View Post
          Some scanned pics from the norwegian book abt the six sisters.
          Photos are taken by Alf johan Kristiansen (i think he also have some info and plenty pics of these ships)

          m/s Sunnfjord under tow to be converted as office ship 22.10.1983

          I think last photo of m/s sunnfjord is this one , because few hours after this she sank.(better way to "die" like that then to be scrapped)
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            Originally posted by Eliham View Post
            MS "Sunnfjord" sank just outside Jaeren reef in october 1983. She started to take in water, lay over on her side and sank. The plan was to rebuild her into an office- boat, but they should have done some repairs on the bow first.
            This kind of things is why I'm in business, approving towage on behalf of the underwriters, among other things.

            She had been unused for almost ten years, except for the part in the film "Orion belt". Apart from that, they used her if they needed some spare parts to "Sognefjord".!
            Actually it was "Sognefjord" that was used in "Orions belte", as stated several times earlier on this thread.


              Welcome to the thread, Eliham. I trust you have found the volumes of information available here of great interest. I wait with baited breath for future posts from yourself in which we might learn and see evidence of the grand ol' gal from the period twixt WWII and reincarnation as 'Orion'.

              I am sure there is more of her history to learn about as yet.


                Originally posted by orionboy View Post
                She got through 32 years for FSF almost without any accident, that must also have been because of a good seamanship.! But there were a very good work environment on board, and they are very fond of her.
                I remember being on board on her last visit here, wondering why they wanted to replace her. A wessel like her with that interior and environment on board, it has never been anyone like it..! It is great to have the new photos put out on different web pages, showing she is in good hands. it is easy to see that the current owners are very fond of her, and I guess these ship veterans can see she is doing great.!
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                  MS "Sunnfjord" had several accidents, ths one was a lot mentioned in the papers. In this one she ended ut in a boathouse, but it was just a few damages on the ship and she could continue the tour by herselves.
                  The situation could also even have been even worse, because on both sides of where she hit it was rock walls..!!
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                    Later years many ships are bought back to Norway, som are much older than this.
                    One steam boat that is being restaured right now, will actually have a steam machine on board..

                    I heard from someone i know in Romsdal that it had been cosidered taking out those original furnitures because they feared it would be scraped.
                    I know that when other famous ships have been sold out of Norway, someone has bought the interior "to have and to hold" it in this country. Wonder how much they did to make it known here in Western Norway that she was for sale, obviously too little..!
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                      Many shipe that went in regular service earlier, are now sailing abroad with new owners. Some of them are bought back here to be uced with tourists, or even in dayli use.! Or they are in regular service in their new country, around the world.. Because of the weather conditions here the wessels must be solid and strong, even in bad weather. That makes them populair also for people in other parts of the globe.
                      The eldest boat I know that is bought back to Norway to be restaured, is actually build in 1904..! That boat is about to get a new steam mashine installed, and will be seen here hopely from the next summer on.
                      I know there has been talks about getting "Sognefjord" back here, and she will have many different tasks here then. Both with tourists and ordinary regular service, but also in other kinds of areas. There will be no problems finding income for her owners here in her old "kingdom", not in the Western Norway..
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                        In the old days there were chairs and sofas in the dining room, there were some adorable pieces of furnitures on board. The car deck was all in wood originally; more exactly in "origon pine"- a part of it could be turned around in order to get the cars in place easy. You can still see the circle on the photos, it was very useful tool for the crew in order to get the cars in since they usually where driving in from the side.
                        Among the wood used there is walnut tree, olive ash and silk oak..! Some of the furnitures was in walnut, and elm with leather cover.. Altogether there was 7 different types of finer wood on board then, plus the floor in the dining rooms that is very special. Also the stairs and cabins has fine wood, so she`s a great lokking wessel.!
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                          Thank you for your posts with a bit more on her time in Norway. If any of the former crew or travelers are reading this, they are welcome to contribute any stories and anecdotes about the Sognefjord, or any of her sister. Even if they are not comfortable writing in English, Norwegian will do as it can be translated into English by other members, or auto translated to a reasonable clarity.

                          I know the Sognefjord also had a "Hospital Cabin". I recall that my Aunt Margit, who used to be the Municipal Nurse (Helsesoester) in Hafslo in the 1940s and 50s, talked about frequently travelling from Solvoren or Sogndal to Bergen with seriously ill patients using this cabin.


                            The hospital cabin was a lot in use, all year. Also many passenger wessels now has a hospital cabin, used for trandsport of patients. It must be much better for theese people also theese days, an ambulance is not that comfortable. It`s a long way from Sogn or Nordfjord to Bergen, and a boat trandsport is much better for the patients. And also a lot safer too, specially in winter.
                            People were closely connected to the ship, she was an important part of their life for many years. The fjord has generally always been very important to us here, and it will always be.
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                              There have been many dicussions about her in Norwegian web sites earlier, but after now I`m sure they willuse the telephone and e-mail instead..! I am the only one from this area who have taken part here, and that was obviously a mistake..!
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                                I have seen Norwegian forums where it`s said that "She should be restaured back to how she was in her golden days and used for adventure tours with tourists..!" Tourists have always loved to travel with her, also back in her Norwegian days. And the owners have now got a well functional ship for 2010, at the same time she has kept her good old- world charm.. If she is bougth bac to her old "kingdom", she will get a lot of tasks here.

                                Many here has kept an eye on here all since she left the country. And I know she got guests from Norway also when she was in regular service in Finland..
                                The new web sotes wasa great addition to what many already knew, but of course great ones..!

                                Some har joked and said she "still understand the Bergen dialect", and you never know..!? Dutch people who settle down here, also learn the Norwegian language real fast and become apart of the society. There are also a lot of Dutch tourists here in summer, I think they have a lot in common with us here, both the humor and other things.
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