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    I thought i`d share with you the latest in commercial navigation technology.
    I`ve just finished installing a new continous wave radar that works in a very different way than other traditional radars.

    First, this is what the harbour looks like from above, showing the position of the scanner:

    And here on the scope:

    And finally, chart with radar overlay:

    As you can see the resolution is far higher than on traditional pulse radars.
    I saw people walking by on the breakwater and cars driving by. Also, a small inflatable boat passed just 1 meter from our bow and came up clearly on the screen.

    I`ll try to get some more shots from the sea trials later next week!
    Walking in the shadow of the blues

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    Wow! That is incredible resolution. You could almost dock by radar. I am curious to see how it does out on the water. I assume software will remove sea clutter. It should be great for picking out buoys and channel markers.


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      I noticed i had posted the wrong image in the first post, should be correct now.

      This radar`s short range performance is truly amazing as you can see, i haven`t had the chance to test it in bad weather yet but it looks promising! The only con i have against it is the long range performance (4 nm and above) but taking into account the low power tranmission, only a few watts compared to several kilowatts on traditional units it`s actually pretty good!
      Walking in the shadow of the blues


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        As long as you are not going 20 knots in the fog you should do quite well with the 4 mile range. I don't know where you sail but if you can get within a few miles and then use the radar to find the buoys you should be good to find your way home.