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My own norway fantasy.Feel free to write your own fantasy.

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    My own norway fantasy.Feel free to write your own fantasy.

    March 2004 after months of debate NCL decides to give SS Norway a complete overhaul.After surveys and inspections,the hull and engine areas are found in excellent shape no major structural damage is found.the damaged crew cabins are going to be replaced with new ones.Norway is put into dry dock at Lloyd werft shipyard propeller shafts are removed.April 1st Both funnels are removed and stored on barges dismantling of all boilers and all turbines begins,to be sold for scrap. April 20th removal of crew and most of the passenger staterooms begins,to be replaced with slightly larger modular units.May 2004 5 new auxillary generators are installed in the former forward boiler rooms(they burn less fuel and have lower emissions)The first of 5 main engines arrives.May 14th construction of new engine mountings sprinkler systems are installed.June 5th the forward funnel is reattached June 12th installation of staterooms begins using the forward cargo hatches and the still open rear funnel casing.July 8th installation of the main engines begins 2 20MW electric motors and 2 Man B&w diesel generators are lifted from a barge and lowered through the funnel casings.August 2nd all 5 engines installed.Aug 10th rear funnel reattached August 20th propellers reinstalled. Aug 25th stateroom installation complete.Aug 30 cargo hatches closed and sealed off. September 2nd replacement of plumbing complete.September 8 painting begins.September 20th M.S. Norway is floated out of dry dock,mains are brought online for testing.September 25th testing complete.Norway is plugged in to shore power for testing all engines are offline.Oct 4th Norway's overhaul is completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule.Oct 6 the Norway sails under her own power for the first time in 17 months for sea trials. M.S. Norway hits a maximum speed of 30 knots,2 knots faster than expected at 110,000 horsepower10,000 more horse power than expected. the M.S. Norway is delivered to her new owners on Oct 10th 2 weeks ahead of the contracted delivery date.(cost of refit $255,000,000 includes 5,000,000 bonus for early delivery).M.S.Norway now burns 30% less fuel.
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    kellyp, I know this comes pretty late after your origional post on a fantasy refit of the Norway, but I must say that I also have had thoughts along those lines and that I could not agree with you more. M/S Norway. God how wonderful it would be to see her arriving and departing again from the port of Miami and of course to be back aboard her for a cruise or two. If only it could be so.
    By the way if you are still with us, welcome aboard and may your stay be enjoyable, interesting and educational.
    G. of S. Florida