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  • SS Norway for Virtual Sailor

    Since so many of you here have a deep love and passion for the SS Norway as I do I thought I would share some updates to my SS Norway model I have designed for Virtual Sailor.

    The model in the screenshots below are of the "Norway Today" model, which is my interpretation of what Norway may look like today were she still around. As a result in some of the screenshots you may notice things such as Security cameras, flat monitors, small additions to decks and other minor updates which will NOT be in the final version (also in this model the funnels and midship "NORWAY" sing look as they did before the 1996 refit).

    I know that several of you here have been onboard the Norway and I would LOVE to hear what you all think of this model. I have been working on it since 2009 and truly hope to create a "Virtual Norway" that will allow her memory to live on in some small way for years to come. So if you have worked on her, sailed on her, or seen her with your own eyes PLEASE share with me your thought of the 3D model. Feel free to express any opinion positive of negative.

    Thanks so much,

    Miguel Murdoch

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    Re: SS Norway for Virtual Sailor

    Here are a few screenshots of her bridge:

    Ships Bridge:

    Miguel Murdoch


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      Re: SS Norway for Virtual Sailor

      Finally here are a few of the models interiors:

      Please share your thoughts and comments!

      Miguel Murdoch


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        Re: SS Norway for Virtual Sailor

        Miguel - I'm no expert on the subject, and certainly don't feel qualified to comment on the content, other than to say - Wow!! What a fantastic amount of work you've put into this - it looks absolutely remarkable. Congratulations on a huge achievement!



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          Re: SS Norway for Virtual Sailor

          Pretty impressive - and I loved seeing that Chief Pilot Troll Tobben got included on the bridge too!
          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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            I am very pleased with your renderings. Great job and thank you for such hard work.
            sigpicI will never forget the lovely grand SS NORWAY.
            Past Cruises on her: August 22, 1992. June 4, 1994, April 7, 2002.
            Nearly had our fourth cruise, it was set for November 7, 2003...
            the boiler room disaster of May 4, 2003 took her out of service.
            We ended up on the NORWEGIAN WIND, not the same as the SS NORWAY