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    I don't think we have a single 'wrapper' for these topics - although naturally weather appears throughout our other posts. That's hardly surprising with our general interests!

    Anyway - let's see if this one flies - if not we'll either merge it with something else or lose it entirely.

    Has anyone else come across this site before Not sure the data's anything new, but I haven't seen animations like these before. This is quite interesting if you select an altitude of anything other than the ground - you start to see the effects of the jet streams very clearly.

    Another site that I find interesting from time to time is this one ..., showing lightning strikes worldwide pretty much as they happen.


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    They're very interesting, Mark, particularly the first one where, as you say, it shows the situation at different altitudes. Don't lose them.

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      Great sites, especially the one with the wind directions and strength. Jet streams have significant effects on climate and weather. Thanks.

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    In Norway, we have a website called and they have a lot of cool charts as well. I see this type of windcharts have become widely used lately as well:

    The world, or only Norway (in English):
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      This is not the Arctic or Antarctic, but Chesapeake Bay in the US, at between 37 and 39.5 degr. North Latitude:

      You are lucky to live in Europe, most of you.
      The eqv. latitudes on the Atlantic coast of Europe would be abt. from Gibraltar to a bit north of Lisboa, Portugal.


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        Certainly seems to confirm to doubting minds that the Gulf stream does not do much, it anything for the eastern coast of the USA.