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S|S Norway : Maiden Voyage Photos (May 1980)

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    S|S Norway : Maiden Voyage Photos (May 1980)

    Hello all,
    Im back after a long time away and ive noticed alot has changed in a good way. Today i am on a mission to discover some amazing maiden voyage phots of SS Norway. Some are very well known, but as with alot of things well know, there are some that many have not seen. I for on would love to see some pictures of this great ship as she sailed into Manhattan for the first time in May 16, 1980.

    Re: S|S Norway : Maiden Voyage Photos (May 1980)

    Can't wait to see if anyone has anything to share!

    The best maiden voyage photos I know, is in a white book from 1980 that tells the story of the conversion, and the first voyages.
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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