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Royal Viking Meeting 2009

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    Royal Viking Meeting 2009

    Every 2 Years there is a meeting from all former Royal Viking Crews either in Switzerland, Germany or Austria. 2005 in Schärding/ Upperaustria, 2007 in St. Moritz/ Switzerland and 11.9.-13.9.2009 in Bad Aussee/ Styria.
    Since Mrs. Stella Aberli ( Star) is very thoughtful ofgetting many former Members together amd with the Help of this Years Organisationscomitee ,
    Helmut Pichler, Moritz Bergler and Mario Prokop the have made a very nice Program again. It would be very helpful when former Members, if they like to get in touch with former Colleagues, to give their present Adress ro the Comitee. If somebody is interested to join, please do do.

    Wonderful to hear that there are Royal Viking Reunions in other countries as well.

    In Norway, there is also an annual or bi-annual gathering of Royal Viking crew/ staff at a certain location. Not sure where the next one will be in Norway, normally in the autumn some time...

    And welcome on board, by the way!
    With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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