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How to recognize various ship types

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  • How to recognize various ship types

    Somebody has taken time to compile an explanation to help those with little or no maritime knowledge to recognize and name various types of ships, in general terms.
    This should be compulsory reading for any journalists who write about ships from time to time. It MAY get them to understand that tankers carry liquids in bulk and nothing else, while container ships carry just about anything, as long as it is in standard containers.
    I agree that it can some time be difficult to see the difference between a VLCC and a large Bulk Carrier from a distance, but once you get close enough to see details on deck, like cranes, pipes and hatches, it becomes clear which is which.
    That is with basic knowledge of cause, which is what this article can convey:

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    Definitely one to bookmark.


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      Perfect timing.

      A deck cadet which I'm trying to help out occasionally, asked me just a few days ago to compile something like this for him! You saved me the work, so thank you very much!
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        Thanks for this reference, pakarang. Just what I need as we don't ever see most of these ships here.

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      That's actually very comprehensive. I did learn a few details reading that article.


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        I can only echo Cecilia's remark "Definitely one to bookmark." I remember seeing anchor handling vessels on one of Ombugge's threads, I didn't know what it was until studying his posts, and was excited to see the HLC Fjord when in Rotterdam with Thijs last year, loaded up with the topside of a rig. That was quite something. Thank you for the link, Ombugge. Would be nice if something interesting were to call at Lowestoft now and again.

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          Here is the terms used for various types and sizes of vessel in the US:

          NOTE: Most applies worldwide, some are specific to the US.


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            An interactive map showing ship movements around the world for various ship types:


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              That is a fascinating map I think!