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Royal Viking Sea, Star or Sky?

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    Royal Viking Sea, Star or Sky?

    Not sure which this one so I thought Id leave it to you guys to help. No idea where this might be either. Negative and photo that is in my collection. Enjoy!

    Re: Royal Viking Sea, Star or Sky?

    Dear resident RV-expert,

    I know you are here somewhere, please, can you help us determine which one of the sisters this is?

    I know that it's really easy for you to say which one.

    My take is, that it is not the Royal Viking Star, because as far as I remember, the area between the funnel and main mast was different.
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      Re: Royal Viking Sea, Star or Sky?

      Hello Captain RJ,
      it's the Royal Viking Sky, no idea where though.
      But it seems the picture is mirrored, the staircase from the pool area aft down to the crew deck was on the port side.