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  • When Lofoten met Gann (ex. Narvik) in Kristiansund 29th June 2017

    SSL21651 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    SSL21660 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    SSL21664 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    SSL21671 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr

    Two icons on the harbour, hurtigruten and sundbåten
    SSL21676 by Svein Ludvigsen, on Flickr


    • Brilliant images of "Lofoten", Mark

      The weather forecast for Sunday / Monday is sunny and 18 degrees in Honningsvåg.
      Hopefully the weather forecast is right, everyone needs a little summer heat in the north now.

      I reckon you and your family is back in England now and you have warm and sunny days again.
      Best wishes from
      Bengt Domben


      • Thanks for the comments Nari, Cecilia, Bengt - yes, back in the UK and yearning for a Scandi summer with sensible temperatures, not the too-hot summer we've currently come back to.



        • nari
          nari commented
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          Mark, what sort of temperatures are you having? This winter is mild - with a lot of sunshine and daily temps around 10-12C, but we do live on a tableland...

        • PoloUK
          PoloUK commented
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          We've got very high 20s here in the west of England. I'm much happier in the low 20s when you can still do things outdoors. The British are odd though - as you know! - we moan when it's warm, we moan when it's cold.

      • Very high 20s sounds rather weird to me; I guess I assumed that all of England was cold, except for a few hot days here and there. But I have been only to LHR four times as a transit place, so I would not know! I keep wondering what will happen when all the ice disappears from the Arctic areas.


        • "Lofoten" north Tromsø strait this evening.

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          Best wishes from
          Bengt Domben


          • Thank you all for the updates from the north and from the coast a little south of me.

            Nice to see that the LOFOTEN is still going strong - to be honest, I don't pay too much attention to these ships like I did before. While at work, I'm normally tied up with something when we meet them, and when I'm on leave, I'm busy with other things. I used to have much more time available before, now, I can't seem tom find the time anymore. What happen? Did the priorities change, or did I actually find more to do now? I have no idea - perhaps a combination of the two, or more reasons.
            With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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            • I can understand that the changes in Hurtigruten in recent years must be rather hard for "the boy who loved hurtigruten" to keep up with and come to terms with - I even share some of those feelings myself and am not so much 'hurtigruting' along the coast as I used to.
              But I think your passion for these ships, is still very much alive, and never more so than when in conjunction with photography plus more recent 'gadgety' pleasures. When flying your 'c-gull wings' and capturing two hurtigruter together recently you said yourself how really excited you were.

              You've been frequently at the cruise terminal to see cruise ships too, as well as walking in the countryside and making the most of the all-to-brief Norwegian summer. As for for where the rest of the time goes, the answer to your question "What happen?" seems totally obvious to me - all those three-weeks-leave you've spent in your other country! I am also thinking that quite a lot of your spare time in Norway must be taken up by planning and preparing for the Thai trips - both the road trips catching up with dear friends, and making the most of the fulfilling opportunities that have opened up for you.
              Your Ladycgull (who has herself spent more time in Thailand than Norway in the last two years.) totally understands.