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    Bodø - the gangway is already here, so I need only to wait for the ship.


      A gift from children in Bodø

      First loss of colour?

      Our post office on board - open one day for some hours only.


        Bad weather in Stamsund

        Svolvær not much better, but I love the turn there.


          Active use of the horns the morning in Harstad. Sorry, I didn't record it.

          I can't remember this lonesome light from earlier cruises, maybe it is new or it is too many years ago since I sailed on Lofoten.


            Finnsnes - How many docking manoeuvres will the bollard survive?


              Reception committee from Hurtigruten in Tromsø

              To reduce the number of photos I planned to post photos from Lofoten in this thread only, no landscape or fancy extras.



                Looks like a well packed kayak

                What is this one? Some suggestions?


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                  It's a trawl net

                I'm loving your report Eilun. Lofoten looks very handsome with her yellow star (although it's a bit bitter sweet to see that star on another bow than Nordsjernen...). What a great idea to take the speed boat to Bodo, a bit of a risk but it paid off with those great sea views!
                I believe #922/2 is a bunch of fishing nets.
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                  Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, probably it is a bunch of fishing nets, but in the dark it looks like a ghost.

                  Near Havøysund


                    Only a short walk, the tailboards were closed and the lines were cast off for departure. (I have some problems with the translation of special maritime words. Please correct it, if something is wrong)



                      light and shadow


                        Looking at your pics.of Lofoten is like to be back at home.Thank you Eilun.

                        Love your last composition of the stairs in the shadow.


                          I agree, going on board MS Lofoten is always like coming home.

                          Near Kjøllefjord came the fisherman on board.

                          Maybe the crab needs a redningsvest before dinner...


                            Blue hour in Kjøllefjord

                            The place in front of the ship would be perfect for ice-skating, but sadly I left my skates at home
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                              Since the visit in the shipyard MS Lofoten has some screws loose....

                              and it seems the crew have had a great idea. Why casting the screws away, when it is possible to give them to the passengers? So everybody could choose a screw...

                              This was a reason for some discussion between the passengers:

                              Are the screws really from the ship or did someone find it in the waste on land?
                              Is it possible to get a certificate of authenticity? (No, I asked!)
                              Do the crew think we are all crazy, if we take this old and very dirty screws?
                              Very important - is there a risk the ship will break into pieces when so many screws are missing?
                              What will the security at the airport in Bergen think, when they ray the luggage and in each suitcase is a screw?

                              My opinion - during the last cruise of Harald Jarl we received a T-Shirt as a gift. While the 50-years-cruise to Svalbard, I heard the passengers of Nordstjernen got a painting. Now it seems like Hurtigruten has a big lack of money.


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                                Haha! This made me laugh.
                                In a weird way I see why some would appreciate to have one of those screws, so that is not the worst idea I've seen. I took one from Nordstjernen to save. A certificate of authenticity could have been a good idea to