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SS NORWAY in Chocolate

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  • SS NORWAY in Chocolate

    This is a photo I took of the SS NORWAY that was created in chocolate for the Chocoholic Buffet in the Leeward Dining Room. I think this is from the 2002 cruise. I just found this one lately and I think there was an ice carving of the NORWAY in blue...the ice was injected with blue food coloring.
    sigpicI will never forget the lovely grand SS NORWAY.
    Past Cruises on her: August 22, 1992. June 4, 1994, April 7, 2002.
    Nearly had our fourth cruise, it was set for November 7, 2003...
    the boiler room disaster of May 4, 2003 took her out of service.
    We ended up on the NORWEGIAN WIND, not the same as the SS NORWAY