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The lone polar bear

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    The lone polar bear

    How many of you out there remember that somewhat heart-braking image that went the world around, of a lone polar bear balancing on top of a tiny iceberg?

    It became known as a symbol of the melting polar ice and climate change.

    Here is an even more heartbraking film /video, of a lone polar bear in the open sea - more than 2 days swim away from any land, ice or place to rest....

    What is all your feeling on this subject?

    And what is your feeling of the video?
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    As far as the video itself goes it shows nothing except a polar bear swimming. Views of the empty seas around it in every direction would have hammered home the point immediately.
    But the ramifications of the melting of the ice-cap - if it continues - are almost endless, affecting most living creatures, humans included. Low-lying coastlines will be inundated, forcing the populations to move inland, only to find that perhaps the river valleys are filling because of the influx of water. Migration of birds and animals will be affected as habitats disappear or are affected by changes in temperature, and those which do not migrate will extend their territories to areas that previously were unfit. Humans will have to change their living habits, the type of crops they can grow, the list could go on and on.
    How much of the apparent climate change is attributable to the often quoted man-made increase in greenhouse gasses is, I think, still debateable. Either way, I don't see that we can undo the changes that have already occurred.
    But if the ice melts to a great extent might new lands appear? The atlas may have to be redrawn. If temperatures permit, maybe the new areas would one day be fit for habitation for certain creatures, perhaps even man. Climate is cyclical, anyway, so in a future millenium a new ice age will reverse the current trend!
    This topic could be discussed ad infinitum, but I'm going to stop here and let others take over!

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      Having just read an article on the Environmental News Network website, (Here), it would seem that swims like this might be more common than we thought. Scientists have used GPS collars to track over 50 female polar bears in the past, recording 50 swims with an average of 96 miles per swim (154km). So maybe this polar bear is not doing anything to out of the ordinary. He certainly does not seem to be in distress of any-sort, probably more interested to see if he would be thrown any tasty morsels. These animals are known to be very good and strong swimmers, plus they are known for their stamina. Even so, i would imagine that the bears rely on the odd lump of ice floating past every now and then, just so they can have a rest before setting off again.

      When it comes to the whole climate change thing, are we to blame?, looking back over the earths history, i am not so sure. Mother natures got the ability to throw up more pollution into the atmosphere in just a few days, than we could throw up in 20 years. Temperatures have risen in the past, temperatures have fallen.

      Having said that, i simply hate the pollution we cause to our oceans with things like plastics, millions of tons of the stuff washing around in our seas, being ingested by the creatures that have no choice but to live in that environment. Nor can i stand the way we strip our forest bare, thousands of square miles going each year. We do not own this planet, we share it with every other life form, being at the top of that chain (supposedly) when it comes to intelligence, we really should know better.

      But are we responsible for the bear swimming miles out to sea?, are we responsible for stealing his ice? Maybe, but maybe not, but i bet we are responsible for kicking him out of some of his natural land environments by building settlements where he would most certainly not be welcome.
      Your charts, your radar, your eyes and ears - if all 4 agree, you may proceed with caution.


        That was very interesting about the ability of the bears to swim such vast distances, I hadn't realised they could go that far. Certainly, I was watching for signs of distress in the animal, but to my surprise did not see them.
        As to the rest of your post, Steve, I do agree.
        As I said in my previous remarks the whole issue of man-made pollution of the atmosphere is debateable. Right from the start when the idea of greenhouse gases was first broached I was sceptical. This is not to deny that they exist, scientific analysis is presumably to be relied upon to produce accurate results (I hope). However, to say that what we are sending into that part of the universe immediately surrounding our planet, even going back for the last 100/150 years, is already altering the mighty forces which govern climate is, I think, jumping the gun. As I said, climate is cyclical if you take the long view.
        And yes, how right you are in your penultimate paragraph, every single word. As to stripping our huge forests bare I think this does seem to be having an effect on climate. As we all know, trees absorb carbon dioxide and exude oxygen, they take up moisture from the soil and release it into the atmosphere through transpiration, so in the vastness of areas like the Amazon basin and parts of south-east Asia which are being denuded of trees this is bound to be having an effect on climate. This is not to mention the loss of habitat for the large proportion of our wildlife which needs that kind of environment to exist.
        This web page is interesting.
        Sorry about this. I have messed up on trying to add the link using either the icon in this "Write Something" box or using the icon in Advanced Editor. I keep getting the invalid URL notice. But somehow it has appeared.
        Learn about the effects of Deforestation at National Geographic, and what you can do to help.

        "To thine own self be true.......
        Thou canst not then be false to any man."