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    Weather symbol

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned - I tried searching for it, but a symbol's not an easy thing to search for...

    I never expected to have a favourite weather symbol. Then I went on a Hurtigruten round trip in November, and was introduced to

    "Well, it would be sunny if the sun actually rose above the horizon, but it doesn't at this time of year so it won't be."

    I liked the way the sun sort of snuck up to the horizon, produced a yellowish band under the blue-greyness and then disappeared again.


      Bill, that weather symbol beats all!

      "To thine own self be true.......
      Thou canst not then be false to any man."


        That's a wonderful weather symbol Bill. I haven't stopped smiling since I saw your post
        So I thought you would like this photo I took some years ago in Leicester of a modern "sculpture" inspired by weather symbols!


        • billplumtree
          billplumtree commented
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          Thank you! Isn't that just crying out for a "would be sunny if..." on the left? With a discreet photographer somewhere behind it to capture peoples' reactions.

        Designed by the same person as the one that did the layout of Thijs' lorry!

        I think Bill's 'would be sunny if ...' symbol is the same as the interior lights on the Mercedes.



          great found,didn't even notice it,that it is almost the same
          you must had a good night sleep
          best regards Thijs


          • yvneac
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            When he rode through the Big Prairie for the Pony Express, Mark was known as Eyes-Like-A-Hawk.
            We'll see tomorrow morning if it's still the case!

          • PoloUK
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            It'll still be the case! Norwegian Christmas today - pork ribs and all the Scandi bits and pieces. Tomorrow English Christmas (Chicken and the British bits and pieces) with Mamma and Pappa PoloUK. Have to pace ourselves!