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    This one has appeared in several threads, but I think she deserves her own thread by now. Here are some background:
    She is a regular when a new cruise ship in town is leaving, or for festivals etc.

    Here she is arriving to attend the departure of MSC Preziosa on her first visit 20. May, 2017:

    Pakarang view:

    Steaming off in preparation for imminent departure:

    "Guns blazing":

    Returning from well accomplished assignment:

    Returning to base:

    She is now attending the Boat Festival in Aalesund. Seen here tied up at the Marina at Sjogata/Inner harbour, 11. July, 2017:

    Closer look:


      She has two stern anchors to keep position and distance when fighting fires ashore:

      And of course two bow anchors, which is required for any self-respecting vessel:

      The aft FiFi Gun:

      And the Hose Manifold (on each side):

      These are being maintained and working.


        Let us get below and look at the machinery, which is still original.
        Here the two main engines, driving the propellers:

        Two identical engines are driving the FiFi pumps:

        Now up to the wheelhouse.
        The manoeuvre position:

        The Chart table and VHF Radio:

        The windows are of the good old fashion type that none of the younger generation would have seen before:


          She does have a MOB boat, but maybe not of the approved type:

          A closer look at the aft FiFi gun:

          And the Fwrd. FiFi gun:

          Nostalgia: I used to have the crew on Brannsproyta as my regular customers when I was selling Sunnmorsposten back in the time when she was new and shiny.
          She was moored at Brøggerplana, next to where Hessaferga also had her mooring pontoon.


          • Seagull
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            She's charming. Great pics, and a chance to see onboard.

          Cute - and rather unusual. Good piccies in the sun too.



          • ombugge
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            Yes it does happen once in awhile. (Both the sun and good pictures)

          I have seen this vessel many times but NEVER seen anything from on board! Thank you so much for taking all of us along with you - through your camera!
          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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