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    Sealer Polarhav

    Another famous sealer from Sunnmore was M/S Polarhav:

    Like all the other sealers they had to find something else to do outside the hunting season. Mostly this was fishery, or expeditions in the Arctic, or to Antarctica.
    But Polarhav had large reefer holds and could also operate as a reefer ship when nothing better to do was found.

    When I was 3rd Officer on Biodd in 1964-65 I remember our Captain told us that he had been on Polarhav during a summer season, carrying blueberries from Poland to European ports.
    One time when coming into the lock in Antwerp he had hit the dock side on entry and knocked a piece off the stone wall, which he very proudly pointed at every time we were in that same lock;
    "See that, I did that with Polarhav"
    Only a bit of paint scraped off the bow of the Polarhav though.