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  • Krassin icebreaker

    Hello all,
    I thought I could start a topic about a special ship I visited a couple of days ago during a visit to Saint Petersburg (I took a river cruise between Moscow and Saint Petersbourg which could be another topic, but that is another story).
    I'm going to post a few photos.
    As an "arctic" addict, I couldn't do without visiting the arctic and antarctic museum and the ice-breaker...(even if it prevented me from seeing some of the other beauties this town has to offer).
    For a start, here is the official link to the ship who was built in 1917 and has been in operation until 1991.

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    Here she is:

    There is a visit organized approximately every hour. Luckily, I arrived just before one of them. Some Russian people were already standing there to take a tour of the ship. I was the only "non Russian" and I was offered a private tour by a guide speaking French for about an hour. It was most interesting. The guide told me that he was a guide for the ice-breaker at the French gathering "Tonnerres de Brest 2012". Maybe some of you attended that event .. ?


    • Sigve
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      I look forward to what's coming.- Icebreakers are fascinating stuff.

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    We start by a visit to a room introducing icebreakers, the ship, its history and some paintings.
    Here is a painting representing the Nobile rescue (we can see the red tent here).

    As indicated on history page of their web site:
    1928. - Rescued survivors from the crash of Umberto Nobile's dirigible Italia (Italy)
    The original name of the ship was Svyatogor but she had already been renamed Krasin then.

    See also the wiki page for more details about her history:

    Note that in the painting she looks different from what she looks like today as in the 50' she was modernized.

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      Then we move to the proper visit - with some objects diplayed.

      If I remember well the explanations (I should have taken notes), the thing that looks like a dart game on the right hand side is meant to take note of the route of the ship in the ice...


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        Then we start to walk in the corridors ... It feels good to be here and have a step back in time.

        @Sigve: I hope you like it so far ... To be continued


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          Great so far - really interesting. That's a beautifully ornate staircase!



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            Nice to see you again on CVF Valérie.It seems your cruise in Russia was great!


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              Thank you for taking us on board,
              I have passed the Krassin when vissiting St.Petersburg, but have never been on board.
              Looking forward to see more of what is hiding inside her.

              If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you...


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                Thanks - Glad to be back also Yves.
                Let's continue a bit further ...


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                  A visit to the bridge, which is always something special.


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                    This was used for internal communication:


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                      Wonderful report, i never get tired of seeing details of veteran ships. And then even an icebreaker. Thank you so much.
                      Lofoten '07 ...... Nordnorge '11


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                        Glad you like it Ralph,

                        Here is the engine room.

                        Visits specific to the engine rooms are sometimes organized - I just asked to go in there a the end.

                        The tour lasted one hour - the guide gave a lot of information - but I wish I could have walked along the corridors more ...


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                          Here are other views from outside


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                            I was looking at the photos I took in the Arctic and Antarctic museum and I think this painting also pictures Krassin: