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  • Sorry, I don't think this article in will google translate very well, but I post it here anyhow, especially for those who can read Nynorsk:
    Shortly explained, this is about restoration of he first Norwegian Seal Catcher built from steel, built in Scotland in 1948.

    This is a vessel I remember very well from my young days and have climbed the mast of many times. (No, I will NOT try that again when she returns)
    She has a long and interesting history with many ups and downs and I was not aware that she was still afloat.

    There are some info found on this link:

    Link to a video about showing many of the old sealers, set to music that may appeal to many:

    A video with picture of many of the old sealers:

    This one is not for the squeamish:

    PS> She has noting to do with the Polarstjerna (Polar Star) which is a museum ship in Tromso.


    • Sorry, only Norwegian commentary, but the pictures speaks volumes about the way herring fisheries was conducted in the 1950's and up to the power block was introduced in the 1960's.
      This is from my growing up days of the 1950's:


      • In the spot where Bankskoyta was build there is now another boat. This time under restoration.
        It is what in Aalesund used to be known as a "Klegg". Used for inshore and near coastal fishing, with a crew of one to three.
        Seen from across Brosundet:

        A closer look:

        Sleeping quarters were of the minimal kind:

        I hope this is "work in progress". It would be hard to see much from this wheelhouse:


        • Borgundknarren was out a couple of days ago. Seen here returning to it's normal mooring place at Sunnmore Museum:

          A bit closer look at that mooring place:

          Even closer. View towards the stern:

          View towards the bow:

          Rigging details:


          • A collection of other boats seen at Sunnmore Museum. First on land and under roof:

            Afloat and moored:

            Two boats under restoration:

            M20SJ is an earlier version of "Klegg", while August must be from somewhere a bith further north.


            • Here is a veteran boat seen far out on Borgundfjorden a few days ago:

              Zoomed in and cropped:

              Not sure what this is, but it could be another boat belonging to the museum.


              • Nicely restored/maintained old fishing boat paying a visit to thr Boat Festival in Aalesund, 15. July, 2017:


                • Another visitor to the Boat Festival was "Anna af Sand", buitl in Hardanger around 1850 (probably 1854):

                  Here is some details:

                  See her in her right element, in Lofoten:
                  Actually this type of boats were not used for fishing. They carried dried fish to Bergen, or salted fish to Kristansund and Aalesund.