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    Thank you for these pictures Ombugge.A nice Xmas gift.


      Wonderful photos, ombugge. I even recognised Aalesund...I think? I must know just about every inch of this ship above the plimsoll...


        This is certainly the last image from me of "Lofoten" this year
        I wish the old lady a Happy New Year on its journey along the Finnmark coast tomorrow.

        Best wishes from
        Bengt Domben


          That latest shot of the LOFOTEN reminds me of the view I had during my childhood: this is what HURTIGRUTEN really is. This image is the essence of the Hurtigruten I used to love.
          With best regards from Jan-Olav Storli

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            Just in case you missed, this is just so cool:


            • nari
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              Wonderful,Tommi. I want to be back on her again....!

            A friend of mine, Bill, who was on Lofoten when I was, in 2014, is about to set off on her again today; his photos are spectacular so when he is back in England again, he will upload them to CVF. He is the photographer who uploaded quite a few including of the loading of the Christmas trees at Ornes, bound for Honningsvag.


              Thanks Nari - no pressure then?! I don't post much here, but I'm happy to post some photos when I get back (always assuming I get some decent ones). I should be joining Lofoten about this time tomorrow in Bergen for a round trip. Just the one, unlike some...

              And a belated Happy Birthday from me, Nari x


              • nari
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                No pressure, of course....bon voyage. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

              • Ralf__
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                Hey Billplumtree, i wish you a wonderful trip on the old lady. And let me assure you that we all are convinced that you wil take some pictures which are decent enough for us geeks! Looking forward to them!

              • yvneac
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                I'm dying to do it again!!!!!Have a nice trip and enjoy yourself.

              Thanks, all. I'm back and wading through photos - I think I got some good ones :-) I took a laptop and tried to keep on top of them by editing every day, which worked well most of the time.

              The last (and only other) trip I took on Lofoten, Nov/Dec 2014, was pretty mild weather-wise. So I came back for more, looking for stormy weather and snow and ice, and I certainly got all those. What an experience! I suggested that, as well as a certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle, we should all be given one that said "I sailed through a Force 11 storm"...

              I'm still photo-editing, so I'll post some Lofoten-specific ones here as a teaser. I'll create a new thread for all the others - landscapes, ports, passengers and the like - and add to that one, with a bit more narrative, in slower time as I go along. But here goes with the Lofoten ones.

              The gorgeous blue light didn't take long to arrive. This was at Torvik on day 2.

              The weather warnings didn't take long to arrive either. Day 2 was wet, wild and windy, and we were told we were going to miss out calling at Molde to try to keep ahead of the approaching storm. Leaving Ålesund, it looked like this:

              Blue light, dramatic skies, stormy seas, this was what I came for! And all on day 2, already. Kristiansund was also cancelled, in the Force 10 and rising, with Force 11 forecast for the Hustadvika crossing. In the event, the weather was on our stern, so not as bad as it could have been. But a great start to the trip.


                In Trondheim, time for a shot of the shiny new badge on the bow:

                I was disappointed to see the star painted out though. Time also for a wander around the harbour - I took an injury with me, and wasn't able to walk far at the start of the trip. So I found myself concentrating instead on details close to the ship which I would otherwise have missed, like the cormorants:

                and our shiny new napkin rings to go with the silver service:

                Posh, eh? The restaurant staff marshalled these very carefully, retrieving them from each table quickly and counting them up. And they didn't use them on the last night of the trip!

                Moving on, here we are approaching Ørnes. A view from the bridge, as it were, though through the rear window:

                And at the other end of the day, our first taste of northern lights between Stamsund and Svolvaer:


                  Shortly afterwards, we arrived in Svolvaer. And very shortly after that, it began to snow heavily and wonderfully.

                  Later that night, after leaving Svolvaer, I spotted a bit of activity out on deck. At about 11pm, the deckhands were replacing a mooring rope. In the dark, with all the snow on the deck. Working by torchlight, presumably so the Captain could still see where he was going.

                  I somehow, booking very late, managed to get cabin N501 for this trip for almost the same price as my last one, A220. This one was shabbier, smaller, and didn't have a desk - it was generally less comfortable. But oh, location location location! Behind the panorama lounge, so handy for that, for outside onto the boat deck, for the tracking display, for the restaurant... Wifi :-) And access to outside especially. I could collect coat/hat/gloves and camera and be outside within 10 seconds, up on the bridge wing in 15! There was the occasional smoker hanging around outside the window (Window! Luxury!), but it was generally too cold for much of that.

                  A couple more en route: Finnsnes

                  and, obviously, Tromsø:


                    Continuing northwards, we headed into the dawn the following day rounding Havøya

                    and on, with our icy decks, to Havøysund

                    where some of the iciest parts of the deck were taped off for safety:

                    Later the same day, we docked in chilly but spectacular Honningsvåg

                    and that night we were treated to a generous display of northern lights


                      A rather more random collection of images now.

                      Icebreaker! Leaving Kirkenes, the sea was (just) frozen on the surface, and it was a delight to watch it breaking up as we passed through it

                      The crane operator in action:

                      In Harstad. Oh, those Harstad skies

                      At the mouth of the Trollfjord. We timed it perfectly for the Raftsundet, with sunset on leaving Stokmarknes and the light just gradually fading as we headed south down the channel.

                      Taking on supplies, enough to feed us for a couple of days:

                      The good old polar bear lounge, much the same apart from new curtains:


                        The splendid new postcard:

                        And finally, for now, no Lofoten content other than the title:

                        Waiting for Lofoten


                          Wonderful photos Bill - especially the very last one!! Looks like quite some adventure.




                            Great opening scenes Bill.A force11 start!


                            • nari
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                              The opening photo of blue and white is perfect. The one of Lofoten moving through ice near Kirkenes reminds me of 2013 where she was pushing aside geometrical ice floes all the way to the wharf. Very exciting for one from a hot country - me.
                              Thanks for uploading them, Bill.